The power of Love

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I've posted this thing several times on various other pages, but here it is again. Originally I wrote this thing at the end of high school and at the time it held a great amount of personal meaning. Now I post it as a remembrance of that time in my life.

Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016




I'm standing here at the edge looking down at the world below ...That world below me, it feels seems so small..... Yet how do I know?...........The people in the streets below look so small running about their lives, doing what they think is right , what they have to do. Just as I used to do. I wonder when I was down there with those people did I look so small? What is real and what is fake? I no longer know for I've lost all sense of self. I think back to when I was younger how I loved to hope and dream.......The happiness and freedom of youth....Is that what I seek now more then anything? And furthermore I wonder did such a thing ever exist? Or am I only dreaming yet again  of the things I'll never find? As I think these thoughts under the starless sky I look down again, and wonder what it is like to die..... All time stops just for a moment as I prepare to jump....... I wonder briefly will it hurt a lot to die? Probably I tell myself , but the pain of death is nothing compared to the pain in my soul. For I am all alone lost in a never ending nightmare that refuses to release my soul, as it shreds slowly bit by bit to fade away to almost nothing...... I am all alone the rain pours down from the sky echoing the pain,and loss in my soul. Not the loss of one I once loved..... For I know no such pain....... The pain I feel is the pain of lost dreams and faded hopes dashed in an instant as I realize how shallow and pointless my life has been. I look down one last time at the world I'm about to depart,and I wonder  was it worth it all in the end? Would I have done things differently give the chance? Would things have changed at all if I had? Is it even possible to know the answer to those questions?..... I think not and that is what has brought me here to this ledge.I feel utterly lonely.... I cry out to any that may hear my last shout of pain...Yet I know no ones listening,and even if they were I doubt they would really care...... For I'm alone,or so I believe with all my heart....My foot leaves the ground, and I think this will be the end. The end of my pain.....But then suddenly I feel you there beside me as I'm about to fall....Reaching out for me pulling me back to you're side. Holding me close. Tho I cry, kick, and scream the pain in my soul overwhelming me at last. Then slowly I stop,as I realize I'm not alone and never have been. For you are with me at the end. My shield from the stones of pain that life throws my way..... I know now with all my heart I can now go back down to the world below... And I know I'm not alone anymore. I know now I will live again,with you by my side.... And I wonder is this the power of love? Something I never thought existed till now? The answer is time will tell........


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