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Submitted: August 25, 2016

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Submitted: August 25, 2016






Nothing existed like this before.  It was never expected to be in this way at all.  What it was nobody really knew.  The concept of what lay before everyone was beyond comprehension.  The nearest thing to compare it with was yet to be defined.  The military called it a dark lump.  The scientists came up with a new name.  They called it, Saten Nine.


The lump was left inside a cell.  It was watched only by a soldier and a scientist.  That was the rule.  They noticed it had nine sides.  And just remained there.  Dormant.  Static.  Like it was asleep.  The soldier kept vigil over the thing.  Then the scientist came and took a photograph of it every hour.  Yet nothing changed until the next day. 


The two men just stared at the strange mound that was almost metallic.  It was amazing when something transformed from it into something quite charming.  It grew into a three legged creature.  With three arms and one head with three eyes.  It also had a kind of trunk that tooted before it could talk.  The men were amazed that it could talk.  It called itself Lello.  It was an Ethlebump from another land.  Lello had arrived, for a friendly visit.


Lello hugged the scientist and said, ‘hullo!’


Lello embraced the soldier, who took his finger off the trigger of his gun.  Something good was felt.  The men are happy after meeting Lello.  Big round eyes glared wide and cheerful.  A big smile made the men smile.  This is insane.  The Ethelbump is kind of wearing sky blue pyjammas.  Its head is pink with three yellow eyes. 


In the distance music is playing from nowhere.  The Lello says, ‘Oh lovely.  One thing Ethelbumps love to do is prance.’ 


The men stood back inside the cell.  Away from the Saten Nine that is still on the floor, next to Lello.  They watched the magical creature do a jig.  Three big legs moved and swayed.  Stamped and stepped, left and right, in a gentle motion.  ‘One, two, three, four, come on feet here we go.’  This was the song of the Ethelump. 


Somehow the men could not help but smile.  This was a lovely moment.  The pair knew that the rest of the world would not know yet.  But they were beginning to feel the goodness of meeting Lello.  It was the special wonder of the amazing find of the century.  It could be the cure of all bad feelings in the world.  This was the first day of Saten Nine…




The pretty being was humble to behold.  With a tender voice that spoke like the echo of wind chimes.  The men could not be hostile to such a lovely thing.  They let the classical music in the background to play on.  The tune was a waltz.  The humans watched with flattered egos.  Lello moved too and fro.  Three arms twirled like a living fan.  The eyes bulged in merriment.  A broad smile was met by a happy trumpeting nose that was like the spout of a kettle.  The soldier dropped his gun and his arms.  He stood very much at ease.  The scientist placed his pen and note paper down.  Then filmed the scene on his digital camera.


The music ended and so did the dancer.  Lello stood back over the mound and bade goodnight.  The men were puzzled.  And sad.  It was night outside.  The day had gone in seconds.  It was the magic of the Ethelbump.  It returned to its abode and promised to come back soon.  The light in the cell dimmed.  Then Lello was sucked into the dark mound.  This was the first day of the Saten Nine.


The powers that be eventually found out about the strange being.  The soldier had orders to inform of any thing that could be a danger to the world and the military.  Basically they wanted to own this new find.  And to become wealthy off it.  Or to terminate it if it was not worth their time.  A man in black was sent to the cell to study this creature.  And end it if they so desired.  The man had to prove first, if the being was really real or a trick.  A fake.  Bogus. 


All was quiet on Earth.  Wars were just small troubles.  The cell in the Pentegon was something to do.  It was more than they could understand.  Only the soldier and scientist, vowed to each other to protect Lello, if they had to.  Something so lovely.  They would die for it.  They knew it would take time for the world to understand the beauty of the Saten Nine.  This could be offset for peace.  After many histories of war.  Lello could be the balance for serenity.


The second day was dawning.  The dark mound with nine sides was coming to life again.  The three men wait for the visit of Lello the Ethelbump.  And to learn more about this child like person.






