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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Top hat and tails

Submitted: August 29, 2016

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Submitted: August 29, 2016



“In more important topics I need to get out of this stupid velvet jacket!” The Doctor states looking at his clothes, the TARDIS chugging along behind him. The Doctor then flops onto the couch and pulls a lever on the console causing the couch to go under the floorboards like a lift.  “Going down!” He chuckles as he disappears from sight leaving Lacy to stand there trying to take the large room in. Lacy stumbles over to the console were the Doctor was just standing. She looks at the monitor and sees:


?????? ????? ?????? ????? ???????

?????? ????? TARDIS

?? ??????? ???? ????? ? -100%. ???? ?????? ?????? ???????

??? ????? ????

Lacy looks at the writing confused. All she can make out is the word TARDIS.

“It’s Hebrew!” The Doctor’s voice calls from under the floor.

“What does it mean?” Lacy calls back.

“I don’t know…” The Doctor calls as if he were shrugging his shoulders. Lacy stares intensely at the writing and suddenly it forms the words

“Welcome Lacy Goodson and the Doctor, welcome to the TARDIS. All systems running at 100%, twist dial below to see vortex.” Lacy looks down at the console and sees a small black dial. She twists it and is greeted with the sight of the time vortex.

The reflection in Lacy’s eyes shines due to the bright purple rings flying past.

“Wow. Is that really were we are?” She says aloud.

“Yes” A female voice suddenly replies causing Lacy to jump. When Lacy looked up to see where the voice came from she didn’t see anyone around.

“Hello?” She calls.

“I’m up here!” The voice says. Lacy darts her head to where the voice came from. What she saw was a clear hologram like woman inside of the time rotor.

Lacy stares at the woman as if she were a ghost.

“Who are you?” She asks, tapping on the glass


“I am the Type 40, or just the TARDIS if you like” The woman replies, her eyes tightly shut, hands on her chest.

“Well then…nice to meet you…TARDIS” Lacy says with caution.

“I see you have met her!” The Doctor says from behind the two. Lacy looks over to see the Doctor wearing a purple jacket with a white waist, brown trousers and a top hot. The couch sits back in the position it was in before, the Doctor walks up next to Lacy sliding his hands across the wooden console.


“She has probably said this but this is the TARDIS” The Doctor says pushing a few buttons on the left side of the console.

“So sorry I hit you earlier, it was out of my contr-” The Doctor is cut off by a burst of gold dispersing out of his mouth and floating into the air.

“What was that?” Lacy asks watching it float away.

“Nothing…don’t worry about it, just some after math of the regeneration.” The Doctor answers.

Suddenly the TARDIS makes a different tone of humming letting the Doctor know that he has landed.

“Anyway, c’mon!” He says gleefully walking over to the door.

“Have we moved?” Lacy asks following shortly behind.

“What do you think?” The Doctor says before opening the door revealing the police station. Lacy gasps.

“This box is amazing!” She exclaims upon stepping out.

“Right! Let’s get down to business aye!” The Doctor says walking backwards into the station. The Doctor spins around thus making the end of his jacket fling around. A short yet fat man sits at a desk near the entrance with a bushy moustache and piercing eyes.

“Hello, would you like to report something?” He asks staring up at the Doctor and Lacy. The Doctor responds by taking out a brown wallet from his coat pocket, he opens it up and shows it to the man at the desk.

“No, I’m here for investigation.” He says.

“The Doctor? Is that a ‘code’ name?” The man mocks.

“Just go down the hall and to the right, you should find the investigation room down there” The man advises pointing out what he was saying.

“Thank you…” The Doctor smiles before following the man’s directions, Lacy follows behind. When he enters the room he is greeted with two men with detective outfits on and another man across the table with a grey hoodie covering his face in darkness.

“Excuse me but, who the hell are you?” The first man asks staring at the Doctor’s unusual clothing.

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