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Some memories take you home.

Submitted: August 25, 2016

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Submitted: August 25, 2016



I don’t profoundly remember what I did yesterday or the day before that. If you ask me what I did last year on this day, I might not be able to remember going through that day but what I do remember is that one day from ages ago, the first time I got wet in the rain. It seems like it just happened or is still happening, in my mind. Empty roads, lush greenery, mushrooms at the bottom of the tree trunks. It was the first time we saw a mushroom, we were so psyched about it. With our colorful umbrellas we ran through the empty streets while it was pouring down on us, the entire world was ours to take, to play in. We were just kids whose parents wouldn’t let us out in the rain fearing we might fall sick and when we finally got the chance, we made the most of it. I keep going back to that day, that one day which always reminds me of the vibrant, oh so innocent kids we were without a care in the world. Except for the fear being caught by our parents when we went back home wet!

There have been many memorable moments in my life but never one that tops that day. It’s been years now and life has turned out to be quite different from childhood but I have all these sweet memories I won’t give up on, the memories that make me feel I’m home. The memories that make me look forward to the better part of life, the memories that need to be cherished. Memories which will be mine forever.

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