Three faces awaited the arrival of the being from another dimension.  The soldier stood poised for anything.  Trouble or peace.  But he would not forget the humble friend called Lello.  The scientist observed with a smile.  With a pink camera to show kindness somehow to his guest.  The last man there, used studious eyes to note the appearance of a most gracious visitor.


From the dark mound came the biggest soap bubble anyone had seen.  It grew to sixfoot tall.  Almost filling the cell.  The man in black had seen enough. He popped the balloon with silent dart gun.  The whole room was a cascade of rose petals, pink, blue and yellow.  The scene was met with a happy vision that went, ‘Boo!’


The man in black saw a very strange man with pale yellow eyes.  This new man had a legs like a baby elephant.  A torso like a teddy bear.  Arms and paws of a grizzly without claws.  The head was round with a long nose.  And three staring eyes.  And a broad very cheeky smile.  Lello had arrived.


The black suited man straightened his crooked black tie.  He did this without thinking.  All his attention was focused on the odd man that stood before him.  The man in black was a highly trained person.  Yet his persona was being affected.  The beautiful visitor smiled at him up and close.  Trumpting merrily on his trunk.  A grain of humanity allowed a momentary smile from the man from the Government.


Lello asked the scientist for a drink.  He turned to the soldier for help.  The soldier pulled out his canteen from his utility belt.  The cold refreshing water was sucked out of the nozzle by the coy man in blue.  Then the fluid was piped from his trunk and into his mouth.  The mouth of Lello then blew a watery bubble.  It popped when he smile at the three men.  The Lello burped and nodded in gratitude.


The simple action of Lello taking a drink calmed the man in black.  But he had been given orders to shoot, if the alien appeared futile as a military asset.  Without thinking, the man in black revealed dart gun again.  Then went and shot Lello.  The kind soul was not saved in time by the protective soldier and scientist.  The floppy body dropped to the floor beside the Saten Nine.  From the cell a sound was heard by the three men.  It was Lello crying.


A siren rang out.  A baby elephant was heard, tainted by the toll of a single bell.  The kind used for a dearly departed.  It echoed off the cell wall.  Into the three men.  The men knelt down in grave sorrow.  The man in black lamented the most.  His actions caused him to feel so much sadness, that it shattered the wall that had been part of his training.  Nothing had prepared him for this.


The trio watched on, when a second thing appeared like jelly, from the dark mound.  It enveloped Lello, then pulled him like water down a drain.  The pining friendly man, drifted away and into the gateway to the other dimension.  This was the second visit of Lello the Ethelbump.


This time though all the world had heard his cry.  Even the hardest human felt the being.  Next time the good humans would do things right.




The four walls of the cell of the Pentagon were torn down.  The floor was taken to Area 51.  Most things there were based deep underground.  This time though, experts in the unusual followed the advice of the scientist and soldier that had come with the Saten Nine.  Even the man in black was there to oversee the situation.  The three men had great expectations.  They prayed this time that Lello would stay longer.


A small area had trees and a garden.  Birds chirped and bees hummed.  The perfect day on planet Earth for visitors.  The next day was coming.  All had been done over night.  The preparations were not really necessary.  The Saten Nine had a built-in timing mechanism.  If and when it opened.  Everything would be alright.  Lights flickered throughout the secret base.  For now only certain people were allowed to see the alien.  But this time the world was ready.


The Sunrise was something to behold on the plains of Nevada.  As much as anywhere else it was beautiful.  The camper full of UFO spotters gazed admiringly.  Forgetting for moment of green men from Mars.  Or the latest unreported strange flight.  The East was where the sun rose above the horizon.  It was also where the small garden of Area 51 was placed.  Normally used for scientists or guards on a lunch break.  The most earnest Alien hunters knew all about the garden.  Nothing much happened there. 


