Jay pt. 2

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Submitted: August 25, 2016

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Submitted: August 25, 2016



It’s been five months since I’ve last saw you

and in the first three months

everyday I was trying to move my heart further from you

and in the fourth month I fell in love

and ever since I have been dreaming and loving and leaping into air with this new guy who wants to be an actor just like me

But your airplane still lingers in the long tunnels of my mind

and last week,

last week,

that one moment that my heart yearned and cried for for terribly long

finally came true

after all this unwanted time

you sent me a text

and I immediately wanted to know

what made you reach out to me now

out of all moments






why now, Jay


I wanted you so bad back then

But I can’t have you now in my life

and you always know how to make me so furious

cause still even with the text conversation we had last week

I still will never understand where we stand

and who am I to you


you leave me so wrecked on my own peninsula

your mystery attracts me

but makes me bleed softly and then largely


I miss the way your long legs took in stride with mine

and I miss walking in rain with you on campus

and how pretty your multi colored blonde and dark hairs laid on top of each other

I miss all the things that I’ve said before a hundred times

and I can’t believe in a few months it will be a whole year since I’ve known you

and eventually a whole year since the day you talked to me that thanksgiving eve-eve.

You said I was cool to talk to and cool to hangout with

but again that gives me nothing to work with

nothing to work with

and I just wanted to know

if you ever thought of me

if you ever missed me

if you ever dreamed of kissing me

if you ever were sad without my presence



but I will just go sit back down again on the sand of my peninsula

and let you go again

cause I can’t have you here any more


and I accept how I will never ever know for the rest of my life

how you truly perceived that blonde girl in your economics class



I lost you back then

but I think now

you’ve lost me


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