Space Bound

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When Elizabeth's Windsor's sisters bully her into attending a rap concert, she comes face to face with the guy she used to have a crush on. Could he be the one to save her from the hell that she was living in?

Submitted: August 27, 2016

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Submitted: August 27, 2016



Disclaimer: Space Bound is copyright © Eminem. I make no claims of ownership...but I did play around with it just a little bit.


Good God, why did her sisters have to be so damn annoying? Elizabeth thought to herself as she watched Jessa do Harper's hair. She was doing this as they both criticized her wardrobe and make-up.

The three of them were going to a concert that night. It was some local rapper that had made it big...not that Elizabeth cared. She was only going because Harper had won free tickets at work. She worked at Buffalo Wild Wings and had apparently sold the most hot wings on Super Bowl Sunday.

Elizabeth couldn't understand why they wanted her to go. She had no idea who A.G Tripp was and had never heard his music. She had become stuck in her ways and stopped listening to new music right around 2013. Plus, Harper was always hypercritical of her looks and Jessa had hated her pretty much from the day she was born...she had no idea why, jealousy maybe?

"Why couldn't ya'll have dragged someone else? I really don't want to go," She was whining now, she would admit it. "I have to be at work at seven,"

She worked at a local Food Lion grocery store full-time. She was nineteen and trying to save up enough money for college. Her college fund had been depleted during her mother's eight-year battle with lupus. Her family had gone bankrupt trying to keep up with the medical bills and her father's answer was to work on cars under the table and live off of the government. When her mother had died, he had dipped into both her and Harper's college funds...they're mother would never have allowed that had she been alive.

If Elizabeth and eighteen-year-old Harper wanted to get the hell out of the Beattie's Ford Road area of Charlotte, North Carolina, they were going to have to do it all on their own. That's why they worked full-time...and overtime whenever they could get it.

Jessa, who was eleven years older than Elizabeth, was a female version of their father. She depended on the government to support her and her 10-year-old daughter, Thea while she babysat under the table and collected child support from her deadbeat ex-husband.

The girls had three brothers scattered across the country but they had cut off contact with the family years ago...well, most of the family. Elizabeth still spoke to them.

"Are you sure you want to wear that, Liz?" Harper asked as Jessa sprayed hairspray in her hair to keep the ringlet curls that she had just completed in place.

Elizabeth looked down at what she was wearing. Short cut-off jean shorts, and a fitted green plaid button-down shirt. She wore black cowboy boots on her feet and green feather earrings in her ears. Her make-up consisted of black eyeliner, a little blush, and clear lip gloss. Her Irish heritage was very evident in her extremely pale skin and if she wore too much makeup she looked like a circus clown. She had left her naturally straight hair down.

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?"

Jessa gave her that fake-friendly smile that let Elizabeth know that she was about to go for the jugular.

"You look like you're going to a turn tricks,"

God, she fucking hated Jessa. Slut-shaming her was her favorite hobby. It was right above spreading rumors that she was anorexic.

Both Jessa and Harper were on the heavier side of the scale and once upon a time Elizabeth had been too.

In her teens, she had weighed over two hundred pounds...and she was only 5'2.

No matter what she did to lose the weight, nothing worked. She tried every diet her mother would allow, and exercised every day but still the weight remained.

She was miserable and terribly depressed. She had no friends because, really, what teenager wanted to be friends with the fat girl? And she certainly had no dates. The only boy that paid any attention to her was the son of her mother's best friend, Rachel. He was ten years older and she had met him for the first time when she was thirteen. Their mothers were both strict Catholics who made their children do a few hours of volunteer work at the church every week. Elizabeth had met Aaron when they both volunteered, or were volunteered, for the summer in the church food bank and soup kitchen.

Elizabeth didn't know it at first but Aaron was only volunteering there as part of a plea deal. Aaron had a problem with pills and had been arrested for driving under the influence.

Aaron didn't confide anything in the teenager at first. He was just one of the only volunteers that was nice to her. Everyone knew that she came from a poor family and that her father was a low life. That added up with her appearance made the other teenagers and young adults either make fun of her or just ignore her altogether.

Aaron wasn't like them. He would shut down bullying the minute it started. He would also talk to her. Not about anything important. How was your weekend? I heard you were sick, are you feelin' better? Here, let me get that for you. Those types of things...but those things meant the world to Elizabeth who wasn't used to kindness, at home or from the outside world.

