Transgender Yandere Chloe

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Chloe is a transgender woman who struggles with school and has an temper to boot but its all for a classmate she is madly in love with and obsessed with, now she will do anything for her senpai, this is the beginning of the deadly sickness that we call love.

Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016



Walking into history class late, i quickly too a seat as the teacher put me on the spot "chloe hijiri, why is my best student late this time?" i smiled "had to do a prayer for father belial sorry !" i laughed but miss blade was not having it " stop smoking that damn damiana and shut your face" i just blinked as she turned her back to the class.

kicking back in my desk loving my outfit it was all black, i dawned my baphomet tank top, vest, baphomet sigil around my neck, inverted cross earrings, jeans,skirt, steel toe boots, and leather finger less gloves. Painted my lips with cherry blossom red lip stick and my eyes with black eyeliner and mascara.

Looking over i saw the new girl ive been stalking miss rose poole, she was cute and just lovely, i put a letter in her locker i sure hope she likes it....she better like it, getting to work the class studied for a good hour or so and with that came lunch, the bell rung and i dashed out past miss rose heading to the bathroom.

Upon entering i quickly looked in the mirror "shit ! my eyes they are lighting up again" i then went into one of the stalls, sitting down to pee as i heard the sound of foot steps and the sound of the bathroom door opening, quickly i wiped and opened up the stall only to see that it was just a black sheila, that made me move even faster,leaving the bathroom i saw miss rose heading to her locker, i hid up against a wall peaking over as she read it, and sadly she started crying and low in behold instinct kicked in and i was caught as i moved it a little.

She just looked at me, as my heart raced as she move towards me "sorry miss hijiri this very sweet but im not-" tears filled my eyes and i cut her off running away from her, my heart was inpain and my mind was full of thoughts deep..thoughts, as i ran back into the bathroom punching the walls feeling my emotions run wild like fire, my breath was labored and heavy the more angry i got, lighting up a cigarette i took a deep puff letting the smoke flow from my nose as i started looking at my phone i then put on the song wolf in sheep's clothing and turned on my speaker blasting it.

As i walked back out of the bathroom with an sadistic grin hearing the lyrics i started scanning for her and saw that she was hanging with a boy, my blood started to boil, feeling my left eye twitch, i walked to them feeling my momentum but i hear the boy call her a slut... i charged at him laughing psychotically i lifted him off the ground, slamming him into the ground knocking the wind out of him, putting knee into his solar plexus and my hand on his throat i started slamming my fist in his face.

I felt the clashing of bone to bone contact not stopping my assault i felt his blood sprinkle on my face and before you know it i have 4 big ass teachers trying to pull me off "IM NOT DONE WITH HIM YET!" all four said at the same time "YES YOU ARE !" as it was dragged to the office i looked at miss rose giving her a smile, she looked terrified as she quickly walked away and back into the class room.

Now in cuffs on my ankles and wrists i sat in the principals office with smile on my face "heya principal darkie what cha gonna do with me now" he took a deep breath "miss hijiri you realize you knocked that boy out cold and gave him a black eye and broken nose..why?" i spit on the floor "that's what that faggot get for calling my senpai a slut, he had it coming, fucking breeder" the principal commented by saying "now now miss hijiri lets not forget what you were a over a year ago" i got up slamming my hands on his desk "LOOK HERE YOU MONKEY FACED FUCK, YOU MENTION THAT AGAIN YOU'LL SEE YOUR NEW CARS TIERS SLASHED!" the principal backed down "OKAY MISS HIJIRI GO HOME!" he then undid the cuffs letting me go, i gave him the finger walking out the door.

Walking out of the office area i went back into miss blades class room "What are you doing here miss hijiri!?" i looked at miss blade as i spoke "shove it up your ass miss blade and ill see you tomorrow" with the bits of blood on my face i to miss rose as i locked eyes with her and smiled blowing her a kiss and a wink as i walked out, i even heard miss blade call me the devils bitch from the window that was open, i smiled with glee as i lit up my cigarette and started walking home.