The young couple stared with binoculars at two men in white chatting and munching away the food.  They were about to forget it, when something most unusual appeared before their eyes.  As the red star grew into a glowing sun, something with three legs and three arms appeared.  It pranced about like child on a birthday.  It wave and giggled at the sun and fresh morning air.  The couple could hear a trumpeting sound.  It greated their ears with delight.  Just as two secuity guards caught them in the act of spying, on a government base.


Lello loved his new location.  He began to calm down with the three men and talk to them.  It was great, he explained to them.  It was the kind of thing he wanted to show them, back in his world.  The small part of Earth he was on with sun, trees, flowers and bees.  It was as pretty as the land of the Ethelbumps.  He told the three men.  He was there to offer to take them to his world, if they wanted?  It was Lello’s way of saying thank you.  He had long forgotten the shooting incident.


Today was a new day and a chance to make good of a good thing.  The soldier, the scientist and the man in black, smiled and nodded in approval.  The other humans agreed to let the men go.  And to report all that they see and find in the land of the unknown.  Through the dark mound that was now set in an open cell, deep inside Area 51.  This was the Earth home of the Saten Nine.





The lean soldier took off his helmet.  It was replaced for a beret.  His uniform was olive green.  He left behind any handguns and his rifle.  He still had inside his pocket his Swiss army knife.  He had been trained in hand combat and how to live in any hostile conditions.  The soldier did not expect trouble, but was always prepared for anything.


The scientist, took off his white jacket.  Underneath was the waistcoat of a professor.  With him was a pen and note pad.  Ever ready to work out any equation or situation.  This was not what he had been trained for.  He was entering into uncharted territory.  He had grown to like Lello.  It was very hard to dislike the bumbling buffoon.  Specially when it comes from another dimension or realm.  The soldier and the scientist were ready.


The man in black remained in black.  This man though had put a mask over his face.  He looked like a side kick to some odd superhero.  He did not leave his pistol behind.  He merely hid it from sight.  Something was fishy about all this.  Being invited to a strange land.  The man in black was not ready.  But he would use all his quile.  Just in case.  The adventure was on.




In some places counting was not allowed.  In most places counting was permitted.  In other places counting did not matter at all.  The more the merrier, was the general feeling.  Time did exist in most most places.  But counting time was only the lapse of daylight.  In the land of the Ethelbumps life was for living.  The coming and going, to and from this place was faster than time could be thought of.  At least that was what the scientist thought.  Just before he vanished from the world that he knew.


The soldier, scientist and the man in black, were in a new place before they could blink or take another breath.  The air that human lungs sucked in now was very different.  If filled them with a lot of gas.  It was good gas.  But caused a lot of burping and other things too.  Human sight saw the world now a vast swamp.  Not of crocodiles and marsh plants.  No Earthly critters lived in this quagmire.  Lello lead the three men, down a dry winding path. 


Around them lay trees of liquorice, and burdock without the dandilion.  The water was like edible tar.  It was not treacle but was sticky.  No sun shone.  The trees and bushes were too high.  A bright purply sky gave out a mild crimson light.  The soldier turned to the scientist and said, ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore.’

‘We are not in our Universe!’ came the more professional valuation.




The strange jungle was soon forgotten.  The scenery had changed into a flat broad village.  Around lay mud huts and soft brick houses.  Some much like on Earth but no gardens.  People came to and fro, pushing and pulling wheelbarrows and other kind of hand carts.  The locals were mostly Ethelbumps, but some were different.  A lot different.  Yet everyone seemed to be very happy.

In the centre of the small village lay a round fountain.  It was a sixfoot circle of stone.  With water pouring from a sixfoot tall tower.  The obvious base filled up with refreshing pure liquid.  The three men stopped at the watering hole.  They were parched, due to the long trek. 


The scientist got out his white cotton handkerchief and dabbed his balding forehead and brow, then cooled his mouth.  The soldier cupped his hands and scooped a lot of water.  It was soon downed and welcomed.  The strange red air had a high humidity level for the humans. 

The man in black did not touch the fountian.  He sipped some gin from a tiny pocket flask, used to keep Government men awake.



