Remember Our Love

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Remember why you love

Submitted: August 25, 2016

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Submitted: August 25, 2016



So here is what I've figured out so far 

Even though it's not officially on paper, we live like an official married couple. We have committed ourselves to one another. I chose you, and you me to share the rest of our days together.
We are complete opposites (except that we share some old fashioned values) which allows us to compliment the other wherever we may lack. You are a MAN! I am a WOMAN! (Incase you haven't noticed) Lol I live my life based on emotion and you with logic. That is from one extreme to the other. That's  how it is and we are not expected to change nature. However, when in a relationship, we need to respect  our differences and communicate our love to eachother in ways we would understand. If we don't know how we need to vocalize to one another how to do so.(not bottle it in!) Maybe our priorities are different. I may put relationship first then work then me last, you may put work first then relationship then you last. However it may work out better for us as individuals. Regardless it is so important to remember to show one another that we are still here, we love each other, give affection towards eachother. It's not that we choose not to do those things it just that our priorities may be different. We both get stressed and frustrated from work or things we wish could be better. We love each other, we pick on eachother, we get annoyed by each other. We miss eachother, we laugh together, we share intimacy together. We sleep together (except when you snore me out of bed)When we wake up we think of the other so we make it known(good morning)  we care about how the other is feeling (how's work going) (how was your day) don't hold things in, remember we are not just beings  that are there, we need to converse and acknowledge. We express our love differently towards one another but make sure to hear if the other is expressing a lack of something they need in the relationship. (Tell me what I can do for, and you for me)We both understand work can cause exhaustion frustration and stress, but don't forget what we have waiting for us after work. Remember what we have committed and offered to the other at the end of the day and for the rest of our days. We both have been through battles and it could be worse. What we have together is no where near a battle but a blessing. We help carry the other where we lack. We uplift the other when they are down. We offer our love and we offer security to the other. Let's keep up our love and commitment to eachother and remember to communicate our love for the other in the way they need to feel loved.

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