Reflections On Growing Older

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - More About The Second Saturn Return

Submitted: September 15, 2016

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Submitted: September 15, 2016



More About The Second Saturn Return

In the approach to the Saturn returns one begins to view one’s defence network as a whole. It’s a time when we can perceive what is real and what is illusory in the structures we have built up to now. If we have built well, that is if we have aimed for qualities of character and spiritual values and not merely external forms and outward appearances, the Saturn returns can mark peaks of achievement and the reaffirmation of our inner sense of purpose. If we have built badly, namely if we depended on and identified with our external attributes and circumstances only, then everything could be knocked out from underneath us. Either we do this under our own steam or – if we resist Saturn’s energies and requirements – circumstances that are only apparently beyond our control may this for us.

The momentum of our own unconscious currents may then force us to start again, but hopefully this time having found a different foundation and perspective on life altogether. Saturn returns are times when that which is transient or borrowed is dissolved, and only what has become a permanent attribute of our character will be allowed to remain. When you think back you may remember how the first Saturn return affected your life, which could help you to understand the purpose and meaning of what you are going through now. You will find that coming up to the second Saturn return, circumstances often repeat themselves, sometimes in quite an uncanny and unnerving manner. You may find yourself in situations similar to those you encountered during the first return. Frequently, you will have a strong feeling of déjà-vu.

This is happening for a very good reason. The progressions of the Moon, which run in two and a half year cycles, move through all the signs of the zodiac; this reflects how the Universe provides each soul with ever new learning experiences. One full sequence of these progressions lasts approx. the same span of time that it takes Saturn to do the same. One full Moon cycle takes thirty years and Saturn takes 29 1/2 years to do the same.

Because our progressed Moon at the time of our second Saturn Return therefore moves through the same sign as it did around the first one, very similar experiences are drawn into our lives. This way the Universe is testing us how much we have learnt in the meantime and whether spiritually we have we made any progress at all. Only if our behaviour and our reactions to people and situations show that we have learnt from the mistakes we made earlier in life, shall we truly be ready to move on to different and more mature experiences.

From ‘The Astro Files – Astrological Landmarks’

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