Lello waved his three arms.  At which numerous villagers assembled around the fountain.  One man had two feet with only three toes.  His white overall and dusty head revealed that he was the local baker.  It was well known that his bare feet were used to knead the dough.  Clean feet meant healthy food.  A woman pushed her way to the front, this was the Lady Mayor of the village.  The humans could tell by the yellow chain around her neck.  It was not gold.  It was edible string.  It made life more fun.

About ten Ethelbumps surrounded the visitors.  They all had similar features to Lello.  Three or two arms and legs.  Three or one eye.  Some had tails but Lello did not.  Most did have a snout or short trunk.  They all tooted in Salutation, to the arrival of the humans.  Several three eyed monsters ogled at the men.  Up and down, from head to toe.  Some tutted and others huffed.  But after a minute, they all smiled and warmly welcomed the newcomers.


Most of the locals moved away and back to the daily chores.  Lello introduced in a his high toned voice, ‘This is Lady Mayor Geddo.  We shall find you a house to stay in.  So come this way my friends.’


The men followed the two Ethelbumps to the far side of the village.  It was there that the Mayor led them into a sturdy hut with three beds.  The land around was hilly and full of fields.  A red road trailed away into the distance.  To a tall tower ten miles away.  The soldier asked what that building was. 


Lello explained, ‘I want to welcome you to the Land of Odd.  To the realm and world of the Wazard of Odd.  And to the village of Pumpkinland.  Forever…’





The soldier and the scientist were growing edgy.  The situation was totally unexpected.  It would be understandable if Lello was some monster from hell.  Or that the land would look like the pits of that infernal place.  No they were in the village called Pumkinland.  Even the people could be seen, pushing and pulling wheelbarrows full of pumpkins and other edible crops.  And they always had a very friendly persona.


The man in black though, had been silently observing everything.  Noting the busy locals being so studious with the goods.  And that the whole place was part of the Land of Odd.  That was overseen by a tower that was the home of some wizard called the Wazard of Odd.  What the heck was going on?  Lello had a lot of explaining to do.  Or the man in black would have to obey his last command.  To kill Lello, if the situation did get out of hand.


The man in black did have his silencer ready to shoot.  But waited for what next would happen.  He took another sip on his gin.  Then waited with the other two humans.  To see what else Lello had to surprise them with.


The American gin was part of the CIA rule book.  If needed when in trouble, take a sip of gin.  Then focus on the next part of the assignment, whatever that was.  A burning sensation moved inside the stomach walls.  It caused a knot to form and send out signals the brain of the man in black.  His hand remained calm, but the back of his mind was ready to focus on his pistol.  To do the right thing to preserve the US and the rest of the Earth, from any kind of terrorist threat.


The three men were made to stay in a small house.  It had three bunk beds.  The interrior was like wooden cell without bars.  The beds were like bales of hay.  They were though quite soft to sleep on.  The soldier went to lie down.  It was so good, he fell half asleep.  It had only been an hour since they arrived in this land, but night was falling.  The redness of the air change to purple. 


The scientist looked outside the door at the surroundings.  The place was quite nice really.  Lello bade them good night, and waddled away into the dimness.  It would be good to sleep, felt the brainy professor.  He nodded to the man in black.  Then slumped down onto the second empty bunk.  The shed like house with basic needs, seemed to go darker as the two men began to sleep.  It was all quite heavenly.


The man in black held his small pocket flask.  His hand clutched in like a grenade.  Something was odd and he knew it.  This Land of Odd was more than unusual.  It appeared that he was the only one that could see the plain truth.  The three men were prisoners in a strange land.  The kindly soul of a friend Lello, had faded into the shadowy realm.  The man in black took one more sip of his gin.  He then told himself, as he lay down on the top of the third and empty bunk.  Next time, he would be ready for anything.  In the land of the Saten Nine.





The night in Pumpkinland lasted only a few hours.  It felt more like twenty hour, when the three humans woke.  Silence was broken by the happy, ‘Good Morning,’ from Lello.  ‘And what shall we do today?’

