I don't wana be that kind of girl any more

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Well this is the first poem I'm posting on booksie.
I never like writing summaries of my poems or just notes from the poet.
Not really my thing. But if you take the time to read my poem, thank you.

Submitted: August 25, 2016

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Submitted: August 25, 2016



I don’t wana be that kind of girl any more

where second comes to first

and yellow is black

and rain doesn’t exist

cause the sun shines on both sides


Because that is an impossible world

that I cannot be a part of


I drink dreams

and wallow and wear

and weep and whisper

and wave in all kinds of weather

and wonder and wander

in worlds of worlds


I am dreams

and I circulate around myself

around the imaginary

thinking only in creation


and I have loved every single piece of creativity

i have cherished the morbid things,

the funky architectures,

the slimmest details

the empty spots

the thousands of abysses

sulken shadows

traceable dirts


but baby except this world

except this world baby


I like the peculiar things

the opposite things

but this world tugs and tears

and makes me feel not like a soul


When it’s not with me ,

it’s with her

And when I’m breathing,

you’re breathing

in sync with two breaths

And for once in my life,

I’ve never distasted oxygen so much


I can’t be the reason you’re trapped any more

I don’t want to be a part of this any more

I’m setting you free


I loved you in purple

I loved you in 25

I loved you in the missing letters from the alphabet

I loved you a thousand times when you laid your eyes on me

and I loved you a thousand more times when you took them off of me


I don’t wana be that girl at the side for any one any more


I can only be haved or not have at all

I’m not angry

I’m just the outside looking in

reflecting street lamps in Paris again


and if I’m a true woman

I’d put an end to this

because I respect my sisters

and a cheating man

is a beautiful centre of a universe

collapsed into fires that not

even tsunamis could put out

or firefighters could risk their life for throwing themselves in the pit

or God could lift with his fingers from the earth


I never want to see a woman of ashes


It’s just a three way circle

overflowing of cascading hurt


and I’m going to ask my geometry teacher

why can’t circles have angles

because these curved lines hurt me more

than you’ll ever know about straight lines


If I could just fold myself out underneath

into an opposite angle

If I could just squeeze myself between the wire in time machines

and if I could just swim the world’s seven oceans and never come back


I would not be that kind of girl any more


baby i love you

but we can’t have both

in any world out there

this place was once was a fleeing field

and now I can’t see infinity any more


being young hurts




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