Only fools dream

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You reflect on how your nature hurts you in the long run

Submitted: August 28, 2016

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Submitted: August 28, 2016



The life of a dreamer is filled with hardships and let downs.

You learn from the very beginning you can be anything you choose to be and you can!

Still to this day no one ever claims that you can't.........only on rare occasions.

As a young boy the first goal you ever had was to be a doctor. The only reason being that you wanted to save lives because helping people and saving lives was the only thing that made sense to you as being something you should want to do.

As you start to grow older and the cartoons start to let your imagination grow even more wild than it ever has been you realize that being a doctor is quite not the best you can do! You are destined to be a hero...... you were always destined to have a greater purpose and fight for the greater good! You jump and kick and punch around your living room defeating your evil foes and protecting your loved ones. You were like a combination of all the Power Rangers. You only found it appropriate that you be the best at everything you do.

At about the time you start playing sports you realize that there is this strange thing called talent. "God given gifts" perhaps and you realized whatever these things are you did not get very many of them when it came to athletics. The thing is though wouldn't you expect your hero to be the best at everything he does? Of course you would! When you ask adults or when they decide to comment on how "good" your doing they always say anything in life requires hard work. hard work.

hard work.

They say things like "you don't come from a family where anything is given or earned the easy way. you were not gifted with great hands or great speed. You will never be the strongest and you most definitely will never be the biggest. The only thing you can ever control is how hard you work." So that was it! That was the key to how you could achieve your dreams..... hard work was the key.

Hard work makes you realize always work that little bit harder for the thing you really want and only kinda hard for that thing people tell you that you need. Long gone are the days when you were training to be a super hero at this point. Chopping down trees with your bare hands was more a laborious task then you thought and you noticed that there werent too many real life super heroes like the ones you see on tv. Except for the ones that play on Sunday in the good old Black and Gold. Real warriors, armored battalions of the worlds finest men squaring off every sunday for glory and to support the belief that if you dream and most importantly if you work hard......... you too can be a super hero like Jerome Bettis or Hines Ward. So you get signed up for football in a brand new town ready to take on your brand new dream. From the very first moment of full contact you fell in love. Hitting people and getting hit made you feel like the superhero you always wanted to be.

From that point on it was an obsession because your dreams and goals werent things you only thought about when you were at practice. When you have a dream you think about it sooo much people consider you an insomniac. You dont sleep and you never had nor will because your obsession with your dreams and being great wont let your mind rest. You watch game after game after game learning every position, spend hours in your yard working on firing out of your stance lower and faster then the time you did before and it was never fast enough. You read magazines and news articles until you knew more about football and The Pittsburgh Steelers then most grown men. All that hard work just to realize your only slightly above average. A little bit better then OK.

You were frustrated but it only drove you more but it opened your eyes as well. Someone once told you an old Army motto "Be all that you can be." You had always had many fantasies but your dreams were the only things you really obsessed over and you usually picked one. This idea though left all the doors open. If you just had a hundred dreams and You frequently persued all of them you are bound to reach one. The logic was irrefutable.  Your father anyways wouldnt let you just be the "jock" anyway so you became the rennissance man and a schemer all in one. You let your imagination run rampant as you made schemes of making funny newsletters and writing comics with friends. You realized that you did have one of these "gifts" you had heard of before and it was with people. It was with people and performing, being on stage. You werent a stage man though! You were a warrior. Even when other dreams opened up football was alway number one.

One summer something happens that makes the dream even more real for you. You Grow! Your actually bigger then most of the kids now and all of a sudden you went from being the guy who does his job on the team to being debatable the meanest and one of the hardest hitters on the team. You had your persona, you were the bruiser and the guy on your team who left lumps on the other team. You started to become the hero you always wanted to be. You were like the Kevin Greene and Greg Lloyd of your team. You lived in the backfield and nobody could block you. You got better to the point that as the kids grew a lot and you grew barely you still competed to that level...mostly. Towards the end you start to realize you cant exactly bully people anymore but you still were mean and quick. A lot of the time thats all it took.

As adults like to say, then reality hit. In High school you realize that a five foot seven one hundred fifty five pound center and defensive end wasn't going to work. You had already tried for two years at other skill positions and you just werent that type of a player. One dream theoretically down the drain. By that time at sixteen youd be surprised at how many dreams a young dreamer has to let go off already at that point. You never stopped manufacturing new ones though. Your failure to not work hard enough to not let your size be a disadvantage or to adapt wasnt gonna happen again. You made dreams that you never conceived before and they have actually lined up go figure with skills you actually had through all that work over the years.

You ran and the running came naturally for once in your life something other then people, and the stage came naturally for you. You were good and you let your dreams continue to run wild. Trying something that was that new suddenly gave you a rebirth! You were all about the new things. You had always been open up to many dreams and in order to pursue many of them you had to do many new things. Soon things that were only a minor fantasy became real dreams as you started to find things you were actually good at and as you worked harder at got increasingly better. Suddenly things that included poetry, writing, running, and rugby were all many dreams that you had. The biggest surprise though was that you finally excepted your place as a stage man and a people person. You realized that not all dreams you pick yourself but now thats all a forgotten memory. You graduated high school joined the military and now are literal thousands of miles away. All those dreams you used to have are hypothetically done and have failed. The weight of doing taxes, living by yourself, making car payments, and having a fulltime job when just a year ago you were doing nothing but chasing dreams. That weight pulls you down to the bottom of your depths and allows you to drown for a little bit. Are you a failure? You havent reached anything you set out for yourslef. Well people may say you expect too much from yourself but why except anything the better then imaginable. All it took was one moment. A single realization that you have an opportunity to realize an old dream. All of a sudden that old dreamer was back and a hundred more dreams came behind it pulling you forward. Giving you purpose.


The life of a dreamer is rarely glamorous and more often then not is met with failure.

When you die thousands of goals and dreams will vanish with you having never been accomplished, paleing in comparison to those you do.

The life of a dreamer is rough, stupid, and impractical.......with all that said though the life of a dreamer has always and forever will be the life for you.





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