The lonely life of a depressed and anxiety ridden teen.

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College, Depression, Anxiety, No friends. Just this girls everyday lonely life.

Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016



She sat with the hardest conundrum she had ever faced. She had come so far, 18 months clean. She couldn’t just throw that away but it isn’t that easy. A new environment in a different town with new people studying a course she doesn’t even know if she’ll like or even be any good at. It might’ve been okay if she was pretty or had confidence or could speak to others however she was ugly, shy and had serious anxiety so that was all out the window. Nearly everyone she saw at induction was there last year and had friends so she was fucked. Who was going to want to be friends with her? She is clingy, emotional, weird, doesn’t think before she speaks and stupid. She isolates herself from others around her. That’s why she no longer has any friends, not really, they may say they’re friends but friends meet each other regularly or at least talk often. They had hardly talked since the last day of school. A ‘friend’ of hers and her older sister were going too and they had one day together but why would they want to sit with her when they will have new friends? Why would her sister sit with her rather than her newfound friends? Not going to happen, maybe just one day but she will stop. And then there’s one day where she will be completely alone and she is going to probably hide in a bathroom or walk around outside, who knows, but nobody won’t want to be her friend. She is going to be behind in class, friendless, poor, sad, even more depressed and anxious and it will be horrible. But all she’s doing about that is hiding away, hidden in her room, listening to Beethoven, typing away. She doesn’t want to cut, she can’t go back. But it is tempting and she misses it, the blade calling to her. The sad, lonely life of a depressed and anxiety ridden teenager. 

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