Getting It Down

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I have to make a note of it when the idea's there.

Submitted: August 28, 2016

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Submitted: August 28, 2016



Getting It Down


Sometimes my laptop’s put away

When suddenly I think,

I need to get that idea down

Or it will go out with a blink.

I’ll get a notebook, sit right down

And with a pen and paper

I’ll let the words flow out of me

The editing will come later.


I rarely know where it will go,

Don’t often have a plan,

My mind just goes and runs with it

From how it had began.

Sometimes it really just won’t work,

It draws right to a stop;

Ideas that I once thought were good

Turn out to be a flop.


Then there will be a little spark

That sets my pen to going,

Not sure how it’s going to end

But better off not knowing.

It twists it’s way right through my mind,

Meanders, skips and hops;

Then the story comes to me,

As though the penny drops.


It’s only really been sketched out,

The writing’s very crude,

But if I hadn’t let it out

My head, it would intrude.

So I’ll always carry with me

My paper and my pen

Then if inspiration hits

It will not matter when.




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