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Recently happened to me and needed to get this off my chest

Submitted: August 28, 2016

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Submitted: August 28, 2016



It’s winter, people are inside, taking cover from the cold winds, patiently waiting for Christmas to come. There’s a piano inside. A boy and a girl are sitting at the piano. They’re in love, he loves her, she loves him. He doesn’t know how to play, she does. Even though she hates playing in front of people, she plays for him, because she loves him, and he loves her. As her fingers start flying over the keys, his eyes take in every detail. The faint curve of her mouth as she softly smiles, the happiness in her eyes because they are together. Each key she touches brings forth a note and each note hits the boy with a new wave of emotions. He’s never heard the song before, though he doesn’t say that. He listens, he watches. He’s swept away by the beauty of the song and the girl playing it. He loves her. He doesn’t notice when she stops playing and leans in to kiss him. The song keeps playing in his head, leaving him to wonder what that song was. They kiss, for a mere second their lips touch. She tries teaching him some basic piano things. His clumsy fingers mess up most notes. She doesn’t care, she loves him.

Months pass. The boy still loves the girl. The girl doesn’t love the boy anymore. He knows, but he will never give up on her. He forgot about the song. He forgot about the piano. He’s watching a video on photosynthesis. When the second song in the soundtrack comes on, tears start rolling down his cheeks. It’s her song, and every note hits him so hard. It shatters his heart in a thousand pieces. He can still see her fingers flying over the keys, the faint smile playing on her lips. He loves her. He stops the video, finds the song, and plays it on repeat. He loves her. The song keeps playing, tears keep coming. Tears of joy, tears of loss. The memories come rushing in and he knows.

He still loves her.

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