Stillborn World

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Submitted: August 25, 2016

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Submitted: August 25, 2016



I remember a red sun. Yes, on the day the world ended. Little by little, the sea took me to the shore. Event after event, I lost more of myself with every passing second. The salty water dripped down the ridge of my nose, and my hands and knees sank into the wet sand. The gentle flow of water from the shore would clean me over and over, but to no avail. The sand would stick to me, and only the heat from the dying red sun would dry it enough for me to clean it. With no memory of who I was or where I came from, I stayed in that place for a long, long time. My mind, at least, told me it was for a long time.
I couldn’t help but feel as if something was in there, inside the water. Something large, yes.
They say humans originated as tiny beings that lived in the sea. It’s a beautiful thing to look out to the sea. Terrifying, but beautiful. You can’t help but feel a small primordial pride from it, as if the mind and body realize, biologically, how long the journey to becoming a human really was.
And out here, as the wind and slight burning from the sun hit my body, I couldn’t help but feel it too. All life began in a pool of materials, only to become something more by force of will alone. Truly, it’s the human will that has survived the test of time, and the stars. Oh, but the stars are an entirely different subject altogether. The sea, as vast and mysterious as it is, can never truly compare to the universe itself. The feeling one gets by looking at the sea is very different from the one you can get by looking up at the stars.
The supposed empty and ethereal place full of destructive events. Stars and strange anomalies warping in and out of reality. There is always that promise of... something being there. It sparks human curiosity, and it propels the mind to think about something greater than itself. There is no such place on Earth that has such an impact on the mind, or should have.
These are things I know, though I do not know why. As I walk, my feet sank deeper into the sand after each step, while my eyes caught a glimpse of the new world behind me. The sea water was as red as the dying sun above it. The sand was turning grey. And after all of this, I had an idea of who I was.
It was then I went into a small shack. It was barely holding itself together, but my body needed some rest from the intense heat. The cool air inside the shack was refreshing. It was there I found a pen and some paper, which is now presented to you--whoever you may be-- as this small journal.
I must confess that I now know my origins. I used the top of a tall building to look out to the sea. My eyes wandered, but the answer was clear. The burning sky, the red sun and the blood water. The knowledge of stars, the large hole in the sky that I had not noticed before. All of it fused together within my mind. I can’t stand the thought of me writing about human feeling, or accomplishment within its own evolution.
I understand now the event that took place to change the world. It was a new birth, or rather, a lack of one. It was then I saw it rising from the sea. It must be half the size of this planet. Such immense size crashing down from the stars is enough to end the world. But the impact did not erase everything. Instead, it tried to save the world. And while very little human nature is left, it still tried to create something equal. Yes, it speaks to me withing my own mind. The sounds of its moonlight is enough to comfort me, to let me know I am not an obsolete replica of something else. This is why I cannot speak of the human condition.
I am not quite your brother in blood, but we share a common bond: our fascination with the stars.

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