Centrepoint Part I

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Centrepoint, the organization that was a shadow world power, and synonymous with omniscient in its reach, began with a man named Jonathan Pierce, whose live convoluted with great mysteries, and
destiny. Before this was to be, he had lived many lives, with his family whom he vanished from without a trace, a former romance with Cassandra Smith, and his questionable involvement with
officially, a covert global intelligence agency.

The story of how all of this began started by his return to New York as a youthful man, where he attempts to reconcile with Cassandra, struggling with keeping hidden his past secrets from her,
while at the same time, dealing with his ambitions of seizing power in the crumbling remnants of the organization he had once worked for as the opportunity unfolds.

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Chapter I

Submitted: August 27, 2017

The prologue of Centrepoint Part I.
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Centrepoint Part I

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