The soldier jokingly said, ‘How about hide and seek?’

Scientist smiled, ‘Yes, Lello, how about you go hide, so we can wake up more slowly.’

Lello tooted his long snout and grinned, ‘Ah yes.  First we have breakfast.  Come on, my friends.’


The three professional men could not refuse goodly tones of their good pal Lello.  Outside the shed a group of other Ethelbumps sat around a makeshift table of upturned hand carts.  On these were freshly cut and very edible marrows and pumkins.  The soldier took a smell and grunted.  Then tucked in.  ‘It is better than army rations,’ he informed the scientist.


The man in black joined his comrads and nibbled on a bit of sliced pumpkin, then smiled like a good little boy.  It felt too rude to refuse.  The other beings were crouching over the carts, slurping and gulping most of the fayre.  At the same time, the third eye kept watching the men.  The forehead of the Ethelbump had two normal eyes like men, and a third above these that could see all kinds of ways.  Though they kept it a secret to all but themselves.


The man in black ate nonchalantly, and noticed the morning light to happen almost instantly.  It was like someone had just turned on the sun.  He could not be sure.  The red sky had returned and the locals began to do the task of moving crops about.  This was for the three men, the first day in the Land of Odd.



The scientist told his friends in confidence that Lello did not seem to talk as much as he had expected.  The happy chap gave of a charming sensation and said hello a lot.  But did not explain much about the Land of Odd.  The soldier asked Lello if they could see the Wazard and have talk with him.  At that, Lello frowned, maybe another time.  It was loosely explained that the Leader did not see many of his realm. 


The men were kindly hushered into a field.  There many crops were grown for picking.  Then transported to a warehouse.  This happened all the time.  Then some would take the majority to the tower, way in the distant.  There was no North or South in Odd.  It was this way or that, or to the tower. 


When his breakfast had gone down, the man in black urged his friends, that they should see this wizard and find out what is going on.  The men had to do something before they forgot why they had come, in the first place




The fields of crops were large in Pumpkinland.  The stretched around the village.  One way followed the red road to the Grey Tower.  That was the name of the home of the Wazard of Odd.  The building stood about thirty foot tall.  It seemed to watch over all its land.  A circular non fortified wall marked the site.  A lone white pointing flag was wafted by invisible winds.  From where the air came, it was hard to tell.  This was no ordinary land.  That was for sure.


After the second five minute break, the three men had agreed to try and get to the tower.  The digging and plucking of marrows and pumpins, had tired the scientist out.  Even the man in black, looked a bit pale.  Hard labour was not in his training manual.  The soldier meanwhile, was enjoying the hard graft.  It reminded him of digging trenches with his fellow warriors. 


Lello and the other Ethelbumps, seemed to have forgotten the men were even there.  The used all the three armed to work at a speedily rate.  The men nimbly worked their way towards the path and the way to the tower.


It appeared to take longer than ten minutes to half run, to the base of the Grey Tower.  At first it looked like any other stone tower.  The kind one may see in a desert or an oasis of North Africa or Arabia.  The dull grey also gave a lighter glow somehow.  Before it was a small but strong door, built into the stone wall.  A glass free apperter was situated at the peak of the structure.  The three men stood at the door.


The soldier did not know what to do.  The scientist was to busy thing of, what to do.  The man in black moved forward, then banged on the door and yelled up to the window, ‘Hey, Wazard or Odd, let us in!’


Silence was all around.  No birds sang in this land.  No butterflies could be seen.  Only Purple and brown edible trees and bushes.  Some like chocolate and others like hard wood.  Not real at all.  At first there did not seem to be anyone at home.  The men were stumped as what to do next.


After a minute the man in black, revealed string from his black suit pocket.  Then placed it at the base of the door.  He lit a match from nowhere and threw.  A sudden blast and smoke, choked the gate from its haunches.  The soldier boldly pushed his way in.  The scientist pointed to the bottom of the tower.  A hole lead the a spiralling stairway.  The man in black pulled out his pistol and led the way up the inside of the Grey Tower.  To the truth behind the secret that they called the Saten Nine.




