Baby, did I fall short?

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Submitted: August 25, 2016

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Submitted: August 25, 2016



baby did I fall short?


i went out into the clearing

to the place where it is only you and I

there, our love is endearing

I walked a little

and shrugged off some

I stomped around

touching the veins of leaves


the warmth of rays hit my back

and I turned around and smiled and giggled at the light

I went to the riverside and peered into the water

and the pretty, pretty stones were underground

cemented into the mud


I stayed fixated on the silence around me

You haven’t showed up in our place yet

Mustn’t you be here somewhere?


the other night when I got home,

I was anxious to light my favorite candle

but the matches just weren’t holding the flame

And so I couldn’t retrieve my most adored scent

But on the side - in the back-

there was another candle that was already lit

and so I drifted to it and places my fingertips around the orange glass

I breathed in the different scent

and somehow at 3am a kind of flirtatious, bubbly sky of stars spread out

And I loved it, I enjoyed every minute of it

And each night I think of this certain happiness I get from this unique candle

And still I cannot get light to reach my most adored candle


When I am in the storm

I want to run into your home

but every time it pours,

your house disappears

and a different one appears

So I run for cover into that home

and it’s warm and safe and the opposite of rain


But then late at night, I also wake up at 4:37am

wanting to cry because I want to be with you more often

I want us to be by ourselves and full of your scent and inside your house


When I talk to him, he makes me happy

he makes me a bit too happy

and it frightens me

Because I love you

but baby where are you

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