His kindness didn't stop at church either. When her mother was sick he would offer to help, him and his five brothers and sisters. They would take turns doing errands, giving Elizabeth and Harper rides to the hospital, helping with homework, doing yard work. Those types of things.

This went on for years. Aaron would occasionally disappear for a few days or weeks at time...usually because of arrests or trips to rehab.

Elizabeth knew that Aaron had massive problems but that didn't stop him from being a really good guy...and he was incredibly good looking.

He was tall and stalwart. He had cornrows in his hair and hazel eyes hidden behind rimless glasses.

She started noticing his looks around her fifteen birthday after the hormones of puberty had finally eased up and she had accepted the fact that she was not going to grow up and marry Justin Timberlake.

She kept her feelings to herself for three reasons. One, her father was a racist who only put up with Aaron and his family for the free help and to keep her mother happy. She would have never been allowed to date a black guy. Two, there was no way that Aaron, ten years her senior would return her feelings...and, you know, it was illegal. Three, Aaron could never be attracted to her. He looked like he should be on the cover of G.Q., she was the girl always chosen last in gym because she was fat and slow. She had dirty-blonde hair and generic brown eyes. She was no beauty queen.

It was also when she was fifteen that the mystery of her weight was finally a terrifying way.

It was Christmas time and Aaron and his brother Seth were outside putting the Christmas lights up on the Windsor house...because Lord knew her father wasn't going to do it.

It was freezing that day. A rare snow storm had hit Charlotte and there was six feet of snow on the ground. Seth was on the roof putting up an inflatable Santa and Aaron was on a ladder putting lights around the frames of the second story windows.

Elizabeth was on the ground feeding him the string of lights when suddenly a sharp pain ripped through her stomach and she collapsed into the snow. The world started spinning and the last thing she remembered was seeing Aaron's face hovering above her as he called her name.

She awoke in the hospital to the news that the pain had been caused by her appendix rupturing and while they were performing emergency surgery, they discovered that her intestines were enlarged. She had Crohn's Disease.

Once she started treatment and was put on the correct diet the weight started to fall off. Within a year she had gone from 210 lbs. to 135 lbs. She would always be curvy, but she was no longer obese.

She started dressing as sexy as her mother would allow...and she discovered that for the first time, boys were looking but she was too shy to approach any of them and when they approached her she was beyond awkward. Besides, she dressed the way that she did for herself, not for a guy.

The last time she had seen Aaron was at her mother's funeral when she was sixteen. She had broken down in hysterics during the service and Aaron had pulled her outside to catch herself. He had handed her a Valium that for some reason he had in his suit pocket and she wasn't ashamed to admit that she took it.

He had walked her back inside to her seat and then rejoined his family that her asshole father had seated in the very back of the church like the church was a bus and it was the 1960's.

He had been a pallbearer and carried her mother's coffin from the church and to the hearse that was going to carry it to its cremation.

He didn't show at the reception afterward and Elizabeth never saw him again. Her father had made her and Harper cut off contact with Aaron and the rest of the Granger family. When she was seventeen she had run into Aaron's younger sister Jayde in a restaurant. Jayde had informed her that her brother had finally found sobriety. That was the last time she had any kind of contact with any member of the Granger family.

"Alright, Jess, that was over the line," Harper actually stood up for her for once and pulled Elizabeth from her thoughts. "Your outfit is fine, hon, but you need a little more makeup and your hair did," Why did her sister have to talk with that unnatural exaggerated southern accent and with a purposeful lack of grammar? Harper had a 4.0 GPA, she knew how to speak proper English, she just chose not to.

"I don't care what ya'll think, can we please just fucking go?" She huffed.


As they arrived at the Bojangles Coliseum Elizabeth looked up at the big screen over the door advertising that night's show. When she saw a promotional photograph of A.G. Tripp she almost stopped breathing.

What the actual fuck? That was a photo of Aaron. He was just missing his cornrows, his hair now kept short and neat, and that glassed over look in his eye that said he was on something.

They handed their tickets to the guy at the door and she turned to Harper.

"Is A.G. Tripp who I think he is?"

Harper and Jessa laughed.