After counting ninty steps, the scientist had had enough.  He collapsed in the arms of his unknown friends.  They all rested, as they had reached the top level.  A single black door was closed to them.  The door was locked, but someone had taken the key out.  The man in black stepped forward and pulled out his skeleton key.  One thing in the CIA book was the key to most doors and the advice - don’t leave base without it.


The trio entered the room.  The walls were grey bricks.  Although it was round from outside, the chamber had nine sides.  Six side walls, the ceiling and the floor.  That meant nine sides.  The window had a dark satin curtain.  It kept out the strange red daylight.  In this strange land.  The room was empty.  Or so they thought.  Beakers and vials were all around the room.  It was half laboratory and half a library with several books on science, life and war.



At the centre of the chamber was a large oak writing desk.  On it was a large leather book.  The scientist noted that it could have been an A4 sized journal.  Like some of his older colleagues had, back in Washington DC.  The soldier tried to read the first page.  It had been left open.  The print was in blood red.  A quill was in an inkwell of black stuff.  The soldier asked his friends, where the red ink was?


The men moved to sit at the desk.  The man in black sat in the Wizards seat.  It was a very comfortable swivel chair.  Made of old wood.  He looked at his friends and showed, there was no red ink or other colour.  He said it must be blood.  The room was silent for a time.  Then the door was reopenned.  It creaked slowly inwards.  A shadowy form appeared.  It could not be Lello, a more grave thing was sensed.  The Wazard of Odd had arrived.  On a wall, a clock chimed Nine, but the face of it was at Midnight.







In the fields of marrows and pumpkins a smiling man with three legs and arms turn towards the Grey Tower.  His smile became a frown.  He was concerned for his three friends.  Yet he knew the Wazard would know what to do.  The Land of Odd went on with its business.  Minds let go the thoughts for the humans.  It was nothing to do with them really.  They just followed orders.  The Ethelbumps and the other strange beings were always happy, in Pumpkinland.


The dark grey man approached his three intruders.  His two arms outstretched.  He murmured and cursed.  What were they doing in his home.  His tone was serious.  The Wazard of Odd was very odd at first.  Adorned in a typical wizard guise.  Black pointy hat.  Long black clock and long black leather boots.  A white cotton shirt seemed to glow beneath his face.  Two beady  stared at the soldier, scientist and man in black.  Then all the seriousness melted away.


‘What is all this?’ expressed the soldier, searching the room for advice.

‘Yes,’ reinstated the scientist, ‘we mean, everything.  From Lello, the pumpkins, this tower and why we are here.  What is it for?’


The wizard shifted his sight to the man in black.  ‘He knows, don’t you?’

‘Who? Me? What do you mean?  I am here like these two.  To see what this land is all about.  And to report it when we get back.’

The wizard smiled and chuckled a little bit.  The soldier was puzzled by this.  The scientist tried to fathom it out but struggled.  The man in black stared back at the wizard and insisted, ‘Who are you, really?’


‘Where do you think you are?’

‘Pumpkinland,’ surmised the soldier.

‘The Land of Odd,’ wondered the scientist.

‘No!’ realised the man in black. ‘Something else.  Something happened and we do not remember.  Isn’t that right? Wizard.’


The scientist shook his head and asked something else, ‘What is the Saten Nine?’

The wizard smiled and his kindly eyes widened.  ‘Ah, at last.  Now you are getting closer to understanding.  You see you are part of it.  And you can never escape it.  This is a place made to help passing over a bit easier.  Specially when something awful happens.  You have almost got it.  And you can never leave the Saten Nine.’




Lello put another pumpkin in the hand cart.  The turned and wiped his face with a white cotton handkercheif.  It was as bright as the wizard’s shirt.  The funny looking man mopped his brow and eye sockets.  Perspiration can be an irritation for a three eyed person.  But it was just another fact of life for a Ethelbump.  What was an Ethelbump and the other strange things anyway?  It was time the Wazard of Odd explained.


