Reflected Journey

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One viewpoint in rhyme of life and ....

Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016




Spring was the time during the time

When lessons were always free

And if you blinked you soon forgot

What you thought you came to see.

Hope was the game you played

When the other games would fail

And love was captured like fireflies

As the east-wind caught your sail.


Then summer slipped in

And taboos were forgotten,

Testing batches of apples,

Some rip and some rotten.

And at the end of that time

There was a slight chill

That left voids in souls

Some desperate to fill.


Fall was --- as fall is,

Friendships withered and died,

Others became dormant and cold,

That's when I sat-down and cried.

The landscape soon changed

And there were new things to see

At the dawn of the winter,

As that chill swallowed me.


That first frost came boldly

And others came after,

I met some with anger

And others with laughter.

We discussed life at length,

How such scenarios go,

And I found peace in those thoughts.

May God rest my soul.


D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  08-26-2016


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