The Real Thief

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Just a story i've been working on

Submitted: August 28, 2016

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Submitted: August 28, 2016



As I saw him pickup that wallet and look at me, I knew the two choices I had,

Do the right thing and tell her what she had just lost or keep quiet and get some for myself.

I chose the second option as she walked away unaware, I spoke to him asking

'What are you going to do with it?' Thinking in my head about the reprecussions

He replied 

'Im gonna keep it. What else?'

I knew he wasn't joking as he went to put it in his bag.

'OHHH NOOO' we heard shreik across from further down the street, she came up to us.

'I've lost my purse' she shreiked 
'Do either of you have it?'

He looked at me then to her, he calmy stated no, she then asked me and I honestly replied,
no I do not have it.

She went back down the street to consult her friend, our friend. Our friend than looked
over trying to ask without words if Dan had it, I should've told her there but I didn't
I told her no. Only thinking about what I could get if Dan were to split it with me.
For the next fifteen minutes we lied telling her we didn't have it.

The guilt was getting to me, never lying about something so important, helping someone get
away with this. Emily told us something that shocked us both, that there was four thousand
dollars in that purse. The guilt got worse as we had just taken her livleyhood away.

We headed down the city to get food and meet up with our friends, at this point Dan and I 
decided we would split it and tell no one, the guilt started to ease and that worried me. 
What type of monster doesn't feel guilt for that type of thing? We got to our friends and
something more startling was bought up. Emily told us that she was sad but that she was
going to get it all back tonight. Everyone looked at eachother wondering how someone can
get that much back in one night. We all knew deep down what it would take but didn't really
want to think about it. It should've made us feel worse but it didn't. It made us feel
more at ease as if it was going to be forgoten about.

We headed back to the station to go home, I was conflicted, I didn't know if to split the
biggest amount of money I'd ever seen or come clean to Emily and give her the money back
we got on the train and I sat next to her friend, who was also my friend and another mutal 

For the first half an hour of the train ride I was fine, if not more than fine talking to
Jessica and Ryan being in the middle, I was more than fine, I was excited for what was
to come. It was only when the train got quiet and I had time to think was when I felt guilt.
I had liked Jessica for some time and knowing that she was Emily's friend botherd me.
If by some miracle I ever asked her out and she said yes there would always be this between
us. I couldn't not tell her, if I ever wanted to act on these feelings she would have to
know that I knew about the money and where it was going to go.

With less then five minutes until we were going to arrive and leave, where I knew that money
would be gone, or at least too late to get back. I decided to tell Jessica, my thoughts
were if I told her then she would tell Emily and then she could get the money back and it 
wouldn't be me directly going to her. She gave the reaction I expected immdeiatley 
shocked telling Dan how bad what he did was. The next thing suprised me, we all got of the
train and Dan, Jessica and I were talking. Emily then came up and Jessica said nothing
I couldn't believe it and didn't understand. I thought they were friends, why didn't
Jessica say anything?

At this point the guilt was almost gone, my crush Jessica knew and in my opinion didn't
care, Dan was going to split it with me and that was going to be that. My friend Gerald
wanted to walk with me home, but I just wanted the money I told him no thanks but he knew
something was up. I was going to walk home with Dan and Jessica and get the money and not
tell anyone but it didn't work out as planned. As Dan, Jessica and I started walking home
Gerald ran up to catch up to me. As he ran up he saw the bundle of money Dan had pulled out
unaware of what had happened he was handed fifty dollars as hush money, as was Jessica
then myself. At this point I was in awe, I asked for more and he rejected me and Gerald and
I walked a seperate way as Jessica and Dan.

Gerald and I continued walking, I felt bad for Gerald all he wanted was to walk home yet 
he got bought into something that wasn't even his fault. We spoke about how bad we felt for
taking the money and how where we going to hide it. But I realised I didn't feel bad for 
taking the money I felt bad about the possible reprecussions. He wanted me to take it
to ease his guilt but I couldn't, I felt better knowing I wasn't the only one handed money.
I went home and said everything to my parents knowing it would eventually come out,
they were dissapointed but were pre occupied they told me to give it to the homeless,
I told them no.

The next day the girl came and she told us not only had she got her money back she had 
doubled it, it shocked us all but then again we all had an idea and what she did for it.
I sat on the train ready for another day in the city next to Derrick, across from Jessica
and Dan, we had planned to tell nobody but by the end of the train ride that would change.
Dan decided to tell Derrick his friend and also hand him a fifty. He then procceded to tell
Nathan while handing him a fifty. He also later told John his other friend. We then 
openly spoke about it Jessica said she felt guilty we comforted her telling her Emily
had already got her money back and she should feel fine. Part of me stopped liking her 
for this though, knowing she was fine with taking dirty money that was stolen from her friend
I couldn't really judge to much though considering I also did.

Dan then told us he was ready to go shopping telling us he was going to buy all these cool
new clothes, at this point we felt fine, more than fine. We sucked up to get more money
out of him to get cool things. We headed down to a clothes store it was Gerald, Dan, Dylan 
and I. Dylan was filled in on the way what had happened also being handed a fifty. We walked
into the store to get Dan a wallet unaware of what was going to happen, he handed me a
hundred dollar note and said we could get a three for hundred deal one shirt or jumper each.
I was taken back when we came out I had a sixty dollar top for free and Gerald and Dylan got
a top too. We continued walking and heading to a shop.

Later we went to another big shop, he then procceded to buy us lavish things such as a new
wallet for Dylan and I. Gerald rejecting it was handed another fifty for his kindness we later
got split up and that was that. Not only did I take the fifty, I took the gifts that were
given to keep us all quiet, knowing what I did was wrong. 

The part that scared me was that I felt no guilt, I didn't feel bad for taking the items,
I didn' feel bad for not telling Emily about her money. I just wanted more and that's 
what scared me the most. Emily didn't find out, and everyone stopped talking about it,
Dan is keeping three grand to himself. I should be thinking that im lucky that I didn't
get in a massive amount of trouble yet im worrying I didn't get enough money.

I think i'm the real monster,
Why did I do this?
Why didn't I tell her when I had the chance...

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