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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Regenerate

Submitted: August 28, 2016

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Submitted: August 28, 2016



The grey Doctor limps his way to the TARDIS console. With effort he tugs down the main lever causing the TARDIS to shake slightly before creating a constipated hum as it de-materializes. The Doctor’s hand rises up to be level with his dying face, it glows like a star.

“Am I a good man at the end of the day?” He says with struggle in his Scottish voice. The Doctor bends over and lightly kisses the end of the console.

“I like to think I am!” And with that a golden yellow erupts from the Doctor’s finger tips and head. He screams in agony as a roundel explodes in a ball of fire causing the TARDIS to jolt around. The golden glow gets more and more violent until the Doctor’s appearance begins to change. His hair slowly grows out and turns curly from grey to dark brown.

His cheek bone extend into a pointy triangle shape. His now brown eyebrows lose they’re bushy-ness. The Doctor’s nose widens. The golden glow fades and the Doctor whips his new head over to the console as a fuse goes off behind him, the TARDIS churns with a deafening screech. The Doctor looks at the console in confusion thus catching a glance at his now smoother hands. He stares at them amazed as if this had never happened before.

“Oh wow! Look at my nails…even more wow, listen to my voice!” the Doctor grasps his throat.

“Got an American vibe to it” He gasps before dodging out of the way of a falling chunk of the time rotor. The Doctor runs out of the TARDIS to abruptly stop at the sight of space flying by.

“OOOH, NICE!” The Doctor screams before running back into the TARDIS. The Doctor grabs a nearby hammer and begins to smash the TARDIS console. He laughs uncontrollably. The TARDIS shakes violently causing the Doctor to miss the areas he aims for when abusing the TARDIS. Suddenly the blue ship tumbles flipping the Doctor over. The Doctor slides toward the TARDIS doors, the gravity forces him. Just in time the Doctor grabs the metal pole at the door. He grasps on as if this would be the end of him. The TARDIS does another summersault causing the Doctor to lose his firm grip on the metal pole and plunges. Yet again before he can fall he manages to rap four fingers around the TARDIS door handle. The Doctor suddenly realises what is happening.

“I’M SORRY OLD GIRL, IT’S THE REGENERATION!” He shouts into the blue box. The TARDIS gives one more big jolt and the Doctor is swung off the door.

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