a short love story

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just your typical love story with a hot lifeguard and a cute corky teenage girl

Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016



People say that love comes in weird ways like losing a shoe and going on a crazy chase to find the girl who lost it or kissing a dead girl you found in the middle of the woods. Mine is a little simpler than those. You see it started at the end of 9th grade. It was finally summer and I got to go to my favorite hangout where all of my friends came. We [played tackle football, bulldog, and just hung out and talked. The Palmyra Pool. The first time I came during the summer my friend justin was there I consider him one of my best guy friends as well as Ray and Avante. We gather up people to play football. When I was there a lifeguard caught my eye. He was tall really tan and totally hot. I never said anything to him because I always thought he was way too good for me and that he probably had a girlfriend. Over a month span my friends and I practically did the same things playing football and them getting in trouble and me laughing at them for it. One day the lifeguard came up and was talking to my friends Justin and Ray. I kinda stood there awkwardly not knowing if I should say anything or not. Then a girl named Molly came up and was totally flirting with him(she is the biggest flirt I know.)she would say things like…

“Hey best friend. And “You're so tall.” Which killed me on the inside because I wished I could do that too. Flirting had normally come naturally to me and it was easy to play with boys heads and flirt, but he was different. Then when Molly walked away he turned to me and said

“You know it’s a real friendship when you don’t know your best friend's name.” I smiled a little bit. He was trying to talk to me, but I didn't know what to say. By this time Ray and Justin had already walked off to who knows where, and he just kinda stared at me waiting for me to say something, but I didn’t.

“Well my breaks almost over. I should go.” he said as he turned to walk away. Days when he was there I would catch him staring at me. Or so I thought so anyway. Then one friday night I went to a special event at the pool called teen night. I was with my friends Olivia and Jenna. I introduced them to Ray and Avante. Justin wasn’t there. The lifeguard was with Ray and Avante so I was with them for a little, but it got awkward again because I soon figured out that I still couldn’t talk to him so I went back with Olivia and Jenna who were mad at me for ditching them for a boy. Soon after this I was playing football with my friends charlie and Mitch. They were playing keep away from me I was desperately trying to get the ball. All  of a sudden the lifeguard was playing. I was really excited. For some reason it was easier to talk to him while we were playing a sport. Mitch threw the ball to Charlie, and he dropped it so i rushed over trying to get it before Charlie. All of a sudden I was pulled and wrapped up in someone's arms tightly. I looked back and it was him. The lifeguard.

“Let me go!” I laughed

“Nope.” I tried to loosen his grip and wow he is strong! I am fairly strong for a girl and it was nearly impossible.

“Having some trouble there?” he asked

“Yes!” I laughed again

“How far are you willing to go?”

“What?” Then he started taking me deeper and deeper. He threw me over the line that divided the 12 foot diving board area from the 5 foot swimming area and took off. He looked back and smiled. His smile hit me like a truck. I chased after him because he now had the ball and I was determined to get it. Within a few seconds he had me wrapped up in his arms again. I called for my younger brother as a joke to help me. My brother is one of the strongest 13 year old boys I knew and he didn’t budge his arms at all. I actually really like it. When I was finally free. I hopped on his back and he said

“Well princess where do you want to go?”

“I don't care. Just walk around.” He walked me around for alittle and then he carried me up the latter while I was on his back. You have to be really strong to be able to do that. Then at the end of the night my friend being the type of friend she is she went up to him and asked what he would rate me on a scale 1-10 and he said 100 and then he whispered to her and said he really liked me. I was really happy. Before I knew the night was over and and I ended up back in his arms, but this time it was a long hug that I will cherish for forever. My jerkish brother told my mom that he was touching me inappropriately and I was grounded from the pool. It was also a really bad time for us to meet because I had volleyball from 9-3:30 everyday and by the end of practice I was just too tired to go to the pool and I wasn’t allowed. A week and a half went by and I was totally devastated that I hadn’t seen him. I talked to my mom saying that I really liked him, and she said if I like him that much that I had to talk to him and tell him that if our relationship continued he would have to talk to my dad about dating. He agreed to it after we get to know each other a little better. This made me the happiest person in the world.


To be continued…...

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