Mapleburg Is What It Thinks It Is

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Submitted: August 27, 2016

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Submitted: August 27, 2016



Mapleburg Is What It Thinks It Is!

Posted on S. Pearce Facebook page August 24, 2014 (edited)

Well, this is a great time! This past week or two I have learned that our country, the old U.S., is not doing all the terrible things in the world that we and everyone else thinks we have been doing to bring ruination right, left and central! What great news! No. we are still here, much as we have ever been, in our benign, passive, Maple Avenue centered villages, towns and cities. We are not hurting anybody. Because we are the People of the U.S. and we know who we are, and we are who we think we are - I think.

No, it has not been us all along. True, things are done out of Washington, D.C. and other places of ours that are not nice, but it is not coming from the United States or its people. And a lot of our stuff, maybe most of it, has been destroyed, but our concept of our government is still there. 

No, the bad people doing the bad things are not us; they are "Them" or, sometimes, “It!”

Who? Well, we pretty much know who "they" are – we know that we are the U.S. and so the U.S. is certainly NOT them (and are beginning to assert that in 2016).

They, of course, are today's Totalitarians, maybe called Socialist Totalitarians (Communists as to Sovietizing our education system; fascists in more direct approaches in Europe in the first half of the 20th century), but, essentially, they are the New World Order, "NWO," but basically we know them or "they" as the Power Elite, or Globalists.

You all probably have heard of, or listened to, Charlotte Iserbyt's interviews on YouTube. She is an American Education whistleblower, as in -

Charlotte Iserbyt, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America/the World:

She has reported of finding the documents that set out the agreement between the U.S. and Soviet Russia to Sovietize the American Education system, signed in 1933. It has happened. Out of her work have come the insights that 1. There never really was a Cold War. 2. Soviet Russia had no military to threaten the U.S.; we gave it what it needed to rebuilt it. The U.S. gov. (No, "they") funded the Bolshevik Revolution while the Scottish Free Masons funded the French Revolution. Probably there is nothing in outer space we need to fight either...isn't that great?

It causes one to think about all the other improvement responses we have as to the problem we didn't have until we were trained to accept the government’s creation of the problems. Point of all this construct: to destroy us, the people and culture of the U.S. as we believed in ourselves in the 20th century, as well as the remaining nation states, by causing all to lose their sovereignty (represented by our little meeting place in Mapleburg, USA).  They think our US dollar, which today cannot float a feather, is triggered to collapse but it just won’t collapse – it has U.S. labor behind it, a reality and a concept. Well, our only way out, they suggest, is out of the Lenin playbook: Consolidated Regionalism...helped along by their NAFTA, CAFTA, and other "free" trade agreements set up to designate how the regions will work until all the regions are brought down into a global mass population with "them" or “it,” the Power Elite controlling all of it.

We have been sold programs with the nice sounding names: Elder Care, Health Care, Child Care, Religious Tolerance, School to Work, Volunteer Military, Sex Education, Death Education, Hate Education, right to have, not guns, but military weapons, at home; transgenderism, and believing babies in the womb are flesh product, not living beings, and so on and so on.  Every time someone gets hurt from this - why, it’s the Americans who did it - they are mentally ill.) No.

If a title of one of these gov. agency programs sounds good, reverse the positive label to identify its opposite, the negative meaning, and you will have its truth.

So, the police in swat gear in suburbs not the way we want them, are there because "they" have sent the police depts. "their" manuals and the manuals must be followed blindly; it has nothing to do with Mapleburg USA's town hall that looks so much like a marble structure somewhere in the old Washington, D.C., though no longer the same.

When your county and probate court involves itself in the family as to veterans, elders, children and they take over - remember, it is "they" who are taking over, and the agency personnel have been sent to the training factory and were gullible enough to go for it or lose their job; some leave, but look where we are today. Fighting to rescue our family members before they kill all the family members under aid through their care programs; it is called euthanasia and eugenics.

When people bring complaints against state Boards and are pushed back by gov. employees and their sycophants, working for them on the take, whom we accept blindly as one of us, or are there to help us, we must be group aware that they are not us, at all; they are "they."

A few movies to remember produced during a window of opportunity, when people thought Hollywood had learned something (Hollywood had; it really had - then):

State of the Union
Pickup on South Street

Voting in the next election? (2016)  Remember they really are in control. Buy gold and silver to hedge against the falling dollar? Lot of economic experts have jumped on this bandwagon; but the US dollar won’t sink; and they are not sure gold and silver will save anyone. Maybe instead of throwing ourselves into political campaigns, we should throw ourselves into recognizing saving the lambasted "fiat currency" of the U.S. dollar through assertion of labor strength, or something like it.  The enemy, "they," are about our loss of sovereignty if we lose control of our own productivity, or its personal counterpart for us!


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