"Your not so secret teenage crush...yes," Jessa nodded smugly.

She got it now. She had been invited along for the sole purpose of being hurt by a reminder of the past. Fuck them both.

Elizabeth wasn't really a fan of rap music. She was a country girl through and through but she had to admit that Aaron was good. Their seats turned out to be in the front row but with all the bright lights and screaming fans, she doubted he noticed them.

She was proven wrong not ten minutes after having that thought.

Aaron was about to perform his final song of the night and was addressing the crowd.

"Yo, I want to dedicate this song to my boo Lizzie-Beth in the front row." He used his old nickname for her and turned and looked directly at her. "She's been my lady for a while now but this is the first chance I've had to educate her on that fact. Looks like fate's on my side, tonight. This is for you, baby," He nodded at her.

As the music started he kept eye contact with her.

We touch I feel a rush
We clutch it isn't much
But it's enough to make me wonder what's in store for us
It's lust, it's torturous
You must be a sorceress 'cause you just
Did the impossible
Gained my trust don't play games it'll be dangerous
If you fuck me over
'Cause if I get burnt I'ma show you what it's like to hurt
'Cause I've been treated like dirt before you
And love is "evol"
Spell it backwards I'll show you

Nobody knows me I'm cold
Walk down this road all alone
It's no one's fault but my own
It's the path I've chosen to go
Frozen as snow I show no emotion whatsoever so
Don't ask me why I have no love for these motherfucking ho's
Bloodsucking succubuses, what the fuck is up with this?
I've tried in this department but I ain't had no luck with this
It sucks but it's exactly what I thought it would be
Like trying to start over
I got a hole in my heart, but some kind of emotional roller coaster
Something I won't go on 'til you toy with my emotions, so it's over
It's like an explosion every time I hold you, I wasn't joking when I told you
You take my breath away
You're a supernova... and I'm a

I'm a space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon
And I'm aiming right at you
Right at you
Two hundred fifty thousand miles on a clear night in June
And I'm aiming right at you
Right at you
Right at you

I'll do whatever it takes
When I'm with you I get the shakes
My body aches when I ain't
Without you I have zero strength
There's no limit on how far I would go
No boundaries, no lengths
You want them when they don't want you

Soon as they do feelings change
It's not a contest and I ain't on no conquest for no mate
I wasn't looking when I stumbled onto you must've been fate
But so much is at stake what the fuck does it take
Let's cut to the chase
'Fore a door shuts in your face
Promise me if I cave in and break and leave myself open
That I won't be making a mistake
Cause I'm a...

I'm a space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon
And I'm aiming right at you
Right at you
Two hundred fifty thousand miles on a clear night in June
And I'm aiming right at you
Right at you
Right at you

And I would do anything for you
To show you how much I adore you
Please tell me it's not over now
That it's not too late to show you real love
Just promise me you'll always think of me every time you look up in the sky and see a star 'cause I'm a...

I'm a space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moon

And I'm aiming right at you
Right at you

Two hundred fifty thousand miles on a clear night in June
And I'm so lost without you
Without you
Without you

As the song ended he winked at her and pointed towards a security guard that was standing off to the side of the stage.

She grabbed her purse and walked to the bodyguard who slipped an all-access pass overhead and motioned for her to follow him.

"You've gotta be fucking kiddin' me!" She heard Jessa say as she was lead away.

Her heart was beating as fast as a cheetah going for the kill. What the fuck had just happened? And what the hell was going on now?

The burly security guard finally stopped in front of a closed door that was hidden down a back hallway.

He knocked.

"Yeah?" She heard Aaron's deep, southern accent laced voice.

"Your guest is here, sir,"

"Let her in, dude,"

The guard opened the door and nodded for her to enter while he stayed in the hallway.

Entering, Elizabeth found that it was a dressing room...and its only occupant was Aaron, sitting on a couch in a pair of Tarheel's basketball shorts and a white wifebeater.

"You can go, Bobby," Aaron told the guard. "I don't want nobody comin' in here unless the world is endin' until after Jungle Boy finishes his set. And make sure my ride's waitin' outside."

Bobby nodded before closing the door.

Elizabeth shuffled her feet. She had no idea what to say or do. Should she hug him? Should she say, "Sorry my father's a raging racist and I cut off all contact with you before because you were my only friend"?

