"The Guy next Door!"

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

"It was during the Summer at her new apartment for a 19 year old girl named Vonnie that just been in her own Apartment for only four days. Obviously the apartment Building she just moved into Four days ago had it's own Laundry Mate For the Apartments and for whom that lived in them...?" Obviously this Apartment was a Love Shack for singles cause all of the people that lived in them was all Singles though Vonnie did not know that...?" Vonnie just wanted her own apartment, she was a Striper at night at "The Doll House!" and a Collage Student in the day...?" will she never really even paid attention to The guy that lives across from her. Until for the past four days she had lived at this Apartment heard all Kinds of bad gossip about "The Guy Next Door across from her they say his name was Victor- Vic Davidson that he was a Man whore and had a different flavor and girl every night and all kinds of bad gossip about him That she was starting not to even Like him herself. hadn't even Met him as of yet and from all the gossip she didn't thank she even wanted or cared To meet "The Guy Next door!...?" Do By all Means Leave me a Comment to let me know How I am doing if you will Thank You!

"The Guy Next Door!"


Chapter One


"There was a Teenager 19 year old Collage Student By the name of Vonnie..?"

Whom still lived with her parents, She wanted to find a Job and get a place of her Own or with a friend...?"

So Vonnie was looking up Jobs First on the Newspaper and circled the once she was going to Check out,after a couple Jobs she started looking up places for Sale or for Rent...?"

Vonnie Circled those as well that she was interested in..?"

After Collage the next day on her way home in her little Bug and went to the first job she Circled...?"  Nope...? Second Job...?" Nope..?" Third job she was Lucky thye Manager was there and Interviewed her at the Spot and She got the job A Striper at "The Doll house...?" No her parents didn't know but a few of her friends did Cause they to was a Collage Students During the day and a striper at night at "The Doll House.

The Same day You are not going to Bleeve this But went and Looked at an Apartment she Circled and she Fail in Love with it so the owner was there that was renting them gave her a Tour around the Apartment and in the one she fail in love with the Apartment even had it's own laundry mat  she wanted it, Got it and Moved right into it Second floor Apartment #108.

Went to Collage...?" Came Home took a shower went to work at Night. Came Home Sleep, Go to Collage again. and this is how it went for the First four day's she lived in this Apartment so far.

One night she was off work she decided to do her laundry down in the Apartments Laundry mat. She carried her Basket of dirty clothes down stairs with her bleach, Gain Laundry detorgent , Gain Fabric Softener and Gain Dryer sheets, she picked out one the big boys washer's to put her big load of Color's in it and her white clothes in a littler washing machine.puts her change in and turns on the wash machines on.

Vonnie was sitting there on the washer and reading a Romance Noval this was like the third day she had lived in this Apartment  and a group of girls that lived her also came walking into the little laundry mat with also a basket or two of Dirty clothes and began to wash and why waiting for thier clothes to wash they was talking to each other about one the guy's that lived in the Apartment  Their names was Jessie, Betty, Shamicka, Suesung, Lilly and Frances. They was Gossiping about the Guy in Apartment #109 which happend to be the Apartment across from Vonnies Apartment and she over heard and I Qoute...?"

Jessie: said did hear about Vic From Apartment #109 Awe.. My god I heard that he was such a Tramp ...?" 

Susung: said yeah I heard all about him to I've heard he is Bursting with Flavor by having diffrent  weman everyday and night ...?"

Lilly: said yeah he is such a man whore he has got to be a Gigolo.

Shamicka: said what the Hale is that...?'

Betty: said Mick that means that weman pay him for Pleasure...?'

Frances: said yeah He probably has some kind of Daisies that Ajax couldn't Clean off...?'

Suesung: said I'm suprised that his Pecker hasn't failed off in the Sheeiter by now!..?"

They all Laughed out Loud....?"

