The Eternal Labyrinth

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Ever feel like you're being chased? Who might it be?

Submitted: August 25, 2016

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Submitted: August 25, 2016




It strikes with such strenuous power that it makes all the trees shiver in fear. The rain is pouring down with all its might; as if every drop of water were in fact metal spatulas all clanking as they hit the ground. However, inside the 16th century abandoned mansion all you can hear is your running footsteps, rapidly going through every wide and echoing hall looking for an exit. You run with your will to survive rather than your legs and stop at every dead end. When you stop you look around breathless, with a face that screams of fear and gleams because of the dripping sweat; even with such a subtle light. When you look around all you can see is enormous cement walls that fill the halls on both sides. Every 2 meters the wall is covered by stained-glass windows almost as tall as its wall. The only thing lighting the hallways are the candles that occupy the space between every window, drowning the hall with darkness and suspense. 

As you stand there you promptly feel a stain of relief given the fact that you do not feel like you are being chased anymore. Nevertheless the feeling is brief since you now hear the screeching, deafening noise of long, sharp nails dragging themselves through the cement. You shut your eyes and clutch your hands tightly; a shiver. It runs down your back. When the screeching stops you open your eyes. You hear a voice. A whisper; so close you can hear besides your ear. The soft whisper of an old man with a low, hoarse voice.

“Thought you were safe, didn’t you?” 

Then follows a chuckle that lasts long enough to know he, is enjoying himself. This is followed by a couple of coughs. The voice speaks slowly.Your stomach is tighter than a navy knot. Your throat gets filled with a lump you cannot get rid of no matter how much you swallow your fear, or how much you blink away the tears. The voice takes a long breath and continues,

“You shall run all you like; However! You shall never escape the eternal labyrinth.” He takes a moment and laughs slightly a single time.

“Heh, I know I didn’t”.  

Just like that it fades. The presence that filled the air with a scent of cigarettes and scotch faded. You breathe faster and faster until all your energy fills inside you and you have nothing left to do but run. Run from fear. Run from anger. Run from stress. Run from all terrible feelings and find a way out. You know there is none and still you hope and hope, until the hope, just like the voice, fades away.

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