"Breath, boo," Aaron laughed and stood. "I ain't gonna bite you,"

Elizabeth gathered control of herself. "Sorry," She laughed awkwardly. "It's just been a really long time...and I wasn't expecting THAT,"

He laughed. "You didn't like it, baby girl?"

She blushed. "It was...nice," She couldn't think of anything better to say than nice? That had been the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her in her life. "But Harper and Jessa are never going to let me live it down,"

They were going to be taking the piss out of her about this for the rest of her life.

He stepped closer until he was only half a foot away from her.

"Is it cool to hug you?"

She nodded.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and she stiffly wrapped hers around his neck.

As he hugged her statue still body he chuckled in her ear. "Baby, please relax," He laid a kiss on the shell of her ear causing a shiver to run down her spine before he stepped away.

He had a smirk on his face and seemed to be admiring his handy work.

She was breathing a little roughly when she blurted out, "Why did you sing...or rap...or whatever that song to me?"

"Because it's about you," He replied bluntly with a shrug of his shoulders.

"What the fuck?"

Not the most ladylike of responses but she felt as though there should be creepy music playing in the background and an even creepier voice saying, "You've just crossed over into the Twilight Zone."

"I wrote it about you," He said slowly as if she were, well...slow.

"Why?" Her knees were starting to feel a little wobbly.

He must have noticed because he reached out and took her hand and led her to sit on the couch. He sat beside her, so close that their knees were touching.

"Because I love you, baby girl," His baritone voice was soft now. "I have, appropriately or not, since you were fifteen...though I never would have acted on it back then,"

"But I was fat when I was fifteen," What the hell was with her and blurting shit out tonight?

"You were still beautiful," He didn't deny that she had been big, she noticed. "Inside and out. You were probably the only person back then who didn't judge me for the pill poppin'. You just saw me and treated me like a person instead of a punk." He looked her up and down. "And shit, boo, if you were beautiful then you're a fuckin' goddess now. Seriously, you're fine as hell,"

She felt like her face was on fire and she looked away.

"You at least like me," He teased gently. "You used to turn red anytime I talked to you when you were younger...kinda like you are right now,"

"Okay, I like you," She actually knew that it was more than that but her brain and her heart didn't want to go there at the moment.

He turned her face to look at him. He had a warm smile on his face as he started slowly leaning towards her.

"I've missed you," He whispered before he sealed their lips together.

His hand was cupping the back of her neck and she was leaning forward with her hands on his knees as his tongue explored her mouth. She wondered if he knew that she had no clue what she was doing. That she was a pathetic excuse for a millennial female and had never been kissed before. She was just doing what felt natural and what felt good.

After a couple of minutes, Aaron pulled away.

"Wanna come back to my place, baby girl?" He kissed along her jaw.

"Yes," His touch was making her lose all common sense.


She was already regretting her decision as he took her hand and led her through the building and out a back door where a white Cadillac Escalade was parked on the curb.

As he held open the passenger side door, she hesitated to get in.

"Aaron, I really don't think this is such a good idea," She shook her head. "I have work in the morning,"

Not to mention her father was already going to be giving her an earful about her going backstage alone...because Harper and Jessa were sure to tell him the second they got home.

He pulled her into his arms and laid a kiss on her nose. "Play hooky,"

She had never called out of work before unless she was on her death bed. She needed the money too much. On top of saving for school, she was paying her father five hundred dollars a month in rent...and handing over money every other time he demanded it.

"Please, baby girl, be irresponsible for one night...I promise it will be worth it," He kissed her softly.

Her heart was just a puddle in her chest as he said this and for once she did what she wanted...not was she was supposed to...she got in the Escalade.


They had only made it about half a mile down Independence Boulevard when her cell phone went off in her purse.

She knew it probably wasn't anyone she wanted to talk to.

Digging the smartphone out of her purse, she found a text message from her father.

***If you do anything with that boy, don't bother coming home***

Tears pooled in her eyes.

Aaron pulled over into an empty parking lot and put the SUV in park.

"What's wrong, baby girl?" He asked her in concern.

She just handed him her phone so he could read for himself.

"That mother fucker," He growled under his breath.

He took the phone and threw it back in her open purse that sat on her lap.