Jessie: said "Yeah "RIGHT" it's Crazy ain't it Awe... It's Braken my heart Too cause you know Vic is Gorgrious  if he wasn't such a man Whore I'd sit on his Face.... and giggled...?"

Suesung: said you are so crazy girl...?"

Jessie: said but I would...?'

Suesung: Said yeah you sit on anybody's Face if they let you...?'

Jessie: said Awe.. and if..?'

They all Laughed out loude again...?'

Jessie: said oh that is so funny I forgot to laugh...?'

Shamicka: said we didn't... But True dat I've seen him a couple times he is HOT!! but his seconds is not my style...?"
?Lilly: said I can't Bleeve how many Excorts or Girls he do the do with it is so Gross the thought of doing him and all them too Oh My God makes me sick to my tummy cause I've heard if you do them you also do the ones he did gross i mean what does he thank he is a King or something that he can have who ever he want...?"

Betty: giggled yeah he does he thanks he is The King of FUCK Maybe...?"

Frances: said Oh my God you are so Bad girl...?"

Chapter Two

Betty: said will is it not so...?"

They all Laughed again...?"

Betty: said What till me if it isn't so he is like a Door Nob everybody's had a turn...?"or is it like a fearist well everybody's had a Ride... get on... get off...next Rider Please...?"

They all laughed again!...?"

Shamicka: said I heard he was one them Big Riggers you know Truck driver you know dem big 18 Wheelers...?" Can you Imagine how many of those Truck Stop rat's  be in dat Truck yo damn Thousands,  His gots to be a stud in a Rug Screw who ever he wants, However when ever, his 18 Wheeler Cab Probaby smell's like skanky Fruit cock tail sex and candy ass tit's everywhere he'd Probaby Screws anything with tits and a Hoch or a Whole yo probably even , Cherry pie just made as long as it's warm inside and oh my god probably Stuff's a Butter Ball Turkey what ever has a Whole yo! gross makes me want to Hearl,  how come da once that be so Fine be Like dat be bad yo! girls be waiting inline at his Apartment or Truck door paying him for Der Pleasure Girl crazy but he a big tall membo Jembo True dat.

Vonnie was thanking funny that for the The two day's she's been living there and was looking at his Apartment she didn't see any girls in line up at his door but ofcourse for her it's been only Two days she has lived there so you know she ain't lived there long enough to see it...?" So Vonnie was like M-Kay...?"

Anyways they all was laughing  about what Shamicka said...?"

They all was talking some Crazy Sheeit bout "The Guy Next door" across from her Vonnie Couldn't Bleeve what her ears was hearing The Funny thing was Vonnie never paid attention to Vic "The Guy Next Door" that lived across from her and she had yet never got to actually see this guy Vic next door that lived infront her she tried to invision how they explaned how he looked and in Vonnies mind she was invisioning a Long hair Fabio with lady's on every side of him  or going to bed with three or four of them at once or one right after another with a Skank face and would gag at the thought with an Oh! and If!...?" Descusted by it...?"

To make a long story short  after she dried and folded her clothes she had heard enough and went back to her apartment where it was Normal put her clothes up took a hot bubble Bath went to bed the Normal Routine one night again she was off from Work she decided to take a hot candle light Bubble bath and relaxe soak in the tub , Shave  wash get out dry off put on her feminom Stuff brush her long hair 100 times counting in her mind grabed her a bite to eat popped  popcorn sit down making it A Horror night by watching Horror movies "But" in the middle of her tghird Horror movie a loud Nouise enterruppted her she Jumped got up put her Popcorn on the table and slowly walked to her window looking out her window to see what the rakis was.