The three humans found themselves walking back down the red path.  With them the was the wizard.  He asked the soldier, ‘Tell me private, what do you see before you?’

The trained warrior stated, ‘fields of crops being collected for market.  Taken by hard working beings like Lello.  And later they have a break.’

‘How about you, Professor?’

‘Well, I see the same as the soldier, but I wonder why Lello is one of the others, when he was so charming with us.  He did not seem fit the hard labouring kind.  He showed us his dancing.’


The nameless wizard asked the man in black, ‘what do you see?’

The secret agent leered at the old looking sage.  ‘I see trouble for my assignment.  This place is a threat to my world.  Yet I cannot put a finger on why.  There is no malice here.  We are left here, and that is it.’

‘And why do you think you were left here?’

‘I do not know.  Please, please tell us.  We need to understand.’


The wizards shirt collar beamed.  Then a genuine voice proclaimed,

‘soldier you died in action, when IRD exploded in Afghanistan.  Scientist you died when testing a gas weapon.  And you man in black, was shot whilst protecting the US president in the White House.  All this is not important now.  You see, Lello was sent to bring you all here.  To pass over to the other side.


You were all in the same ward.  I placed a gateway to here, the Saten Nine.  To ease your crossing over.  But the blindness of the Human Race, shot and killed one of my angels.  You shot and killed Lello.  I returned my Ethelbump here to get better.  But he insisted on bring you with him.  Lello saw the good in you.  Even the behind the secretive nature of a secret agent.  Now, you know, pretty much the truth.’





The scientist and the soldier knelt before the Wizard.  Then backed off a pace.  A brilliant light shone.  They saw the reality that stood before them.  And understood the situation now.  A shooting star appeared over head.  With a trail that was like an angellic rainbow.  The men turned to the man in black.  He had pulled something from inside his jacket.  It was a grenade, and he was prepared to use it.


‘This cannot be real,’ he exhorted, ‘whether or not, it could be a threat.  And my mission was to illiminate any kind of risk.’ 


It was then that Lello came running up.  Arms stretched to hug his three friends.  The man in black had pulled the pin, and rolled the small bomb through the red air.  The smiling Ethelbump ran into the explosive device.  He tried to juggle the strange looking pumpkin.  His smile changed into a frown.


A bright light filled the air.  The three men evaporated from the Land of Odd.  The face of Lello was gone.  The Wazard had gone too.  A face in the sky awoke from the tone of a bell.


A voice echoed from a cell phone.  ‘Hey, sleepy head, I know your ‘dressed to the nines’.  It is Halloween and the party is starting.  The lone man woke up, stretched out under the stars.  A comet in his sight.  He straightened out his grey satin trousers.  And dusted down his matching jacket.  His white cotton shirt gleamed under the influence of the stars and the comet. 


The quiet man stood tall as he fastened up his very red tie.  He then returned his journal back into his briefcase.  It lay inside, beside his guide book for the CIA.  Black leather shoes crunched on the moss covered field.  The man began to walk back to his car.  He pulled out his car keys.  They dropped on the ground.


There by the car door was a lump of grey stone.  It had flat edges.  He looked hard, then took a big gulp of American Gin.  Then shook his head and slightly laughed to himself, ‘Oh no!  I am not going through that again.’  The man in black then sped off down the road, trying to forget, but never leaving the Saten Nine.  Ever!





Nothing like this existed before.  It had never expected to be in this way at all.  What it was nobody really knew.  The concept of what lay before everyone was beyond comprehension.  The nearest thing to compare it with was yet to be defined.  The military called it a dark lump.  The scientists came up with a new name.  They classified it as Saten Nine.  AND THEY STILL DO….




© Copyright 2018 bloodman. All rights reserved.

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Six of Seven meet the Headache Man

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Sentinel Steve

Short Story / Romance

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