"Fuck him," He turned to look at her. "I'm not taking you home because that asshole said so,"

"I live with him, I have to. If he kicks me out I'm fucked. I work as a cashier at a grocery store...I can't afford a place of my own," She explained.

She hated her fucking life. She must have royally pissed off God at some point.

Aaron bit his bottom lip and eyed her for a moment before replying.

"Then move in with me,"

He was completely serious.

Where was Ashton Kutcher and the Punk'd crew?

"Are you insane?" She asked him in disbelief. "We haven't seen each other in like three years and I'm not even one hundred percent sure what is going on between us,"

"I love you and I wanna take care of you," He told her earnestly. "I wanna be with you, baby,"

"What so everyone can think of me as the rapper's ghetto golddigger girlfriend? So I can be a cliché? I don't trust anyone but myself to take care of me," She shook her head.

She couldn't become like her mother. She couldn't rely on a man and get trapped.

He reached over and took her hand. "I'm not just anyone, boo, and you know it. And ain't no one gonna think you're a golddigger. They are gonna think that you're my beautiful lady that I'm putting through school so you can be the independent woman that you are so boss at being. They are gonna think that I love you and you make me happy. I was your only friend once. You trusted me when no one else, not even my own fuckin' family did. Trust me now, baby girl,"

Tears started to run down her cheeks.

"How did you know that I'm trying to go to school?" She asked.

"I Facebook stalk you from time to time," He admitted without an ounce of shame.

She laughed and decided that for once she was going to be brave. It was time she admitted the herself and to him.

"What would you say if I told you that I've loved you since I was fifteen and woke up in the hospital to find you sleeping next to my bed?" She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye.

He laughed and ran a hand over his head. "I'd say it was fuckin' fate because I realized how I felt about you when I was waiting for the ambulance to take you to that hospital. I realized I was in love with a teenage girl and for a hot minute thought you were gonna die in front of me...once I knew that you were gonna to be okay I went on a week-long bender. I just couldn't fuckin' deal with how I felt," He squeezed her hand gently. "Does this mean you're comin' home with me, baby girl?"

She took a deep breath. "Yeah, I am...although getting my things out of my dad's place is going to be an adventure."

He leaned across the seat and kissed her.

"I'll be with you every step of the way, Lizzie-Beth,"

That nickname always gave her butterflies when she was a younger and nothing much had changed.

"You know you're still technically in love with a teenager even though I'm legal right?" She teased as a way to break the seriousness of the moment as Aaron once again pulled out onto the road.

"You're gonna get it, you little brat," He warned her playfully with a devilish look in his eye.


Aaron lived in a seven-bedroom mansion in a gated community in the South Park area of Charlotte.

Everything in the area – the stores, the post office, even the gas stations was so clean and tidy. Elizabeth felt like she didn't belong.

Aaron's dad was a doctor and his mom a college professor at Central Piedmont Community College. He was used to these kind of surroundings...she wasn't.

She wondered how she would fit in.

They had to pass a second security gate to enter Aaron's property and he parked the Escalade in a six-car garage where every space held a car...each more expensive than the next. Why the hell did one person need six cars?

He got out and helped her out of the car and pulled her into his arms for a kiss.

"Welcome home, boo," He said when he pulled away and rested his forehead against hers.

"This is still crazy," Elizabeth giggled. "I'm sure a shrink could have a field day with us,"

Aaron laughed and led her through the garage door and into the house. They didn't stop until they were upstairs and in the master bedroom suite.

She was just starting to get nervous again as she sat on the edge of the California king size bed. Her phone going off again made those nerves even worse.

She again pulled it from her purse. Her father was calling.

Taking a deep breath, she answered the phone.

"Hey, dad,"

"Where the hell are you Elizabeth Ann?" He demanded.

"With Aaron," She replied shortly. She was pretending to be a lot braver than she actually was.

"Get your ass home right now," She could hear the anger in his voice.

"No," Her voice was shaky now.

"Excuse me? Who do you think you're talking to young lady?!" He started yelling. "You come home now or you don't come home at all,"

Aaron took the phone out of her hand as her whole body started shaking. She had always been terrified of her father's temper.

"Mr. Windsor, I'm gonna ask you never to speak to my girlfriend like that again, I don't care if she is your daughter. And she is home. She'll be by tomorrow to pick up her things," Aaron was calm as he spoke to her father.

