A Frozen Romance

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Two young women meet up at a bus stop in the middle a winter...(GirlxGirl story)

Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016



The bitter cold hits my skin as if the snowflakes gently landing upon me are little bullets made from ice.
What would normally be a warm green landscape complete with pine trees all about is now covered in pure white freezing the landscape and yet in its own way its still beautiful.
I shiver as I await for the bus that should have arrived nearly twenty minutes ago when I heard quick paced footsteps approaching.
Looking down the sidewalk to see a girl not much older than I all bundled in a long dark coat that appears to be made of Fox skin with a red knit scarf around her neck and a pair of black jeggings with black boots going to her knees.
Her long hazelnut coloured hair flowed down her chest as a light beige knit beanie sat on her head as snowflakes slowly collected on top.
A faint smile forms across my lips as I shiver once more rubbing my hands together for warmth.
She approaches the bus stop with a look of worry then she looks at me.
"Did I already miss the bus?" She asks. 
Her voice is soft and smoky and I feel as if I'm being pulled towards her.
"No I think the bus missed us." She chuckled quietly and sat down next to me on the now freezing bench. 
"How are you not dead from hypothermia?" she asked noticing that I had merely a thin coat on in the intense weather. 
"Dunno I'm not asking questions though I'm just hoping the bus comes soon." I replied as she took off her coat and loosely wrapped it around my shoulders.
"Well until that happens use that who knows how long you've been sitting here with the cold" she said practically scanning me from head to toe.
"Approximately twenty four minutes and eh 36 seconds." She froze and turned to look at me as if I were insane.
"Its at or below freezing you know!" She exclaimed. 
"Yes but sometimes I find the cold refreshing of sorts." 
A familiar creaking came from around the southern corner as we both turned to the creaking.
The bus turned the corner and drove down the street we were facing. 
I grabbed my bag off the ground as she stood while the bus pulled up.
The doors opened and we both entered the near empty bus.
The lights on the bus were all very bright compared to the white gloomy landscape outside.
An older man sat with an older woman and they both smiled as we walked towards the back of the bus both I and the girl smiled back. 
We sat down together near the back of the bus and I gave her back her coat.
"Thank you," I said smiling faintly at her, "it is incredibly warm I must say." 
"I'm sure it was after sitting in the snowy cold for so long. Speaking of which why don't I buy you a cup of coffee sometime?" 
I felt my heart stop and my stomach begin to turn. Did she just ask me on a date? I thought to myself. 
"Sure if you don't have anything planned I know a pretty good coffee shop downtown." I suggested quietly. 
"Alright. I'm Alex by the way." She smiled and held out her gloved hand.
"Caligo. Nice to meet you Alex." I shook her hand as I looked into her forest green eyes and smiled. 
"And you as well, Caligo." 

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