Mirror land

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A poem about someone's worst enemy as themselves, their depression, their hopes crumbling and their mirror breaking into shards of doubt.

Submitted: August 29, 2016

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Submitted: August 29, 2016



A lonely soul, glowing black

looks in a mirror, seeing all they lack

greedy demons forming a image

to mirror doubt, and pain, clouded by truth


A thin black trail, that formed a hand

offered up fingers, that were so delicate and ravaged

to an escapiscm world, just for the damaged

the lonely soul nodded slowly, and was swept into the mirrorland

a ripple on the smooth surface, that reflected both light and dark.

and a cackling was heard by only dust and bugs.


'sit' a creature commanded

'dance' it snarled

dragged into the pit, only obedience could be demanded.

'break' the soul winced

'break' a loud roar

'break' the demon tugged

and a drop of fire landed on the cold ground

the strings bent and shuddered as they continued to move

the soul wore a mask, stitched to their face

one that smiled and laughed

and one the shone with happy grace.


The soul was trapped, in a mirrorland that shook

with horrible laughter, and screeches of fury

the puppet was tired

and given a knife

to end it all, a mercy from strife

the demon became what it truly was

myself, deformed with angers and fears

it smiled to itself, as the knife plunged into the heart

of the tired marionette

and the mirror shattered blood


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