The time Summer left (Part 1)

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A short fan fiction about a girl who tried to dabble in the supernatural, only to be rescued by a strange transfer student.

Submitted: August 28, 2016

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Submitted: August 28, 2016



The bus rides home always felt empty. Well, maybe it was the fact that in this particular bus we were on, was literally empty. It was the same old scenery day after day. "The country side sucks." I sighed out loud in a plea for attention. "It's not that bad Haru. I like the quiet life." "But don't you get tired of doing the same stuff every day? Nothing exciting ever happens here." Mari closed her eyes in thought. "Wow, she's really thinking this through." I said to myself. "Nope! I'm perfectly content with my life is right now!" She told me in an annoying bubbly tone. I couldn't match her enthusiasm and just let out a sigh once again. But, she was right. I never thought I could live in the city. The lives of the characters in those dramas my mom watches seem tiring. I feel pretty content with my current high school life. But, at times it's like something is gnawing inside of me, like I could have been someone more or important. "Could have." I whispered to myself. "Hmm? What was that Haru?" Mari asked. "Oh, nothing! Just thinking out loud!" Before Mari could reply back, the PA system on the bus sounded off. "We're sorry to inform you passengers, but we'll have to take a slight detour. Heavy rain fall last night caused a land slide and has made our normal route impassable. The alternate route will take no longer than three to seven minutes. We apologize for any delays our passengers may experience." the PA system turned off shorty. "She Haru-chan! Theres excitement right here!" "This isn't excitement Mari, it's an inconvenience!".

The bus drove through one of the back roads in our small town. There were a lot of abandoned houses and farms in this area. Something about frequent flash floods was why people had to leave. Everyone left but no one seemed to bother to do anything about the abandoned houses. Well, it's not really my problem, so I shouldn't care much. But, it did hurt coming hack here. "Haru-chan, isn't this the place where a girl in middle school got lost two years ago?" Mari suddenly asked. "Ah yeah. She went missing for nine days until a policeman found her unconscious near the old Kishimoto mansion." "Nine days? Wasn't it just two days?" Mari tried to correct me. "No. It was nine." I replied back softly. "Wait, how would you know that?" "Oh crap. I almost slipped." "Well, my uncle was the one who found the girl. The police just lied a bit to make sure the issue didn't blow up all over the news. Just... don't tell anyone I told you about it. My uncle could get in trouble!" I lied a bit. It was selfish, but I don't think Mari needs to know. "No one needs to know the the whole truth on what happened back then."


As the bus drove around the corner, I could see the Kishimoto mansion again. I tried to prepare myself prior, but it didn't help much. "Wow, it really is huge!" Mari said. "It looks more creepier than before." She continued. I didn't say anything and just stared at the mansion. It was obviously abandoned just like the other houses on the road, but this one was the biggest in the area. The Kishimoto clan used to own more than half of the land in our town, until they suddenly lost all their money. The rumors and stories on how they lost their money kept on increasing every day to the point wherein the truth was just lost. It was still scary just to even look at it. Overgrown with vegetation, and a big hole on one of it's walls made it the ideal haunted house among the locals. Kids would tease each other about who was brave enough to even enter it. Some times construction crews would arrive and talk about demolishing it only to cancel the project two days later. And on rare occasions, I'd hear gossip about a ghost hunting group going in and doing whatever they did in there. It seemed stupid to me now. Ghosts, Monsters, the Supernatural. "It's all non-sense." is something I keep telling myself. But, I know that I'm just lying.

"Hey Haru, weren't you into ghosts back in middle school?" Mari asked from out of nowhere. "Don't bring up that stupid phase. I fully regret all of it. And just thinking about it makes me cringe." I lied again. "Oh, sorry." I didn't need to reply. I loved the idea of ghosts and the supernatural back then. More specifically, Youkai. Adults would always use stories about Youkai to scare their children into behaving. "If you swim in the river at night, a Kappa will come and drown you!" But to me it did the exact opposite. I wanted to met a Kappa and befriend it. Like I said, I was stupid back then. "That reminds me. What ever happened to that weird transfer student you hung around with? What was his name again? Na... Natori? It started with a Na that's fore sure!" Mari blurted out again. "Natsume, Takashi." I said softly. "Come again?" "His name was Natsume, Takashi." "How could I ever forget his name? Natsume saved my life." "And he wasn't weird," I continued. "He was just... lonely..." "Yeah, Natsume! There were rumors about him being able to see ghosts and stuff as well! It was why I never talked to him. He seemed creepy." I couldn't reply back. "Well, it was a shame. You two seemed good together. Oh! And your names would fit perfectly! Spring, and Summer! That's so cute! You would have made the perfect couple!" Mari explained. I just smiled and thought of that possibility with Natsume. If he hadn't moved away, we might have been.