She didn't tell what her father was saying but she could hear that he was still yelling.

"Then we will come by with the sheriff," Aaron's voice was still calm but there was now an angry glint in his eyes. "You can't legally keep her from getting her stuff."

She knew getting away from her father wasn't going to be easy but she had never expected to have to involve the authorities.

"I'm not going to argue with you, Mr. Windsor, you have a good night," He hung up the phone and shut it off this time.

Her anxiety was gone and so was any desire. All she felt was a crushing sadness.

Why did her father have to be this way? And why did her mother have to be gone? She wouldn't have allowed her father to act this way. Why couldn't she have a family that gave a shit about her?

She buried her face in her hands and began to weep.

Aaron sat beside her on the bed and pulled her into his arms.

"It's alright, baby girl, after tomorrow you never have to see that man or anyone in your family ever the fuck again if you don't want to," He rubbed her back.

"Yeah, and then I won't have a family," She sobbed.

While her family sucked it was the only one she had.

"What am I, princess, your co-worker?" He chuckled a little and kissed the top of her head. "I'm your family now baby...and have you forgotten that I have a mama, daddy, and brothers and sisters who adore you? Yes, you're losin' your birth family but you're gainin' another one, a healthier one,"

Taking a deep breath, she finally sat up straight.

"Promise me everything will be okay?" Her voice sounded so weak and she hated it. She didn't want Aaron to know how fragile she really was inside. She had spent years hiding her insecurities.

"I promise, baby," He pulled her into a kiss.

When he pulled away, she cast her eyes to the ground.

"Aaron, I don't think I tonight," She blushed.

He ran a hand through her hair.

"That's cool, we got plenty of time,"

He stood and walked to the dresser. He opened the top drawer and pulled out a Carolina Panthers football jersey and tossed it to her.

"Since you don't have any clothes here yet, you can sleep in that," He told her as he pulled his t-shirt over his head.

She averted her eyes from his well-defined tattooed chest as she made her way into the bathroom to change.

Since Aaron was over six feet tall the jersey fit her like a dress. She used the fold up brush in her purse to fix her hair. She took her nightly medication and made her way back into the bedroom.

Aaron had lit the fireplace that was in the room, even though it was April, and was lying in bed in nothing but a pair of black boxer shorts. He had removed his glasses and had an arm thrown over his face.

Elizabeth slowly walked to the bed and climbed in beside him. He held out his arm to her and she cuddled up to his chest. It was warm in the bedroom with the fireplace going and Aaron had the windows open so they didn't feel any need to get under the covers.

As she closed her eyes she felt him kiss the top of her head.

"I love you, Elizabeth," He whispered.

"I love you, too,"


The next morning had been a train wreck and that was putting it mildly. They had awoken at ten and made the fifteen-minute drive to her father's house. They had called the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and a couple of officers met them at the house.

The presence of the police did not detour her father or her sisters from causing trouble.

When she and Aaron entered the house with one of the officers she found that her room had been trashed and she knew that it was the work of Harper and Jessa.

She quickly gathered up everything that she would be taking, which was only clothes and personal items. The furniture was staying. The entire time listening to insults being hurled by her sisters while her father just stood there with his arms crossed over his chest glaring at her.

They loaded everything up in Aaron's Escalade and as they closed the trunk and were about to get into the SUV to leave, her father called to her from the front porch.

"If you leave with that nigger, don't you ever fucking come back. I wash my hands of you,"

As she climbed into the passenger seat and buckled her seatbelt she reached a hand out the window and gave her father a one fingered wave goodbye.


Later that night after they had finished putting all of her things away and had finished the pizza they had ordered for dinner they found themselves cuddled up on one of the lounge chairs that sat beside the pool in the backyard.

Elizabeth was lying on Aaron's chest as he ran his fingers through her hair.

"You sure you're really okay?" Aaron asked for what seemed like the millionth time since they had gotten back from her father's house.

"Yeah, I really am," She picked her head up to place a kiss on his chin.

It was the truth. Seeing the mess her sisters had made of her room and hearing the last words her father had said to her were the final nail in the coffin of her relationship with her family. She wasn't losing anything except a lot of drama, hate, and manipulation.