Vonnie couldn't Bleeve her eyes when she looked across from her at "The Guy Next Door" - Vic out on his bikanii playing a elertrec Guitar playing it like a ringing a bell Holy jeans unbuttoned at the top but no girl just him playing his guitar she moved closer to her window to look closer at him more one thing for sure "The Guy Next Door -Vic" was as Beautiful as an Angel in her eyes  and no he was nothing like she invisioned him she gazed for a little while then she started thinking bout what them girls in thye laundry mat said about him and she was decusted and she stopped gazing Nudding her head and closed the window and shades and wen5t back to watching her horror movies eatting her popcorn. after a couple more horrors she called it a night and went to bed.

Next Morning woke for collage ate Breakfast and went to colloge  though on her way out the apartment  she dropped a book it fail to the floor funny that like it was ment to happen at the same time she got down to get it so was Vic and they Bumped heads  they bothgrabed thier heads with an Awe... and Vonnie stood up why Vic grabbed her book and Vonnie said The hale don't you watch what your doing Damn as her eyes Narrowed way up looking up at "The Guy next Door-Vic"

God he had to be bout 6'3" tall are more and with a deep voice Vic said was just trying to help pick up your book as thier Bright-eyes met Contact finally Vonnie gazed up into his bright eye's  Oh she swallowed hard ok sorry thanks, he Smiled and gave her the book she dropped and said welcome  as she breathed inside have a good one By the way Nice to finally met you The names Victor I prefer Vic if you will may I ask you your name as he Arched his eyebrow..?"

Vonnie said Humph... Oh yeah Vic sure the names Vonnie and you to have a good one ...?'

Vic: said see you around ...?'

Vonnie said I dunno Maybe?'

Vic: said cool taking his big hand over his mouth and walked off Bo-Legit and looked back at her again and licked his Big shiny Lips  taking his hand in his Pocket.

Vonnie gaged at first with and Oh! and If! and said NOT! even in your Dreams man Yuck...?"

Vonnie went to Collage ...?" Came Home took a bath went to work it was bout 2:30 Am when she came home from work  so of Course fail face first in her Fluffy furry Pillows...?"

Been Like a Week and a hafe now  so this day no Collage and No work  today so she slept over then Finally got up made some coffee took a hot bubble bath why the coffe was purking walking around in her Maryln Manson XXX-Large T-shirt she made her nighty Brushing her long wet  hair 100 times and got her a cup  taking her Long brushed wet hair all to the side bangs too and made her a Cup of Coffee and finding herself walking to her window taken the Courtin to the side and putting up her Shades took a sip of her coffee and looked across from her at "The Guy next door-Vic" littarly on his Bikanii by his self with his eyes closed practicing Martail Arts or something funny that every since she heard them girls gossiping about him and talking bad about him she had yet seen what these girls gossiped about no girls standing in line , not one diffrent girl For every night like they said ...?"

Vonnie bit her lip still wondering if "The Guy Next Door-Vic'" was really a man whore  or was them Girls that gossiped and said all them bad things about him was just Full of Sheeit or Jelous perhaps because he wouldn't go out with them or give them a time of day... was he a Pure ass- Whole , Jerk or was he really not...?"

Vonnie Really didn't know what to think but she gazed at him doing these cool slow Speacial Martail Arts moves with his big Long wide hands and arms pure muscles boldging out  stiff and hard as stones like he just got done Pummping iron actually looking at him I mean Broad chest , broad shoulders, taut Lumpy six-pack stomach with no shirt on and sweat pants on his Long Blonde hair in a long pony tail he co-shined in sweat with deep creases in all the right places she watched sipping her cup of coffee she slowly opened her Courtens all the way and had a seat on her window seat putting her coffee down taking her hair all to the sid3e again grabed her pack of cigs. gazing at him hoping he wouldn't catch her watching him she kept looking down him so onvegard, lite her a cig and took a hit...?"

Vonnie didn't know what it was she was Confused bout the way she was feeling she knew this feeling for she felt it once before but was so back inher earlery Teenage years when she was 14 yrs old she didn't know why or how almost like she had looked into them bright-eyes of his Before the first boy that ever gave to her, her very first kiss...?" "But" why in the world would she be thanking bout him she just didn't know , She bit her lip took a sip of her coffee and kept gazing at him he was so into what he was doing  and he he knew exactually what he was doing seemed to be Very clean even when he sweated , very intelligent  and very confident...?"

