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Lorrie and David are newly-weds and ex-special forces.This is their first industrial espionage case, one that finds them dressed in titanium-wear while making their way through the heavy murk of a dark primeval forest wearing night-vision goggles and carrying Glocks and silencers. Then here is the first hologram.

Submitted: August 26, 2016

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Submitted: August 26, 2016




A Short Story

Nicholas Cochran

Chapter Four


Both followed their training and hit the deck, which, in this case was comprised of small and tall ferns, trees and tangled undergrowth.

So far no shots.

The high intensity illumination cast long shadows that eventually broke up or vanished in the surrounding gloom.

Both waited for a barrage of bullets.


Lorrie guessed the situation and spoke aloud.

“They’re all on the other side from here wherever we came in. Maybe there are more in some underground bunker, but I doubt it; maybe a few. Let’s see how long this light lasts and circle around to where we think the control panel may be."

After three minutes, the lights went out. This occurred as they heard some shouting coming form the area above the apex of the hologram.

“Here come a few, darling,” David, whispering, "let’s move to our right and outflank them. They’ll certainly turn the lights back on so we should move in a circle outside the perimeter of the lights.”

“Okay, sweetie, and I think we should put on silencers to take out the new guys; the others by the road can’t see these lights; and they’re not going to put on a siren. We know that sound carries better at night, so no worries there. A siren would only give away their presence to anyone within miles. Let’s go.”

David silently nodded and they both began to move toward their intended location where any new arrivals could be seen and shot.

“Let’s go to silencers.” David announced. 

They did, while they were still moving. Lorrie was in the lead, being lighter and narrower as well as first in her class in the stalking drills.

The sounds of shouting grew louder while the two spies continued to follow a route that would place them squarely in the path of the new arrivals; and where David and Lorrie could pick them off.

“They may have phones or radio communication,” whispered David, “let’s make any ‘kills’ clean and then get their communicators. Maybe one of us can return any calls to their base without any more visitors,” wanting to be encouraging, “I still think that ninety percent or more of their crew is on the far side waiting for us.”

Lorrie quickly stopped and held her breath.

They had reached what was no more than a couple of shallow ruts, scarcely visible through their goggles.

They both turned to look right along the narrow channel that had been cut to allow a small vehicle to bump along it.

Suddenly, bobbing flickers of light appeared some forty yards to their right. All the shouting had stopped. The holders of the flashlights had gone silent.

“I think I see about four; no five flashlights and they’re coming this way,” Lorrie whispered, “I wonder if they called the guys looking for us along our entry route. Anyway, let’s be ready to take them out. I’ll take the two on the right; you the three on the left; you’re a faster shot; not better,” chuckling, “just faster.”

David acknowledged her minor compliment with a low laugh.

“Okay sweetie, if you think you can hit two.” And he jabbed her titanium buns.

The approaching lights now began to sweep across the rough track and into the forest on both sides. The sounds of their whispering was no more than a faint whooshing. 

Lorrie and David instantly recognized the excellent training that their targets had completed. They were doing everything according to the books of all the elite cadres of the military establishment. Both spies reflected on the fact that here were ex-military fighting ex-military for some third party’s economic gain.

However, neither Lorrie nor David dwelled on the particular irony of their situation because their targets were now only fifteen yards away.

Lorrie and David knew the drill and flattened themselves behind two trees that would give them a perfect view of their targets and maximum cover from the flashlights.

The only worry that they both thought of—perhaps too late—was that any light striking their titanium would immediately signal their positions.

The silent communication between the newlyweds had been one of the fascinating things that they enjoyed about each other’s company. This situation was a perfect example.

Both removed their helmets and placed them behind their sheltering trees. They could not allow any shots by the five hunters because the sound of gunfire would be heard not only by the dozen or more camped on their expected escape route but also by anyone listening in the command bunker under the lake. There was also the fact that any sound from a stalker’s open mic could be picked up by bunker personnel.

Ten yards.

The lights were searching right from the ground level up and into any hiding places of their quarry in the boughs of the tall trees.

Five yards.

Light fell flush on both of the trees hiding the two spies and a couple of the lights lingered for a few agonizing moments; then moved on.

As soon as all lights had moved from their cover, David and Lorrie came up on one knee, carefully aimed, using their top-grade night goggles, and pressed their triggers.

Lorrie was astounded at David’s speed. The third light had dropped to the ground as she was pulling the trigger on her second target. Both were amazed and relieved that neither their weapons--nor any of their victims--had made a sound.

Simultaneously they came up from their crouching position and nodded to each other as they approached the five bodies.

Their superior training compelled them to shoot another shot into the head of each of the five on the chance that a target had only been grazed and was waiting for them to get closer to take them both out; or that one or more was playing possum.

Five silenced shots later, those worries were history.

David and Lorrie fell upon their victims and checked for phones, radios, and walkie-talkies. They found phones on all the bodies but none was on. One body had a walkie-talkie, and a whisper was coming through in faint fluctuations.

Lorrie was the expert in the communications department and she listened to the whispered requests for information about the trip wire 'and were there any people there instead of just an animal'.

Lorrie was also the expert in disguising a voice. She immediately whispered back that they had found nothing yet but had seen deer running away from a spot near their position.

The other end told them to continue, and report for at least another ten minutes; then report back to the command center. Lorrie did this with perfect precision of tone and static and rustling—all the sounds of a person wheezing away along a forest track while searching for intruders.

“So, my dear,” Lorrie permitted herself a smile and a quiet laugh, “you really are fast,” chuckling, “my, my; I was just pulling the trigger on number two when your third target was tumbling.”

David kissed her cheek. “Thanks, hon; let’s get our helmets and other gear and find that panel.”


End of Chapter Four

© Copyright 2018 Nicholas Cochran. All rights reserved.

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