It took thirty minutes to get to my apartment being seventeen and having my own apartment is fucking sweet, walking up stairs i went up into my bathroom cleaning my face off of the blood and went into my room opening my closet i got on my knees looking at all the things i stole from miss rose to add to my shrine of her, i have a lock of her hair in a zip lock baggy, an old pair of glasses of hers, one of her t shirts, a soda can she drank from, some tape she played with during class and a straw she chewed on and even her tooth brush that i now brush with, but most of all a picture of her i took when she was studying.

I took my bunny and held it close to my chest as i put out the cigarette on my desk and lied on my bed as thoughts of her filled my mind, "shes all i think about and she will be mine, we are meant to be lovers...we are soul mates, she just doesn't know it yet.....and i think i have some competition....its hunt...hehehe...hahahahahahah!"

I must have fallen asleep because it was four in the morning and with luck i was suspended for two days this was good for me so now the hunt can start, looking at a few photos i took of possible rivals trying to take my senpai from me i chose to hunt and i had many to choose from "'ll be first, Brian Adams " the only male that has been trying to take senpai away but failed every time but i can't take chances....."your Mormon ass is gonna feel this demons wrath" i chuckled as i got my gear on.

I slipped on my Kevlar under-armor protecting my neck,chest,arms,legs, my combat boots,hard knuckle tactical gloves,gas mask and dawned tactical riot gear over the Kevlar fabric, opening up my drawer i grabbed my tac knife, sound grenade and smoke grenade  just in case.

Walking to my shrine of rose i took the picture giving it a sensual kiss, blushing deeply i whispered "don't you worry none ill protect you from the world and take care of you, my sweet rose" setting it back down i looked at the clock only to see that it was four thirty, with time to kill i down an energy drink and smoked some cannabis mixed with damiana making my high last longer and feeling the plant estrogen flow through my body as warm tears came down my face i quickly wiped them off "no time for tears, not today...i have work to do and a chubby princess to protect".

I had fifteen minuets to head to school and i was strapped on time, heading down stairs i quickly rushed out the door and started dashing to school, feeling my adrenaline pump with this heavy armor "feels like operation racoon city being in this armor" i said getting closer to the school , my mind and body felt ready for this as i stopped for a few deep breaths along with looking at my phone for the time, i had five minuets to spare and i knew when and where this Mormon boy hung out at before class and with no teachers in yet this was the perfect time to be quick with this, "okay brian  time to take you out and make you see your so called paradise"

Heading deeper into the school i slipped on my gas mask and lightly jogged to the church group area where he is usually and with easy luck he was there praying to his god, not needing to sneak  i quickly with building momentum with each step i pulled out my knife and as he heard my foot steps thinking it was one of his mormon friends he turned only to see me with my knife,
 he gasped "oh dear god!" i pulled him in  for a hug as i plunged the knife into his solar plexus, hearing him gasp for air  "i told you brian,i told you to stay away from my rose and you just didn't hear me!" i pulled out the knife and stabbed him again this time in the pancreas  "you can't have her, No one can have her but me, you can go and tell your god that when you see him!" pulling out the knife i then put it to his throat slashing it and watching him gasp for air and choking on his own blood " see you in the seven year war you fucking pawn.

Walking away i sheathed my knife and looked around to see that the area was clear and i needed to get the fuck out of here and fast, looking at my phone it was five A.M "fuck think! okay okay i got this!...the abandon  junk yard is a quarter mile from here,i can stash my shit there" i didn't have time for music to put on so i just ran and ran as fast as humanly possible, with fear of getting caught and not seeing my rose again just the thought alone put me in a survival  state of mind, i got out of the school but i was not out of the woods yet i had to take the long way to the the junk yard...the hills meaning less people and less suspicion.

Ten minutes had passed and i made it to the hills, seeing all the flora and fauna i quickly dived into it crawling on my stomach getting slowly getting to my destination and as an hour passed i was finally there at the gate it had thick rusty barbwire , upon getting up i climbed over the fence only for the weight of the armor to get me off balance and fall over, the impact of the armor prevented any cuts or deep wounds  from the thick barbwire  but i did get the wind knocked out of me due to landing on my back "HO FUCK ME" in spite of this i continued to drag my self to my safe room, going through broken glass and rusty pieces of metal i made it to the door that was slightly ajar.

