Gathering & Absorbing (Distracted & Focused)

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I wrote this, in 2016. It's part of my 5th poem set, Emptiness Condensed.

Submitted: August 27, 2016

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Submitted: August 27, 2016



Anxiety, and, depression, they, reappeared, and, resurfaced.

Since then, I've been, gathering, ideas, and, absorbing, opinions.

Condensing, this emptiness, that, was, suddenly, reawakened.

For, the time, being, I feel, I'm, right, where, I, need to be.

Among, my, elaborate, creations, my, nostalgic, masterpiece.

Distracted, and focused, fixated, inside, my, perfect, sanctuary.

I've been, gathering, possessions, and, absorbing, obsessions.

Shrinking, this void, that, was, intentionally, forgotten.

I'm, starting to, remember, how to, use, them, both, as, weapons.

I've always been, underestimated, but, that's, what gives, me, an advantage.

This emptiness, has, finally been, condensed, divided, into, a fraction.

I've forged, empty, energy, into, spheres, of, several, mysterious, keys.

Now, things, that, were, closed, and sealed, long, ago, can, once again, become, unlocked.

These gates, that, were, constructed, and formed, I, must learn, of, their, origins.

I, have to, do, this, for, both, hope, and, closure, no matter, what's, opened.

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