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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Big blue...Time machine

Submitted: August 29, 2016

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Submitted: August 29, 2016



“Really…where is the bag now?” He asks jogging to keep up with Lacy.

“Probably at the police station.” Lacy replied.

“Why do you want to know anyway?” She continues.

“Follow me.” The Doctor says ignoring Lacy’s question. The Doctor walks outside, Lacy shortly behind him. He pulls out the Sonic screwdriver once again from his coat pocket. The Doctor then points the sonic at the ground in front of him and pushes the button on the top of it causing it to buzz. This buzzing is soon followed by a constipated hum as the TARDIS appears.

“What the hell is that?!” Lacy shrieks as the Doctor walked up to the side of the police box.

“It’s called the TARDIS it’s a time machine, get in” The Doctor replies quickly. Opening the doors.

“Thanks for coming back.” He whispers.

“I’m not getting in THAT! It’s tiny!” Lacy shouts backing away from the object.

“C’mon…it’s just rebuilt itself! I really want you to see this.” The Doctor tempts. Lacy slowly creeps toward it, holding her hand out to the Doctor.

“It’s not going to kill you, it’s a box!” The Doctor chuckles taking her hand. Suddenly the Doctor spins Lacy around so that she is facing away from the TARDIS, smiles and pushes her inside back first. Lacy expects to fall back and hit her head on the wall of the box but nothing happens she just hits the ground. Confused Lacy opens her eyes and sees a large room with seats and bookshelves with a big control area in the middle with buttons and levers.

Lacy’s eyes widen, her jaw drops.

“Like it?” The Doctor asks walking up to the console and flicking a small black switch.

“It’s a lot different to the Toyota desktop…can’t remember what this one is called though…Bamboo I think?” He says. Lacy begins to murmur.

“You ok?” The Doctor asks typing in a code on the new navcom that resembles a black keyboard.

“While you get your senses back I’m gonna put this baby in flight!” The Doctor says before pushing a few buttons on a pad (the hemic regulator), twisting a crank lever on the side of the console (the locking down mechanism), twisting a colourful dial (The time rotor handbrake) and finally with force pulling down a large lever (the space-time throttle). The time rotor brakes in half and begins moving in an up and down motion as the familiar taking off sound echoes around the room. The Doctor then spins his body around to face Lacy.

“Any remarks?” He asks smiling.

“It’s…it’s…b-bigger on t-t-the inside!” Lacy stutters.

“Really!? Bright aren’t you?” The Doctor mocks flicking a toggle switch on the console.

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