LOVE : A sweet Poison

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This is a story about a very sweet love story of teenagers. But every love story has not a happy ending..:-(

Submitted: August 29, 2016

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Submitted: August 29, 2016




It’s Sunday today and Rimi is in her room deeply focused on her study because it’s her finals of 12th board exam. Rimi is a sweet cute and studious girl who is the only angel of her parents and she is only 17. Rimi is not only favorite of her parents but there’s someone else who also loves Rimi so much like anything and name of that handsome guy is Rivan. Rimi and Rivan both are in the same class and are in a very strong relationship of love. In school they are famous with the tag of cute couple of the class. Their families also know about their love. These days they spend small time with each other due to pressure of final exam because it’s only one week left for the exam. Today Rivan make a plan to meet Rimi and call her for the meeting. Rimi get agreed and be ready to go out to meet Rivan after taking permission with her parents. Both decided to meet in a nearby café. There they enjoy the coffee and talk about study and about exam preparation. Both share some of the moments when they missed each other. After spending some of the good time they decided to go back to home by foot. As they start walking it’s started raining. Since they have no umbrella or raincoat so they enjoy the rain. They started playing in rain water in fact they are teenagers so their activities are so childish. Everybody around them are watching them playing and enjoying. After spending few sweet moments there in the rain they reach near to Rimi’s home. This is the time when they have to say goodbye to each other. Both know better that now their meeting is scheduled after a long time because of board exams. At that moment both of them becomes little sad and then hugged each other very tightly. They don’t want to leave each other but then Rivan with very heavy heart leave from there and turn to the way to his home. As he turned Rimi hugged him from backside, Rivan then again turn back and this time they kissed each other. Finally Rivan take some of the steps towards his home. Rimi still standing to the door to see Rivan but suddenly she found Rivan got fall in the ground. Rimi then run fast towards Rivan without wasting a second. Rimi calls her mom and dad very loudly. Rimi’s dad takes him to hospital and also calls Rivan’s parents in the way to hospital. In hospital Rivan get admitted to special ward and he is taken under all types of testing. Doctor said Rivan’s parents that Rivan have to be in the hospital for few days for all his reports. Rimi continually crying from the time when Rivan get fed up. Rivan’s parents told Rimi to stop crying; actually Rimi taking this as her fault by thinking that this happen due to getting wet in the rain. Rivan’s parents then talk to Rimi’s parent to go back to home and take rest and also take Rimi back to home and let her to focus on study. First Rimi don’t agreed to go back to home, she wants to stay in the hospital with Rivan but Rivan’s parents make her ready to go back home. Rimi then come home with her parents, her mom make her comfortable by giving sympathy that he get well very soon and this is not her fault in any way. Rimi is very upset from that moment; she is only thinking about Rivan even after reaching home she doesn’t sleep whole night by only keep thinking about Rivan.

Now Rimi everyday takes all the information about Rivan’s health from his parents as a routine because he is in hospital for days and Rivan’s parents always told Rivan is fine. Today is the day when Rivan’s report is coming but unfortunately Rimi has to go to her school for collecting her admit card of exam, she wants desperately to go but her mom strictly told her to go school and make her believe that anything will be the result she tells her. In school Rimi feels very uncomfortable; she is only thinking about Rivan and wish for her health. After taking her admit card she also collect Rivan’s admit card and go back to home as soon as possible. As she reached home she found her parents talking seriously about Rivan’s health. Rimi just cut her dad’s conversation and asked about Rivan’s health. Her mom then told that Rivan is ok now and very soon he released from hospital and then you can meet him. Rimi then asked that she wanted to meet him right now because she wants to see him. Rimi’s dad then very sadly go to his room without telling a word and it looks likes he is so sad. Rimi then asked from mom that what happens to dad and why he is so sad and what’s he is hiding from me. Mom answered that he is not sad he is just tired. Rimi can easily recognize that dad is sad but she doesn’t understand why mom lies to her about dad. Then Rimi’s mom started the topic about school and asked did she bring the admit card. Then Rimi got a chance to meet Rivan by telling her mom that she bring Rivan’s admit card too because she thinks he is not able to come school and exam is going to start very soon so she bring it with herself. Rimi now trying to convincing her mom that now it’s necessary to go to Rivan. But again her mom said that her dad deliver this admit card of Rivan to him. Rimi realized that her mom doesn’t want her to go to Rivan and it is confirmed when Rimi’s mom tell her to go to room and said to focus on study. This is first time when Rimi’s mom reacts like this in Rivan’s matter before this she never disrupt Rimi to meet Rivan. Rimi understand well there is something both hiding from her but she doesn’t know what it was. Then she come to room and calls to Rivan’s number, he don’t picked then she call his mom, she also not picked up and then finally she try to call his dad and found he is also not picking. Rimi is not at all able to understand what was going on and why everyone ignores her. With this reaction of her parents and Rivan’s parents she becomes very upset for few days. Rimi thinks whatever the matter will be but at the day of exam Rivan must have to come school and then she clear out everything about previous days. And then she starts waiting for the day of exam. Rimi studied well also because she know how much this exam is important, she know her all career will depend on the result of this exam. Rimi understand exam is important but she never spends a second of her life without thinking of Rivan who is her true love. While studying Rimi’s mom and dad comes in her room to motivate her for study or to boost up her to perform best on her exam. Like this in the thoughts of Rivan and preparation of exam the time passed on and finally the day comes tomorrow when everything going to be happens.