Grabbing onto the door knob i slowly got myself up opening the door and entering the safe room i made, closing the door behind me i slowly took off my gear feeling the weight lift off of me with each piece i took off letting it drop to the floor and kicking it under my queen sized bed, but the best part was taking off my mask and taking a deep breath as i approached my bed and let my body collapsed onto it, my body felt weak and sore but i did what i needed to do, pulling  out a cigarette  and a box of strike matches from under my pillow i put it to my lips as i struck the match lighting it up, sucking in the smoke deeply and letting it flow from my nose "mission complete" before i put the smoke out saving it for later as i knocked out from the exhaustion of getting here even though i know there is more work to be done i know it's all worth it and nothing will stop me from protecting and getting my senpai to notice me.

Waking up I slowly got out of bed popping my back and stretching my limbs as I walked to my little shelf of peanut butter "ahhh yes the good stuff" I pulled out my plastic spoon and started eating the whole jar over the process of an hour, and after that I started looking over my clothes in the junk yard and saw that there was no dirt or blood stains, it was the same outfit I work the day I beat the shit out of that kid who called senpai a slut, but this one was just a copy of it so not really the same as the one I wore, but anyways I got it on and looked at my reflection in my small pocket mirror looking myself over for any small bits of blood and with luck there wasn't any, getting my make up back on I thought about making my skirt more useful, quickly finishing up my face I took off my skirt and lied it out on the bed, taking some scissors and cutting right seam and with a sewing needle I started threading metal snap on buttons, after that was done I started sewing small Velcro belt straps and sizing all the pieces of gear and as an hour or two passed it was done I was able to fit my combat knife, stun knuckles, pack of unfiltered lucky strike cigarettes, phone, box of matches and piano wire.

Slipping it on felt great so I walked a little and then jogged to make sure nothing fall out and it was a success with that out of the way I made my way out of my safe room and out of the junkyard by crawling out from a hold in the fence, I was a little pissed not knowing about it yesterday it would have help out a lot but as I walked I was thinking about my fist kill, 'I killed him I mean It had to happen even when I knew he didn't have a chance with my rose I just couldn't take the chance' I said in my head as I walked further away from the junk yard, forty-five minuets had passed and the sun was just coming out from the clear white clouds and shining its warmth across the land I was close to the school a few blocks in fact, so I pulled out a damiana smoke and lit it up heading to the school only to see the swat team and paramedics, I stopped my self from going any further and turned around taking the long way to my apartment.

thirty-five minutes had passed and I made it to my apt, unlocking my door I came in to see a freshmen doing my dishes and was brewing tea, she turned to greet me "hello miss Hijiri, my name is liz and well....I like you....a lot, Ive watched your every move know everything about you, I know what your favorite video games and music are....even the porn....even...the..girl you like....rose..was it?" my heart sunk for a moment but then my rage started raising "you better leave,now or your gonna get hurt" she the came to me locking her amber eyes with mine giving me a hug as I felt her ganguro tanned skin pressed against mine as she whispered "i know what you are...and ill love you all the same...for we are the same...we are daughters of belial and I understand your feelings deeply I do....she knows nothing about what you are....she wont accept you, don't you see it we are meant to be together"

My smiled as my eye started to twitch, shoving her away I grabbed her the throat and using blunt force slammed the back of her head into the wall knocking her out in the process, I needed to break her mind and soul I thought to my self, dropping her to the floor I saw that she had the sigil of Baphomet tucked under her shirt my I eyes widened "shit..she's one of me...a fellow demon...a yandere demon...follower and daughter of our father in she's me...this...this will be easy"grabbing her by her deep red long hair I took her down to my dark room, it was empty so it would be perfect for what I need to do.