Vonnie started thanking was "The Guy Next Door- Vic' all of what them girls gossiped about was all cut out to be or was it the other way around meaning perhaps he was something more and nothing like they gossiped him to be... Maybe just maybe he could be...?"

Vonnie didn't know but something was going on from them girls point of View or was something going on "Really" Why in the world would they say and gossip about such things like they did  Bout him she was thanking he looks better then that but then again looks can be deseving...?" so what was she thanking honestly she really didn't know but she watched him why smoking her cig. and sipping on her cup of coffee.

Chapter Three

One night Vonnie  went to Work at "The Doll House" as a stripper was getting ready for her show on stage and her boss said ok Vanilla her stage name lets do this your up...?"

Vonnie looked in her mirror and swallowed hard and Breathed to her self ok Boss. will her show started when she Noticed in the front row sit "The Guy Next Door - Vic" was talking to one his friends smoking a cig. smiling with his purely white teeth all dressed up as a Cowboy long Blonde hair wet and up in a pony tail a nice Black shirt with five buttons undone to expose his Broad chest  black jeans with big Bull buckle and Snake skin boots gray and his White cowboy hat on hung down over his Bright eye's and his sleeves rolled up very neatly, his shiny big lips and she noticed he had two gold hoop earrings in his Right ear and a tattoo of the Sun behind the American flag with Hawk flying over she gasped and went back stage oh my god he is how they said he was... oh my God for some reason her haret dropped if he was the boy so long ago that gave her, her very first kiss she couldn't Bleeve how he turned out.

Vonnie's Boss said Vanilla what are you doing it's time for you to get on stage the house is packed out there... ?"

Vonnie said Boss a guy that lives in my apartment is out there...?"

Vonnie's Boss said i don't Care if your Parents are out there get you ass out there and give them a show...?"

She swallowed hard ok Boss Ok...?'

Vonnies Boss said Good that's my girl go to work...?"

OK, so her show began she did what she was suppose to but when "The Guy next door- Vic" looked up at her through the rimes of his white Cowboy hat he couldn't Bleeve what he was seeing  Though however Vic Knew who she was when they met eye contact and didn't say nothing at first the thing was when they was 14 and he was 14 and a hafe years old he fail deeply in love with her so yes Vic was the first boy that ever gave Vonnie her very first Kiss and she too was the first girl he to had ever kissed and he could not Bleeve it he started looking down on her cause he didn't thank she was in the likes of that...?" oh Boy His Smile turned up side down Quick and his bright eyes watered he looked at her  and he bit then curled his lip in a descusting way at her and he got up taking his hand on his head and walked out Bo- legit and  angry.

Vic took a walk outside and bashed his fist against the wall he just couldn't Bleeve it but Obviously he didn't know what she had heard about him he started to Cry and lite a cig. smoking it he had been looking and seeking for her since then he hadn't cared to be with anybody else he wanted to find her and be with her took his foot up on the wall and was thanking now he didn't know what to think of Vonnie so abviously they Both was confused  will after work after every one left or so the strippers thought vonnie and her friends was walking out "The Doll house!' talking about How much money they made which Obviously was alot and after they talked for a little her friends left and Vonnie was now walking to her Bug- carwhen someone Grabed her covering her mouth pulling her away from her car and behind the Doll house about five guy's and they started to be mean to Vonnie and try and wrape her...?"

they hit her slaped her ripped her clothes and just about to ram themselfs inside her she screamed to the top her lungs...?"

