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i wrote it when my son was 12 months old,we were taking photo of him for a souvenir.who i produced at 31 years old and each day during the preganacy was a dread for me because of my poor health and love for my son.

Submitted: August 27, 2016

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Submitted: August 27, 2016




son my dear

you never know how much i love you

you claimed to be coming by a loud wail

with one eye opening and one eye shutting

that's the first time i saw you

an ugly wrinkled old-timer

but you wonderful little creature

surprised me by your magic power

striving day by day


you can smile


and call us dad and mom

with the most marvelous voice

son my love

with your floral seraphic face

milk skin

wisdom forehead

impish brown eyes

sweet sweaty scent


like a serenade echoing over and over

rendering us to reverie

son my life

wrapping you in my arms like wrapping the world

you're the most cherished gift

for our love

as sun rise and set

seasons ebb and flow

only you

like a souvenir glinted on the reminiscence

deep in our hearts

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