The bus finally reached the stop where I usually go down. I was already off the bus as it taxied away. Mari was waving at me from inside, so I naturally waved back. I started walking when I started to remember more about Natsume. "I hope this time he found a good family who took him in. I never met his guardian back when he lived here, but whenever I'd bring up his foster home, he'd quickly change the subject." "I wonder if I could visit him." I said to myself. "I'd need to find a way to contact him. I mean who knows where he could be living now?" Suddenly I felt sharp pain on my chest and rear. I tried to compose myself only to see that I was knocked down. I looked around only to see a cat staring back at me. "Ahhh! What an ugly cat!" I screamed in shock as I pushed myself away from it. I never seen such an ugly and fat cat! It might have been my imagination, but I could have sworn it looked like it was about to talk back at me. "It looks like it's gone for now sensei!" said a boy. We were both sitting on the ground but he was looking at the cat when he shifted his attention towards me. "Wah! I'm sorry! I was in a hurry and I didn't see you!" the boy said to me. I couldn't make out who it was. He quickly stood up and offered a helping hand to me. "Jeez, watch were you're going!" I accepted his offer but I was still angry at him. The instant I touched his hand I was certain I knew who I was talking with. "I'm truly sorry, miss! I was.." he said. "Natsume?" I asked. "H-how do you know me?" I couldn't help it. I jumped up and hugged him as tight as I could. Tears started to form up in my eyes as I buried my face in his chest. "He's warmer than I remember." I thought to myself. "Ehh?! Umm, miss?" Natsume didn't know how to react so I let him go. "It's so good to see you again!" by this point I was crying my eyes out. I whipped my tears off using the sleeves of my school uniform. Getting a good look at him again, I could tell he had gotten taller. His hair was still messy, but it added to his charm. "What are you doing here?!" I asked in excitement. He had a confused look in him. "Do... Do I know you?" he replied. "No way... How could he forget about me?!" I hoped he was joking, but I knew he never joked when we talked to each other. The frustration built up in me once again. I rushed over to him and started punching him. Well, what I assumed was punching. I think it looked more like flailing to him. "Ehh?! I'm sorry! I really don't remember who you are!" he tried to block most of my attacks, but it seemed like he just accepted the flurry of them.

I got tired as I started to slow down and eventually I held onto his jacket tightly. "You... How could you forget? You saved my life..." the tears were building up in me again. "It's me you idiot... It's Haru." Natsume was silent. I buried my face in his clothes again. I didn't want him to see me crying. "Haru-san? Mikoto, Haru?!" he shouted. I looked up at him in excitement. His face lit up as he hugged me back. I wasn't prepared for this, I felt my chest beating incredibly fast. "I'm so glad you're safe!" he said. Natsume let me go but he kept his hands on my shoulders. "I wasn't sure you were safe, and I had to make sure that he wasn't following you! So when I saw those police, I left you were they found easily find you! I managed to lure him away, but I wasn't sure you'd be completely safe. I'm so glad!" I could see tears were starting to form in his eyes. I was about to reply but then... "I found you! Are we going to play again?!" No. NO! Not again! Anything this but this! A dark figure suddenly appeared behind Natsume. My instincts kicked in and I shoved Natsume towards the side. In a fraction of a second, I could see the dark figure's arm swinging towards me. I tried to brace for it's impact, but it was no use. It easily swiped me away as I fell on the ground again. It felt like my head was on fire. But the pain was going away. I was getting sleepy, my vision was blurry. I could make out Natsume standing up and a bright soothing light appear out of nowhere. "Haru?... Haru hang on... sensei and I... don't..." Natsume was obviously shouting, but I couldn't hear what he was saying well. "Nat... su..." It was no use. Every fiber of me wanted to reach out to him. I wanted to thank him after all these years. I wanted to hold him. I wanted to talk to him, ask him about his life. But it was no use. It was just... black...

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