The Giant #1 : A New Bike

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Kishan has an old banged up bike. He notices in a bike shop window a new bike for sale. The only problem is the bike costs $400. Read the story to find out how he convinces his parents to buy him the bike.

Submitted: August 28, 2016

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Submitted: August 27, 2016



"UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH," Kishan growled, "My brakes aren't working again!"

"I think it's time we got you a new bike," Kishan's dad Chuck chimed in. "Tell you what, tommorow we will buy you a new bike."

"Yea!" Kishan yelled.

Off they were to get Kishan a new bike. Finally, when they reached the bike shop Kishan saw the coolest bike he'd ever seen. It had a bell, 21 gears, and a kickstand! The only problem was the bike cost $400. So Kishan would have to convince his parents to buy him the bike. But how would he do that? First he decided to ask his dad and see what he said.

"Dad, I like that bike. Can we get it?"

"No son, sorry. That bike costs way too much money," Kishan's dad replied softly.

"Can we at least go home and talk about it?" Kishan asked eagerly.


Back home Kishan's mom Tejal agreed with his father. "I'm sorry honey, but that bike costs way to much money," she said.

Then his sister chimed in, "Yeah Kishan, that bike costs way too much."

"Shut up, Shivani," Kishan fired back at her. That did surprisingly shut her up.

They were going to the bike store with a great deal.  Kishan would buy the bike but would do chores until he paid off the bike. They rode their bikes (Kishan's old bike) to the bike shop. They would throw out Kishan's old bike in the back dumpster and ride home on the new bike. But the plan to ride home on the new bikes was to take a detour through Kishan's school, Wood Elementary. So off they were with Kishan on his new bike. He went into his school parking lot and sped into the trees. He waited for his dad to come in before speeding out on his bike and almost scared his dad out of his skin. Okay. Not out of his skin but pretty bad. "Okay Kishan, you got me good. Now let's go home."

Everyone was happy that day. Except Shivani who was crazily jealous. But all was good after that.

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