Not intended to fall for

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
- A modern girl who enjoyed freedom to do anything she want in life. But sometimes choices are not great. She fell in love with the one she was not intended to fall for. That Love brought so many unimaginable things in her life but she had one capability that helped her through this phase, it was “Acceptance”. She accepted what she never believed could exist, she accepted every turn her life took. She accepted the one that could have taken her life.
- A man with strong will who just loved someone from his pure heart. But world, even his family didn’t accept that love and that is why the family he loved once became his enemy and now he had to defeat each one of them to keep his love safe.

Table of Contents

The beginning of Unhealthy truth

Submitted: August 24, 2016

After staying 15 years away from home Maldia, it was time for Tracy to go home. When she was just 5 years old, her parents put her in reputed boarding school in Philadelphia. Every vacation, she spend time with them in the house they owned in Philadelphia. She went to that house occasionally during her summer and winter breaks only. It was just to keep her away from their ancestral home in Maldia where she spent her childhood. But she never questioned them about it. She would always love to spend her vacations with family when she was in school but after that she went to one of the reputed Management university in Michigan. Her arrival to Philadelphia became lesser and lesser and also the worried of her parents became lesser and lesser.
But she has recently got graduated and has been offered a job in Michigan only. But she just has 30 days to join the firm so she decided to go and visit her parents in her ancestral house. She informed her parents about it and they seemed quite happy instead of being worried that finally she will be arriving to her hometown after 15 years.
“We are so excited that you’re coming. We even have a surprise here just for you. You will be happy to meet him.”
“Him? Who, dad?”
“Just tell me at what time you are arriving.”
“Well, my plane will land at 5pm tomorrow.”
“See you there, love. Bye.”
“Love you too Dad.”
As she hung up the phone she started packing.
“Maldia. I’m coming.”
She reached exactly 15 minutes before 5pm. When she went out of the airport she saw a man in his mid-40’s waiting nearby a car with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.
“You always come early. That is what I love about you.”
“Hi, dear. So nice to finally see you after a long time.”
“Nice to see you too dad.”
He put her luggage in car while she stepped inside the front seat of the car. “Why didn’t mom come?”
“Well, she is in home waiting to welcome her only daughter with her favourite dishes”
“Wow, sounds delicious.”
As she was about to reach her home, she began observing the view of surroundings. She didn’t feel familiar with this place, it was like an alien land to her.
“Here we are. Welcome home dear”, her dad said to her while pulling the car in garage of a very big house.
“It looks like a palace. I don’t remember I have even been here”
“Ya, it’s a long time you have been home”
“Welcome my baby”, her mom welcomed her at the door. She gave her a tight hug.
They sat at sofa of the centre hall. “So good to finally see you my love”
“She has got so thin” her mom said looking at her.
“But she looks more beautiful”
“Thanks dad”
“Let me show you your room” her dad led her through the stairs to a room that was the most beautiful room she had even seen.
It was filled with a beautiful queen size bed with pink mattress, a study table, a big wardrobe. “Don’t you want to see inside”
As she opened the door of the wardrobe she found two sections. One was filled with lots and lots of colourful clothes and the other was filled with shoes and bags, really beautiful ones.
Her parents could see the glow in her eyes after she saw those things.
“Ok get ready now. Put on some beautiful dress then we have dinner downstairs. Some guests are also arriving”
“Ok mom, and thanks for all this.”
“Not to mention dear”.

She was all confused by seeing all of this. There were mixed feelings in her heart. She was feeling like her life has just turned into a fairy tale right away. She was thinking if Antina sees this she is going to get mad. A wicked smile came to her lips.
“Meet my daughter, Tracy. She has just arrived from Michigan”
“They are our neighbours. He is Mr Antony Prositi your dad’s best friend and she is Mrs Miranda Prositi, her wife. And here he is”. A man just entered through the door, he had white pale skin and looked like a model, had a great dressing sense. He was of the same age as Tracy.
“He is my son. Oranaldo”. Mrs Miranda introduced him.
“Hi Tracy”
“Hey!” Tracy said nervously.
Then they all got seated in the dining room and the servants began serving the food.

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