Remove And Replace

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Second piece about the remorse

Submitted: August 27, 2016

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Submitted: August 27, 2016



Here on after, this is all, that I remember, so listen to my words and realise we are not getting back together.

In a dream, it's surreal can't find a place where all is, I am lost in a dream of you with me. Oh

Please pick me up put me right in front of you're heart. I won't take it. No I won't break it.
This is my hell and I can't escape it.

Judging from all the statuses, I assume there's some one you have met oh no, how can this happen, I've worn my heart on my sleeve and now my heart is fading.

Please pick me up put me back to the start, where we met and all was perfect. Go with me to the point of how you met me but it's all pointless you left me.

stop enough is enough, no I'm not hung up. I'm just lost in a world of not giving a ....

I don't care if I. Die alone. Atleast I'll die knowing I have a home. In my mums heart cause apparently I'm not good enough for you. 
So you left me and leave me like you always do.

Dear oh dear, what a sight were in. The clock Is counting  down and you are all I think of. How is this the last time. Why is it not the first. 
How come I died inside... 

I feel like I've been cursed!

Okay I'm sorry you met me
But i have hurt you so deeply
I'm sorry you met me why did I damage you oh so badly
I'm sorry things didn't work out when you were with me
How do I say I'm sorry 
I understand you don't love me
I know deep down you hate me
I know what I know and that's I'm a fool but remember once you were my bestie 

You said maybe just maybe you will forgive me and all of this will be good but now you're gone and you are not alone with me
I'm sorry oh so sorry please forgive me
I'll try to remove and replace our history 

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