Enclave of Treasures

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Fight through Station X-1

Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



Antonio, Alyssa, T7 and Lexi snuck down the hall with their weapons charged. "Alright T7, give us a holomap to the cargo hold." said Antonio. T7 beeped and displayed a holomap in front of them. "Alright the entrance is just around the corner. Let's go!" said Lexi. They ran to the end of the hall and peeked around the corner. 2 small war droids plus 4 Battle droids were guarding the room. "Alright get a proton grenade and prepare to shoot." said Alyssa. Lexi and Antonio pulled out grenades and ran out into the hall around the corner. They tossed the grenades on the ground at the droids feet and the droids were shocked to death. The bodies collapsed 4 more Sith Guards ran around the corner. Alyssa pushed some crates in front of them for cover and they got ready to fight. Antonio loaded his 2 pistols, Lexi reloaded her rifle and Alyssa pulled out her bowcaster. Lexi peeked out from behind the cover and fired at them. One shot hit one in the head and blood exploded out the other side of the helmet. Antonio tossed a frag grenade at them and blew 2 more to pieces. The last one pulled out a cannon and blew the crates apart. Alyssa fired her bowcaster and blew the trooper apart. They walked over to the door.

Antonio knocked on the door. "Anybody home?" asked Antonio. The door opened and they were pulled inside. They were thrown against a wall and heard the sound of a gun being loaded. "Name. Now." said the voice. "I'm Antonio Sestral. These 2 are Alyssa and Lexi. Were with the Enclave of Treasures!" said Antonio. They heard her put her gun away and the lights flickered on. They were lying against the wall in a small room full of crates and boxes. They were face to face with a blue Twi'lek with 2 pistols and a cannon. "Oh good. I thought i was gonna die here. My names Vette, and lets go!" said the twi'lek. They left the room and found T7 nearby looking for them. "T7=was looking for you. T7= says hi to Vette." said T7. "You know her?" asked Lexi. "T7=says yes. T7 and Vette=good friends." said T7. "Oh hi T7. I didn't recognize you after all this time. and if your with this guy..." said Vette. She pointed at Antonio. "Your related to Arven and Scarzon Sestral!" exclaimed Vette.

The ship started to shake and they were almost knocked off their feet. "Self Destruct in 5 minutes." said the speakers on the walls. They ran down the hall towards the hangar bay but stopped. The blast doors slammed closed and they were locked out of the hangar. T7 beeped and displayed a hologram of Lucas. "Dude where are you!? The place is gonna blow!" yelled Lucas. Antonio looked to the side and saw a glass door. He opened it and found a glass tube leading to the main station "Station X". "Lucas take off! We got another way to escape. Just get to the Station X hangar bay!" yelled Antonio. The hologram stopped and they ran over to the door. They watched through the glass as the StarStreaker took off out away from the ship as fast as it could. "Cmon! Lets go!" yelled Alyssa and the 4 ran through the door, hoping to not die.

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