Good Thing Vic was still around when he herd her screaming he fallowed her screams and Vic said What The...?" Vic took his gun from the back his Jeans and pointed at The guy at Vonnie and said ok Stud with adeep angry voice take it  back nice and slow Vic was standing in the dark his big tall shadow and said let the girl go as he unlocked the triger and ammed it at his head funny he still had watery eyes nose was bleeding and his Knuckles from hittint the wall and still very angry if you let her go i might keep your brain in place he moved his head and had seen it was Vonnie that was it but the guy's friends started attacking Vic Vic fought back and Kicked all there asses and when he got done he picked up his gun locking the trigger back and put down the back his jeans popped his neck broad shoulders Knuckles and his jaw whiping away the blood from his nose took his other hand down to Vonnie to help her up taking his shirt off wrapping it around her you ok he said and swallowed hard...?"

Vonnie said I guess I am now suppose I have to thank you now for coming to my resque "Right...?' with an nasty atittude as she took his shirt  from her shoulders and said ok do what you do best and do me and get it over with you Ho- dog...?"

Vic swallowed hard with watery eyes excuse me who's the strpper here I'm not sorry I'm not interested excuse me...?"

she took the shirt back on her shoulders what you wait A Damn minute your the Ho dog all the girls gossip about a diifrent flavor a diffrent girl every night I thought that's what it was all about to fuck a striper after saving her from getting Wraped so you can get your way with her instead....?'

Vic stopped dead in his Tracks and turned back around tore Vonnie and  said What did you just say to me...?"

Vonnie said you heard me  I didn't stu... stu.. Studder...?" I thought you'd turn out better then that Vic now that I know your name in which I couldn't reamer but oh I reamer you, you was the First boy that ever kissed mewasn't you...?'

Vic said Humph husky maybe maybe not what diffrenets does it matter you know vonnie I thought you was better then that too....?"

Vonnie said excuse me who's the one that weman pay for thier Pleasure...?'

Vick Cracked up what who said that...?"

Vonnie said oh lets see Jessie, Betty, Shamicka, Suesung, Lilly and Frances... humph names sound Formeaure...?'

Vick "Cracked up again and you Bleeved them  yeah i know who your talking about that's because as he walked up to Vonnie One....?' they wanted me to date them and i said NO....?" Two...?" Because they was constantly throughing them selfs at me and I told them i was not interested....?" Three...?" I was trying to seek and find For you Oh yeah i found you but you just turned out to be what I thought you wouldn't so gee I guess i was wrong for waiting For Who Oh Yeah You...?" so whatever Excuse me I need to get Home...?' and started to walk away bo- legit...?"

Vonnie grabed him wait so you was the boy that gave me My very first kiss...?"

Vic said yes but i see now that was an accedent...?"

Vonnie went wait please he stoopedand looked down at her with his Bright stormy glarey and watery eye's I'm sorry i didn't know Vic...?"

Vic bit his big shiny lip and said will now you do...?"

Vonnie said I'm sorry...?"

Vic: said yeah so am I....?" and walked away bo legit taking his fingers over his big shiny pouty lips...?'

That My freinds is why you shouldn't Bleeve everything you hear....?"

Well it's been another week now and Vic was still single and so was Vonnie she quiet her job as a stripper and Got an office job instead and she hurt cause she was wrong about vic but come to find out Vic was wrong about her too and when he found out he to hurt and they both couldn't stop thanking about eachother Vonnie found her self looking at Vic across from her on his bikinii at times and he found his self looking at vonnie also across from him but they said nothing to eachother when they did pass by one another been another couple weeks now and still both single but one night Vonnie decided to go wash her clothes in the Loundry mat at the Apartments late at night so that not much people would be there Washing thier clothes.

Vonnie was sitting on the washer with just another one of her  big long XXX- large T-shirts of Marylin Manson she had just took a shower and realized she had no clean Bra's or panties so she went and washed some so she was sitting there with her long wet blonde hair all to the rightside her face bangs and all with ear phones on listening to music and reading another Romance Noval and wasn't paying attention when some one else walked in to wash His Clothes yupe was Vic...?"

