Behind The Bushes

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It's behind you. It's coming closer. It's happened before. It's here.

Submitted: August 28, 2016

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Submitted: August 28, 2016



Behind The Bushes

It was dark out, and wet. There were still puddles from the storm the previous night and the leaves were glistening in the pale moon light. Tarynn was making her way home after work. She clicked down the sidewalk in her heals carrying a folder filled with papers. She looked into the park as she passed and noticed someone wearing a red rain coat sitting on a bench. Tarynn continued on tossing the image in the back of her head. She arrived home and tossed the folder on the table. She sat and sipped at the glass of wine she had just poured for herself and looked over the many papers. After the glass and been emptied and refilled a few times she settled in bed and drifted into a daze.

The sun peaked in through the curtains. A constant and very obnoxious beeping was emanating from the small rectangle on the bedside table. Tarynn slapped it a few times before it stopped and she slowly came to her senses. She completed her morning routine and grabbed the folder. Now off to work with coffee in hand and slowly retreating drowsiness she passed the park. It was empty as usual at such an early hour. She rushed into her office cubical and immediately started working to make up for her tardiness. Typing, answering phones while reviewing client's files was boring work but it went by quickly enough. She ate her salad at noon and continued her work. Slowly it became quiet and dark. It was 10:34 pm already. Tarynn once again gathered her papers and headed out. It was much darker than the previous night, deep navy blue clouds had covered the moon. She wandered the familiar path, clicking all the while.

Tarynn stopped and stared into the black park looking for the snap she had just heard. A squirrel ran out of a nearby bush and up a tree, nothing unusual. She chuckled at her irrational fear and took a couple more steps.

"Why are you watching me?" Tarynn jumped at the sudden noise and turned towards the source but there was nothing. Nerves now on edge, she continued walking. Soft footsteps followed.

"Who's there?" she called into the darkness. The wind blew past subtly and with them came the unmistakable feeling, "behind the bushes." Her eyes shot towards the hedge like bushes she couldn't see anything but she could feel the eyes on her. She turned and ran the rest of the way home. Tarynn threw the door open, locked it tight behind her and slumped against it. A warm feeling of safety came over her the way that a blanket does after a horror movie. She let out the breath that she hadn't realized she'd been holding in and walking into the bathroom and removed her makeup. She splashed and scrubbed at her face, wiped it dry and examined her work in the mirror. In the corner of her eye she saw a figure in red vanish from sight and the calm safe feeling vanished with the figure. Every muscle tensed up and tears began running down her face. She ran to her room seeking the blanket comfort she lost. She cowered in the sheets, squeezing her pillow. "Leave me alone!" she shouted to an empty apartment. She gripped the pillow tighter and sobbed into it.

"Why were you watching me?" It was unmistakably a child's voice. Tarynn could feel the figures presence come closer. "I asked you a question." The words breezed past her ear. "ANSWER ME!" Tarynn screamed as the noise attacked her ear drums. Something smashed on top of her whole body.


"Hey chief, any ideas yet?" the chief inspector was leaning over Tarynn's cold body.



"Nothing killed her," said the inspector. "It's as if her body just, gave up on her. It's exactly the same as the last one." Someone ran into the room.

"Chief, we got another one."


"Another death."

"What's the outlook?"

"This one was locked inside a panic vault, which was locked inside a secret closet in a locked room."

"Again?" sighed the chief. "Tell them I'm on my way. Carlson, you're with me." Carlson didn't move, he was staring at the mirror. "Carlson!" He jumped.

"Ye-yes sir."

"What are you looking at?" Carlson pointed at the mirror. "Was that there before?"

"I don't think so, chief." The mirror was covered in a deep red liquid, only after studying the splash did the chief realize there were crude letters on the mirror.

In the park she sits

Behind the bushes she hides

Keep one eye open

She's close behind

Keep one eye open

She's almost there

Keep one eye open

To see her coming

Too late she's here

And you have nowhere to run



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