Jade's Tale-Choices

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Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016



Some choices are easy to make.Some seem right at the time, but turn out to be the worst thing one could imagen. And some are right, but hard to accept..And some choices just palin come back to haunt you later. No one knows this better then the she-theif "Jade".

Once nothing but a common, naturally gifted, but untrained magic- user, run away thief. Who had to fake her death to avoid being killed by people from her old life, which were determined to see her suffer for crimes she rarely if ever actually committed herself. 

Jade has made her way to Rock Island hidden in a crate of Silverleaf tea as, a stowaway. And while Jade had a rough first encounter upon arriving at Rock Island, at a semi respected tavern/port known as the "Lost Tavern." An encounter that left Jade seriously injured, at the hands for the dock hands who found her hiding in the crate

. Luckily Jade was taken in by a beautiful kind healer named Kaila Starblade, despite the suspicions of Kaila's twin warrior sister Ameria, and their rough edged cousin the tavern owner Raiden.  Suspicions that would later not only turn out to be well founded, but would drive Jade to attempt to flee once she was discovered.

 Feeling guilty for her actions, and feeling as though she owed Kaila some measure of truth. Jade did at last revile much of the truth about herself, and her past in a note, she left for Kaila before fleeing.

After a disastrous fight with the tavern's insane cook Brie. And an equally disastrous display of dangerous spell energy.Created by Jade in a moment of panic during a confrontation with Kaila's warrior sister Ameria. Jade thought she'd gotten away fully if not cleanly, and headed for the nearest trade post shop. Thinking she could start over there and this time not make the stupid mistake, of befriending anyone.

Jade was surprised when Kaila and her kin showed up at the trade post with an offer to train her. As it was painfully obvious Jade had no formal magic training, and was thus rather a danger to herself and others when she used her magic for more than simple low level spells. At first Jade stubbornly refused that offer, several times despite threats, and promises made as to what would happen if she refused.

Determined to live or die on her own terms. Jade had even gone so far as to try and escape several time from the group ,who were just as determined to either help her develop her magic talent properly ,or end her before she became a threat.

 Eventually though Jade came to see that Kaila's kindness ,and offer to train her was really a blessing, probably the first sincere one Jade had ever gotten. And thus decided to accept the offer and in doing so found inner peace at least for a while...

Now four years have past for Jade, and she has learned much from the teachings of the kind healer Kaila Starblade . Now Jade's mentor and closest friend. The past four year years have been ones filled with numerous experiences both good and bad for Jade and her mentor. And Jade has worked hard to prove herself a worthy student for Kaila. As well as an asset to Ameria, and Raiden. Though Jade has yet to earn Raiden's full trust he has come to at least be mostly friendly towards her, as Jade helps out in the tavern with ode chores. Just as she used to when she was claiming to be the runaway \"Kayara\". That is true for Jade, when she’s not busy with her lessons with Kaila. Or helping Ameria out with her bounty hunting jobs.

Most surprisingly of all is the fact that now more often than not with Kaila joins them as well .Having been influenced over the past four years by Jade's free spirited nature, as much as she has taught Jade considerable control over her power and much in the way of healing arts (something it turned out Jade had a natural gift for anyways). And has as a result also gained much confidence in herself, as well as much life experience to combat her previously dangerous nativity. Thanks largely to Jade's still some times rouge like influences, and encouragement.

Even as Jade  has learned the value of compassion, honesty, loyalty, and friendship, over the past four years from Kaila. And thus for the first time Jade is truly happy and at peace with herself and the world. Jade is content and for the first time feels she true purpose to her previously empty life. Now Jade stands by the Starblade twins with a personal devotion, previously unconsidered. At least for a while.

But as seems to be Jade's fate. Her new found inner peace and devotion to her mentors and their sisterly relationship with her are quickly enough tested. When Kaila is seriously injured during a bounty hunting mission. Where their prisoner escapes, while Jade was supposed to be guarding the camp, and watching them.

Though Jade is not directly to blame for the accident. Ameria feels she should have been more proactive in her duty. A thought shared by Jade, as she knew the only reason their prisoner had escaped. Was because Kaila had allowed the female prisoner who unfortunately remained Jade painfully of how she used to be, to convince her that she was innocent of the crime she was accused of. As Jade herself knew what that felt like, she foolishly allowed the girl to manipulate Kaila into releasing her. The girl of course had repaid their foolish kindness, by attempting to rob the Starblade sisters, and Jade while they slept. 

Ameria, and Jade were able to defend themselves and recapture the girl. But Kaila having never been directly attacked before, was slow to defend herself, and as a result was stabbed by a lucky hit from the girl who grabbed Jade's dagger, during the fight.

Feeling horribly guilty for her part in the ordeal despite the fact that Kaila survived the attack. Jade considers leaving once again. Something she had once vowed she was done doing.Even though this time Jade believes much better reasons for doing so. The truth remains that once more whatever her reasons Jade finds herself as ever seems to be her curse on the run.

This time not from the law or her past, but the two woman who have become not only Jade's mentors, but as sisters as well. And their cousin Raiden, who already holds a strong grudge against Jade from past experiences.

But where can Jade run too now? Can she risk fleeing back to one of the other islands where she's thought dead ,but would face far more than the considerable wrath of the beautiful bounty hunter Ameria Starblade, and her kin if it were discovered she still lived? Or could she perhaps flee into the desert and live as a bandit as Jade considered doing once before?

Whatever the path Jade will chose one fact remains. Jade has once again landed herself into a whole heap of trouble. And this time Jade may not be fortunate enough to find a way out. Or perhaps has Jade once again underestimated her mentors and their capacity for forgiveness. 


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