He caught her chin in his hand and kissed her. For the first time since the previous night, he slipped his tongue into her mouth. As he thoroughly explored her mouth, she moaned.

When he pulled away she couldn't believe the words that came out of her mouth.

"I want you," When the hell had she gotten that bold?

He smirked and pushed her to stand up.

She thought that he was going to take them inside. Instead, he stood and adjusted the lounge chair until it was lying flat and held out his hand to her.

She took it and he pulled her to stand in front of him.

He pulled his blue t-shirt over his head and let it fall to the ground.

Elizabeth took a look around. The nearest house was half a block away and the backyard was surrounded by an eight-foot high wooden privacy fence. No one was going to see them unless they flew overhead in a helicopter.

Aaron used his hand to turn her face back to his before reaching for the bottom of the baggy t-shirt she wore. He gave her a quick peck on the lips before pulling it over her head.

She had to remind herself that she wasn't overweight anymore. It took every bit of strength inside of her not to cover herself with her arms. She wasn't wearing a bra so her chest was bare before Aaron's eyes.

Judging from the heat in his eyes and how quickly he dipped his head to taste one nipple and then the other, he liked what he saw.

Aaron picked her up and laid her on the lounge chair, making sure the pillow was behind her head and began laying soft, wet kisses from her neck all the way down to her stomach. When he moved to lay between her spread thighs he grabbed the waist of her yoga pants with both hands and silently asked her permission the remove them.

She bit her lip and nodded her head shyly.

He pulled them off, taking her thong along with them and threw them over his shoulder. The next thing she knew she felt his hot breath on her moist center.

Her hips arched of their own accord and Aaron chuckled and gently pushed them back down before leaning forward to taste her.

He took his time licking, sucking, teasing, before finally getting to his feet and taking off his glasses, which were fogged up from his activities. He kicked out of his basketball shorts and boxers and settled between her thighs.

He rubbed his length up and down her opening as he kissed her neck.

"Are you on anything, boo, or do I need to go get a condom?" He asked huskily.

"I'm on the birth control shot," She threw her head back as he suckled at the valley between her breasts. She had been on the shot since she was fourteen to regulate her menstrual cycle.

Without warning, he thrust his impressive length inside of her.

"Ow, fuck!" Elizabeth hissed and dug her fingernails into his shoulders so hard that she knew he was going to have marks later.

Aaron's eyes widened and he quickly stilled his movements completely.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me you were a virgin, Lizzy-Beth?" He asked softly as he kissed the tear that escaped away.

"Because I was scared you wouldn't want me if you knew," She admitted. She just hadn't expected it to hurt that badly but the pain was quickly fading.

He rained kisses all over her face. "I'll always want you, baby girl. I wish you would have told me. I wouldn't have been so rough. I'm so fuckin' sorry baby,"

"Nothing to be sorry for," She shook her head and moaned.

The pain was almost completely gone and she was left with a feeling of being completely full and she felt a burning need for him to move. She rocked her hips a little.

"I'm okay, now," She assured him leaning up to kiss his shoulder.

He started out slow to give her time to get used to his size and the feeling of having a man inside of her for the first time. It wasn't long before she was begging him to go faster, harder. When they both tumbled over the edge it was at the same time and with each other's names on their lips.

As they lay in each other's arms on the lounge chair recovering, Elizabeth traced the tattoo of the Tauris astrological sign that was right above his heart.

"Why do you have this one? Your birthday is in July." She asked. She had been curious since she had first seen it the night before.

He tightened his arms around her but didn't open his eyes. "Because your birthday is May second,"

She smiled and placed a kiss on his chest...right above the tattoo.


Over the next eight months, Elizabeth's life had changed drastically...and for the better. She had quit her job at Food Lion and Aaron's mom Racial had helped her to enroll in the virtual learning course offered by Central Piedmont Community College. Aaron had requested but not demanded, that she take online classes so she could travel with him when he toured. Elizabeth had readily agreed. She was now studying to get an Associate's Degree in creative writing. Once that was completed she was going to enroll in a private college to get her Bachelor's. She had always dreamed of being a children's writer.

For her twentieth birthday, he had taken her on a two-week vacation to Hawaii. To a girl who had never been further than Oklahoma, it was a dream vacation. The first week had been spent alone just enjoying the islands and each other. The second week the rest of his family had flown out. They had all had a blast and were all a little bummed when it was time to return to the mainland.