Today is the day when Rimi is mentally prepared o meet Rivan, it’s been too long time for Rimi to meet with Rivan so she is not at all scared for her exam she is just excited today to meet Rivan. At the examination center Rimi reached with her mom and dad and after reaching there she use to see time again and again. Rimi’s wrist watch when indicates that its only 10 minutes left for the exam and she doesn’t find Rivan anywhere in the examination center then Rimi told her mom to call Rivan’s mom and to ask about him. Then her mom call Rivan’s mom and talk for few minutes then cut the phone. Rimi then asked very curiously what happened. Mom then answered that Rivan got some other examination center. This makes Rimi very sad and upset, she just broke up and sadness comes in her face. All the excitement to meet Rivan is just vanished in a second. Rimi then focused on exam and exam continues up to one month with intervals. After exam Rimi fall ill for few days just because of the reason that she doesn’t see Rivan for a long time. Rimi’s parents take proper care of her and after few days she becomes good, physically it seems that she is good but mentally she is very disturbed and sad. Rimi don’t go out of the room, she don’t talk to her parents. It looks like happiness is taken out from Rimi’s soul. Whole day and night she is only thinking about Rivan. Rimi’s parents are very depressed and tensed by watching her daughter’s condition like this, so they decided to go Rivan’s house to talk to his parents.

In Rivan’s home when they entered they are shocked by watching Rivan in that bad condition. Rimi’s mom not stops herself while crying. She comes out of the house and cry there then Rivan’s mom goes out to take her in. Rimi’s mom said what happen to our families, whose black shadow falls in our children what happen to them. Rivan’s mom then told Rimi’s mom while crying that few more days left only, so take Rimi some more days away from Rivan and after that everything is going to be normal. Then Rimi’s mom told her the condition of Rimi without Rivan, she explains what happen to Rimi these days, she becomes just a body without soul. Rivan is present besides that room and he is listening all the conversations. When Rivan here about Rimi he also get worried for her and he decided to meet her. When Rimi’s parents go back to their home then Rivan call her mom and told her that he wants to meet Rimi for the last time and said he want to see once. Rivan mom then asked I know my dear son that you and Rimi are made for each other and we guys restricted your meetings but this all we do is for you and Rimi. What you think we don’t care about you but just think once that what will be the reaction of Rimi when she know these all things about you. Do you think she live with this or accept it? If Rimi know about you she must spoil her life and no one among us want anything bad happen with her in fact she has to spend her whole life, she is too young so it is not at all worthy to tell her anything. Rivan mom then told him to don’t think about Rimi and leave his room, Rivan then turn off the lights of his room and fall asleep.

Rivan doesn’t sleep he was just thinking about Rimi and only want to meet her. Rivan is not able to understand that what is wrong and what is right, he just want to see Rimi once, so he decided finally to call her because he is sick and he can’t go to Rimi. It is only 10 pm at night when Rivan try to make call to Rimi but her phone is switched off. Then Rivan just picked a paper and a pen and write a note on that “Dear Rimi I want to meet you right now may be this is the last chance to meet with you so come soon I am waiting for you in my house and if anybody stop you don’t stop just come.” He fold the paper and tie it to Tubby’s (Rivan’s doggy) neck belt and told Tubby to go to Rimi and give this to her. Tubby just run to Rimi house and go directly to Rimi and start barking there. Rimi just hold Tubby and watch easily the paper hang on Tubby’s belt. She just opened the paper read it and run towards Rivan’s home but her mom n dad try to stop her but she said no this time I am not going to listen anybody please let me go. Rimi’s dad then holds Rimi’s mom hand and said Rimi to go. Rimi then just run to Rivan.

Rimi entered Rivan’s room and see Rivan like watching him for the first time. Rivan is bald there is no hairs he looks so different. Rimi first don’t understand she doesn’t recognize him that he is Rivan but when she listen her voice then she get that he is Rivan. Rimi starts crying loudly and said what happening to you Rivan and where are you from months I am almost dead without you why you ignore me and why you do this to me. Rivan then also starts crying and then Rivan’s mom and dad enters the room. Rivan’s mom then hold Rimi and told her to stop crying. Rimi then said aunty why you don’t want me to meet Rivan and what everyone is hiding from me. Then Rivan’s mom then very slowly says Rivan is sick and he has Leukemia (cancer of blood) and he is with us for a few days and while speaking this she starts crying. Rimi shouted very loudly NO this is not true Rivan never leaves me alone he loves me and he promise me to be with me always if he is not with me then I am also going to be die. Rimi then come close to Rivan and hug him and kissed him and said don’t leave me alone please because I am nothing without you, you are my love and life Rivan and you don’t deserve this. Rimi again hug him and then Rivan start coughing, this cough then rises and after some time he got blood in his cough. While seeing blood Rivan’s dad call doctor. Doctor then announced this is his last time and after listening this everyone start crying. Rimi and Rivan hugged each other very tightly. Everyone leave them alone in that room. In the morning when everyone come to room they find both are sleeping they try to wake up them but they don’t. Then Rivan’s dad said they are not going to wake up now and start crying. Then he show an empty box of medicines of which 2-3 capsule are fall besides Rimi. Both families lose their child and it all happens because of LOVE. After some time the result is announced and Rimi got topper in her school.

So they are lucky who get their LOVE in their life while sometimes LOVE work as a poison or we can say SWEET POISON.

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