This Strange Cat Made Me Rich

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If you have been thinking that cats are simply pets, think twice. In this book, a strange cat helps a very poor man start a business, and finally becomes rich.

Submitted: August 25, 2016

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Submitted: August 25, 2016



"Hey, what are you looking for, you poor, wrecked man", she shouted. 

"Have you come back to beg for more eats?" she asked.

James was already frustrated, not willing to sleep angry another day. "Can't you have mercy on me, young girl? You see my situation, and I have no job. Offer me something to eat. Okay, for only today", he cried.

Tears were already coming out of the young lady, and she couldn't help, but give the man something to eat. "Thank you, thank you", he spoke with a soft voice.

One evening, he decided to ask for eats from his neighbour, who gave him some sausages. No sooner had James started eating the sausages, than a cat came hurryingly to him. It appeared soft, dozing, unsteady, and seemed to be crying, all of which indicated that the cat was very hungry.

It seemed to have missed meals for the past two weeks, and appeared to be in its last days. This alarmed James, who was also hungry at that time. He was very friendly with animals, and never wanted to see any animal suffer.

By its looks, the cat was already showing that it needs something to eat. "Oh God! Who has told this cat to come to me, before I even taste my sausages.” he cried. Immediately, the cat started rubbing itself against James' legs. He felt like throwing it away, but then he knew that the cat is in the same situation as he was.

He then gave the hungry cat some of the sausages. Immediately it had finished eating, its life came back. James almost spent the whole night playing with the cat.

The next morning, James was already yawning, and hungry again. Before he could even think of anything, the cat he fed last night came back with two other cats. It could have told its friends that it knows where free food is. James was shocked, and couldn't figure out how he was going to feed these three cats.

Surely, no one could give him enough food to feed all the three cats. He got an idea of selling the other two cats, which were more pleasing and attractive, unlike the first one he met. He consulted one of his neighbours, who directed him to a very rich man who once wanted pets, but had failed to get any.

He carried the two cats, and quickly rushed to the rich man. The rich man liked the two cats, and asked James the price tag for both cats. Desperately and hungrily, James told him 20$ is enough. "What! Only 20 dollars", the rich man asked surprisingly. Anyway, he thought James was just making fun of him. 

He entered his house, and came out with 300$. James' hand was shaking as he was receiving the money. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had never been with 30$ of his own! He quickly rushed back home, while careful looking sideways, to ensure that his surroundings are safe.

He started a boutique. He worked very hard, because he was not willing to go back to poverty. He liked his cat so much that he could go with it even at work. 

He later became very rich, and the begging business was history.

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