That summer Aaron went back on tour and they spent most of their time on the road. They only really saw each other when the tour bus was rolling from one city to another or at night when they cuddled up in bed to sleep or make love. Aaron was always working and Elizabeth was focused on her studies.

Elizabeth quickly learned that her boyfriend's life was a hectic one. They didn't even make it home for Thanksgiving. They spent it at the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

It was now December 24th and everyone was gathered at Aaron's parents' home for Christmas dinner.

It was as they were all gathered at the dinner table gorging themselves on Rachel's amazing cooking that Aaron shocked her by giving her a gift that she in no way expected.

He cleared his throat and got to his feet just as everyone was digging into their pumpkin pie.

"Y'all, I have something that I wanna ask Elizabeth and I wanna do it while we're surrounded by our family," He made sure to stress the word, "our".

Rachel's eyes filled with tears as she reached over and grabbed Aaron's father's hand. His father, Pete was looking on with a proud smile on his face.

Pulling his chair away from the table to give himself room, Aaron dropped to one knee beside Elizabeth.

She covered her mouth with her hand. She couldn't believe this was happening.

He took her hand in his own.

"Elizabeth Ann Windsor, I love you more than my own life. The past almost nine months have been the happiest of my life. You are my best friend, my partner in crime, my ride or die chick...and I want you to keep being those things for the rest of my, will you marry me?"

He produced a ring box from his pocket and opened it to reveal a simple, square-cut diamond set in a white gold band. It wasn't big and eye-catching. It didn't cost more than it took to feed a small country. He knew she wasn't the type of girl to want something like that...he knew her.

She was too choked up to speak so she simply nodded her head and held out her hand so he could slip the ring on her finger. Once he did he placed a kiss on her knuckles and pulled her to her feet.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her rather chastely given their audience.

"I love you, baby girl," He kissed her forehead when he pulled away.

"I love you, too"

At that moment, Aaron's sixteen-year-old little brother Charlie tapped her on the shoulder.

She turned around and he leaned in to mock whisper, "If he's blackmailing you into this just blink twice and we'll run,"

Aaron's sister Morgan smacked him upside the head.


Ten Years Later

Elizabeth looked out around the sea of family that was gathered in her backyard for a barbecue to celebrate Aaron's fortieth birthday and sent a silent prayer of thanks to God.

She didn't know why God had gifted her the life that she had but she would be forever grateful.

She could have ended up just another girl from the wrong side of the tracks working a dead end job and dreaming of escaping without much chance of it actually happening...but she hadn't.

She had escaped her family and escaped her lot in life...and it wouldn't have been possible without the man who was currently in the middle of throwing their eight-year-old daughter Alexis into the pool.

Alexis was the first of but by no means the last of their children. After Alexis had come their twin boys, Eli and Evan who were now six and seemed to get a kick out of emulating the Weasley twins from the Harry Potter books that she had been stupid enough to read to them. Their youngest was three-year-old Bobbie Jo. She was the little princess of the family and the one who had her daddy wrapped around her finger the tightest.

She rubbed her swollen belly as she watched Aaron climb out of the pool, which the twins and Bobbie Jo had pushed him into immediately following Alexis, and quickly towel dried.

This was going to be her last baby. She felt like she had spent half of the last decade pregnant, her first two book tours for her children's book series The Happy Gator had been undertaken while heavily pregnant with the twins and Bobbie Jo respectively, and this baby had been a surprise...they were not intending to have any more after Bobbie Jo. She would be getting her tubes tied following delivery. Five kids was plenty...and a bit insane.

She hadn't heard from or seen anyone in her family since the day she had left her father's house. She still spoke to her older brothers from time to time even though she hadn't actually seen them in person in years and two years earlier her brother James had called and informed her that her father had died of a heart attack.

The only sadness she had felt was the sadness that came along with knowing that both of the people who had given her life were now gone. She didn't go to the funeral but privately visited his final resting place a few months later to say one last goodbye and leave the past at the grave.

She was happy and loved, she didn't need to hold onto hurtful memories.

She jumped a little when Aaron came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her from behind. He placed a kiss on her neck.

"How you doin', mama?" He rubbed her belly.

"Absolutely perfect," She turned her head and kissed him.




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