Giants Still Roam the Forests

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Short Story by Anthropologist Richard Columbia, PhD. Giants Still Roam the Forests in Indonesia

Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016



Did you know that Giants still roam the forests of Kalimantan, she asked me one afternoon?  I saw one once you know. It was an amazing experience.  I was walking one morning along the edge of very old forest. I was on my way to the rice fields where I was conducting interviews with farmers, when there he was. He was tall about six meters high, silent and shy looking.  I saw him first

 and stood as still and quiet as a field mouse. He would have run away if he had seen me because they are very timid and a little afraid of people. He wasn’t doing much. Just sort of looking around slowly, bending over to pick something up now and again. I watched until he wandered out of sight. 

I told some of the older farmers about it later that day. They were very excited and stopped work to discuss the issue in great detail and earnest.

One of the older and wisest farmers told me Giants were not uncommon when he was a young boy. It was a time when magic ruled the land and people believed in Giants and Giants believed in people, he said in earnest. Back then you could sometimes find a Giant very early in the morning resting in a field, looking up at the sky, or carrying wood to cook the morning stew. They only eat plants you know, never animals. They are gentle folk by nature. They never make a fuss or bothering anyone or anything.

Young people, with their new ideas about life, have forgotten about the Gia

nts, the Old Man said with some sadness. When the Village Elders speak of Giants, the young become bored and look away thinking about things new. It is important people believe in Giants. Giants need people to believe in them or they move away, never to return. So many of them have gone now.

The old farmer went on to say that I was the first person to see a Giant in over ten years. Some of the Village Elders even believed that I may have seen the last Giant left in the forest.


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