Vic walked in looking when he had seen Vonnie sitting on her washers washing her clothes he swallowed hard and walked over to the three Wash machines beside her three and started his clothes she was so into her Romance noval she wasn't paying attention until a huge wift of Exspensive Polo Callognie lengered up her nose for Vic too just got out the shower no shirt on Sweat pants and his Long blonde wet hair up in a long pony tail that hung down over the Broad width of his Chest her eyes closed at the smell which she loved the smell of Polo and gasped as she slowly opened her eyes looking at where that wonderious smell game from and Nthen noticed Vic putting his Clothes in the washer she gasped and swallowed hard...?"

Vic looked at her with his Bright-eyes and said Howdy little lady how you doing...?"

she took her ear phones off and quickly closed her Romance Noval and slide up against the wall oh fine and you...?"

Vic said ok I Guess finally nice to see and hear you talk to me now how's your Stripping job doing...?"

Vonnie said what stripper job I am not a stripper anymore I work an office job now...?"

Vic said oh i din't know that that's great...?"

Vonnie said yeah so you've been going to the joint with your buddies lately...?"

Vic chuckled No I didn't want to go that night i just heard from the Grape Vine you worked there and I had to go to see for myself I didn't Bleeve it so to speak....?' and cleared his throat...?"

Vonnie said Oh...?"

Vic said yeah anyway I'm glade you don't work there anymore...?" so Men with Claws and fangs won't hurt you no more and swallowed hard ...?" and looked down at her with his bright-eyes...?"

Vonnie's eyes narrowed looking up at him with you mean...?"

Vic "Smiled yeah something like that...?"as he cocked his head up like Ed-Lover that's good.

Vonnie said Vic did you know who i wwas when we bumped heads that day I dropped my book...?"

Vic said Did I knew before then and Smiled:) is it obvious...?' did you me..?'

Vonnie said I dunno why but yeah i did...?' will i mean when our eyes met contact I felt as if I've looked up in them before...?' after whipping the blood from your nose...?"

Vic chuckled awe... you reamered that...?"

Vonnie said yes giggled a little guess i do that's when you gave me my very first kiss and told me not to till Humph...?"

Vic bit then licked his big shiny lips yeah that was it....?" Vic swallowed hard do you reamer anything else after that as hye Gazed down at her with his watery bright- eyes...?"

Vonnie's Bright -eyes Narrowed up at him..?"

Vic swallowed hard do you...?' and bit and licked his Big shiny lips...?"

Vonnie eye's narrowed up at him so intensivelyyes actually I do and swallowed hard...?"

Vic's face turn Pitch red and he Blushed and with a husky Oh Boy...?" Damn...?'

Vonnie said Vic did you just blush...?"

Vic said yeah and just so you know the first time since i did then don't say nothing...?"

Vonnie Smiled Awe...?'

Vic said shhh don't till...?'

Vonnie giggled I won't till...?'

Vic looked down at her with his Bright-eyes as he arched his eyebrow and  they glistered reamering she said that then too...?" and swallowed hard...?"

Vonnie's eyes narrowed looking up at him in away he remered and liked then notice he still likied it at this perticular  moment and he took his head down her way and Vonnie took her arms around his neckpulling him down Breathless both of them and he pushed his lips against her's like he did then, then took his big hand on her face to caress it as they kissed as vonnie took her hand down his long pony tail taking it down and his long Blonde wet hair fail down over his Bright-eyes bangs same length as she looked at how Beautiful he was putting his hair tie around her rist and they Continued to Kiss when one thing lead to another and ended up all over the Laundry mat from the washers from the windows to the wall all over each otherhe had her on the dryer's playing twister so it seemed blew each others Minds over and over again and felt like the first time every time gee how Madnest Became love with her and a Blast from the past with "The Guy Next Door and from there on  is another story....?"

The End! 


Submitted: August 29, 2016

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