Jade's Tale- The Begining

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Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016



Story Summary- For the nineteen year old she-thief/magic-user Jade "the swift" life has never been easy. Since her early years Jade has survived living off her natural charm, wit and her limited, unofficially schooled,but potent magic talent. Getting by one day at a time traveling from island to island, running from mess after mess, as the hired mercenaries who guard the various port villages on the three main islands of Saraia. And the merchant counsels that at as "law makes" in the port villages get wise to her,"evil" thieving ways. And send hired bounty hunters to arrest, or some times out right kill her.

Even though Jade has always seen herself as a "thief with a heart ",who only steals to survive. And only from those who can ford the loss. And has even more then once put herself at risk to aid other desperate souls like herself. More often then not only to have the same people she tries to help oh to easily turn on her at the first chance.

Still despite her colorful history with the law, and her tendency to pick the wrong "friends" to aid. Jade truly longs for nothing more then to start over somewhere new. To be given the chance to final live a decent honest life, with no need to steal just to stay alive. And none of the constant fear,of her past coming back to spoil every attempts Jade makes to change her life.

But so far that has never happened. For always something goes wrong just when Jade starts to think perhaps this time she's managed to find what she seeks so desperately.

And so Jade time after time Jade flees into the night. Stealing a horse and riding off down the winding paths in whatever direction seems safest. Or hiding amidst luggage, and supplies on merchant ships. Never staying in one place longer then a few days. Moving from trade post shop to trade post shop. And avoiding the port villages as much as possible all across the four islands. Thou each time Jade is forced to flee it means yet another of the ever shrinking list of places to try and start that ever elusive honest life Jade has been seeking for so long.


Now after ten years of failed attempts Jade finding herself desperate once again to escape yet again from one more,ill fated attempt to discover that honest peaceful life, that Jade so craves like a man trap in the desert for days on end craves water. Jade now finds herself hiding inside a supplies create on a rickety low end merchant ship headed from Lower Marsh Island. Packed with stores of prized Silver-Leaf tea.

To the desolate fourth Island of Saraia "Rock Island".
Probably the last and only escape place left open to Jade in all of Saraia. and it is here that Jade hopes that she can finally lose herself amidst the desolate wasteland known as "Rock Island".

For  if there is anywhere on Saraia left for Jade to run to. If there is anywhere Jade has even a hope of achieving her life time goal to live honestly. Ironically enough it will be on "Rock Island". The least populated, most hostile, and lawless of the four island in the realm of Saraia

. And the irony of this is hardily lost Jade the too kind thief. Still this is a lucky break for Jade perhaps the first she's even had. For "Rock Island" is so isolated that the people from her past ,most importantly those hunting her are unlikely to search for her. As thanks to her magic talent Jade managed to fake her death before sneaking about this ship.

But as seems to be Jade's fate the plan to escape clean dose not go accoutering to, not even close. For While Jade dose manage to make it undiscovered to "Rock Island" as planed. She is forced to defend herself almost instantly when a dock hand working at dock attached to the "Lost Tavern"( the closest to a port village on this island ) finds her hiding in the crate. And as a result Jade ends up seriously injured.

However all is not lost for the young, unfortunate thief. For the cousin of the tavern's owner a pretty healer/magic user named Kaila Starblade ,and her sister Ameria finds Jade, and saves Jade's life.

After which Kaila kindly offers to let Jade stay at the tavern for as long as she likes despite the reluctance of Kaial's cousin, and sister who are naturally suspicious of Jade. And are thus unwilling to believe that Jade is exactly the helpless victim Kaila makes her out to be. Thou Kaila merely feels bad about how Jade was injured, and insists on helping her out. Naturally Jade accepts Kaila offer, introduces herself as a orphan from Marshland Island named Kayara. Only partly a lie as while Jade is an orphan, she leaves out the part about her thieving past, and . And numerous troubles with the law And dares to hope that perhaps for once fate will be kind to her and finally give her the long hoped for, yet never achieved. And with all her previous hunters to Jade's knowledge believing her dead. Jade rightly believes she has good reason to hope this will be so.

But how long can Jade pretend to be what she has never been before.. A normal young woman. How long till she slips up and makes a mess of her life once again? Are all of Jade's old enemies as convinced of her death,as Jade believes? And what will happen when Kaila's all ready suspicious family finally figure out Jade isn't who or what she claims to be...

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