Sitting her down in my heavy mahogany chair and tied her down with seven rolls of duck tape along with gagging her with my dirty panties along with duck taping them to her mouth, grabbing another chair I took a seat in front of her in the dark waiting for her to wake up, an hour had passed and she had woken up and I had turned on the light "sister of belial, a yandere to another yandere and a ganguro girl" approaching her I locked eyes with her " I don't love you...I never will..but you know what your gonna do..your gonna help me" I then ripped the duck tape off of her face pulling out the gag "your gonna help me kill" she smiled as she spoke " anything for you but you must accept my love or your gonna regret it ! hahahahahah!"

I unbuttoned my skirt and pulled out my lucky strike cigarettes and lit it up blowing smoke in her face " you have a lot of stones liz, but you will break and your soul..ill be using it before I watch you die the swat team as your killing your own sister with.....This Knife" I pulled it out setting it on the small table, she stayed silent but still had the smiled as she nodded her head to what I was gonna to her. Taking another puff I put the cigarette out on her cleavage as I heard her panic and cry out in pain " oh your screaming too loud dear" I put the gag back on her and continued, pulling out my my nightstick and started hitting her in the chest over and over and over again making her skin turn from red to blue to purple this continued for a good five minuets but had to give her some recovery time so she can breath, giving her that time I took out my knife and carved into her arm "MINDLESS DOLL" she took the cutting very well but I didn't like that so I took some salt and rubbed it into the carving as she moaned in agony I smiled with glee and satisfaction making her suffer, pulling off the tape again i said to her

" it's nothing personal but your an easy target and you were asking for this as soon as you said you and i are soul mates" with snot,tears running down her face she said " i win either with you..right now...right here" she smiled " you can hurt me, break my mind, hate me with all your anger but i will always love you, hear what maybe my last sane words and hear them well Chloe....even in death my love for you will only blossom and i will haunt you...watching you..FOREVER!"

Hearing this i grabbed my tazer knuckles and started electrocuting her for a good hour...till the batteries died, her body went limp for a moment, i thought she passed out only to hear her giggling , i shoved the gag back in her mouth and left her in the dark with no food or water for a good eighteen hours and came back turning on the light to see her passed out, i slapped her in the face several times "WAKE UP!" she awoke with soulless eyes locked onto me, this was great progress, Liz whispered "yes Chloe senpai?" i took a knife and cut her out of duck tape " what are you gonna do later today" i said to her only for her to say "To kill my sister kate...kill..kill.kill for senpai" i looked at her with a stern look giving her a pat on the head " good girl now go..Now!" she nodded "yes senpai" she ran out like an x-com operative on a mission.

I gave her a ten minute head start as i slipped on my white Baphomet beanie and thick black sunglasses i headed out the door dashing to catch up with as five minutes of jogging passed i found her already at the gate with her eyes locked on her sister, her sister kate waves at her as she started walking towards her, she creepily smiled as she embraced her sister in the hug, liz pulled out the knife and started to sing, the song i shower to ever morning and stabbing her sister repeatedly "the darkest hour before the light, a hidden treasure plain in site for a moment standing still, they say were crazy they say were ill, what they don't understand they fear inside, what they don't understand they try to can't HIDE FROM US!" she stabbed her sister with each verse she spoke as liz took kate by the head forcing to lock eyes with her as she continued to stab her.

Blood soaked both the sisters and the concrete between them as the swat team formed up in position and open fired on liz and took her out hitting her in the chest with ripples of bullets and as she hit the floor her body twitched and convulsed as kate struggled dragging herself getting on top of her sister holding her close as she was bleeding out, i was impressed that she really did it...and with out that much torture.....'it was her obsession with me holy shit' she planned this out she knew i wanted this and...she did win i gave her attention it was negative but she got me to notice her, walking away i smiled walking away i whispered "well played liz..well played "

Getting back home i got a message from the principal giving me the okay to come back to school and to behave giving a lecture about how I'm almost done with school and what not but i stopped listening, turning it off i lied on my bed setting an alarm for lunch time so i can head out to school late, looking at my note book i took a pen can crossed out two names to the list of people i need to take out, my next prey can wait ill keep watch till she makes a move on my senpai but till then time to make another letter to my dearest love after my well needed rest.

to be continued.....

© Copyright 2019 Toriel Wolf. All rights reserved.

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