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In the 12th century,the exist an empire deep in africa called the benin empire in which the Oba of the kingdom will struggle and do everything possible to produce a heir.He gives blood sacrifices to the gods and prays but to no avail

Submitted: August 28, 2016

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Submitted: August 28, 2016



King;Oba eweke new qUeen;ojuma servant;samy king oba

In the 12th century,deep in Africa,there is an empire called BENIN.In Benin the king is refered to as the Oba who is the ruler of the people.Oba Eweke 1 is the first ruler of the benin kingdom and has no son,12 daughters and 3 wives.The king,Oba Eweke have prayed to the gods for a son, an heir to the throne for a lifetime but to no avail.Afraid that he will fail his people by not providing a heir,he marries three wives but all fail him.Wondering of what he might have done wrong,he seeks the high priest of the kingdom.The high priest of Benin complains of the silence of the gods of benin and ask the king to sacrifice his 12 daughters to the gods and the gods will grant him a son. The king now has a big decision to make;either he sacrifices his 12 daughters and provide an heir and next ruler to the Benin empire or he goes down in history as an unfit king.Oba Eweke is a tall,dark and handsome man in his 50s,he is also well built and had fought 6 wars and was successful in all of them,he created Benin by fighting wars and uniting the people to be one.Oba Eweke had it all but an heir to the throne was lacking.He has achieved so much and would think twice befor spoiling the history he has created by not providing an heir.Oba Eweke calls for all his court advisers in other to know the ups and downs in each of the decisions he might make,as expected the court advisers asked him to choose the harsh decision and provide an heir. Oba Eweke is a kind hearted man but he is also a proud ruler and will not show any emotion no matter what and so he sacrifices all his daughters and paid an additional allegans to the gods by sacrificing all his wives. 2 years later Oba Eweke have not still recieved an answer from the gods.Instead he recieves a message from the high priest stating that one day his kingdom will be attacked by white skin men and they will enslave his people. END

oba eweke repents Oba Eweke regrets what he has done,he has been alone for 2 years now and feels like being alone.He killed his family because of an heir he has not recieved since he got married to his 4th wife the new queen of Benin,Ojuma.Ojuma is a young girl of 18,fair in complexion with a smooth skin and arguably the most beautiful girl in Benin. Ojuma;my king why are you so sad. Eweke;the gods have failed me. Ojuma;Be patient,the gods have a plan and know why they are hesitating. Eweke;when will the gods plan be due?i am already old,i have failed Benin. Oba Eweke always recieve consolatory messages from Ojuma but consolation does not solve the problem,he is devastated.Eweke finally decide to let things be the way the gods wish. One year later still no child and Ojuma starts panicking with a good reason that she may loose her place in the palace due her barreness. Ojuma and the palace servant It has been 3 years since Ojuma married the king.yet still no child.Ojuma is worried that she is not able to produce even a female child not even an heir and so her clock is tickinng and her time in the palace is running out.Ojuma also seeks help from the gods through the high priest but to no avail.Eweke arrives to a conclusion that his bad deeds are hunting him badly.Ojuma wants to save her place and will do anything to do so.There is a palace servant called Samy that Ojuma have a crush on.Samy is a short dark and ugly looking man in his 30s.Ojuma did what she could do and won the heart of Samy,this is done without the knowledge of Oba Eweke.Ojuma and Samy made loved and one day Ojuma discovered she is pregnant and ended the relationship,she has gotten what she wanted.Samy feeling used resigned from work at the palace.

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