Reflections On Growing Older

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Making Changes

Submitted: September 16, 2016

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Submitted: September 16, 2016



More About The Second Saturn Return
Making Changes

Most of us undergo some form of crisis during their Saturn returns; it is time when many are making some very sudden and drastic changes in marriage, business, ideals and/or life-style. This is because life is now offering us the chance to view our old ego structures in a new light and this, needless to say, often is not all that flattering. However, wise ones cease the opportunity and take the time to successfully bring about some true and lasting changes that will greatly benefit us, in the long term. All Saturn returns are therefore excellent times for clearing out that which is crystallised and outdated within to make room for new things to be born. The second return in particular should be the start of our Age of Wisdom. Twice round we now have had the opportunity to clear out and to start again. We have reached the point where the outer structure will not be needed any more, as our inner strength should now have grown sufficiently to support us. If we have gained any wisdom at all, we should be ready and willing to share it with those around us who are still struggling with the things we too once had to confront.
There generally is some sort of a midlife-crisis at around age forty-two, another important landmarks in our lives. It does not have this title for nothing, as it can be a very trying time indeed. For those of us who did not deal constructively with the crisis at that particular time, it is likely it will rear its head again around the time of the second Saturn return. The Universe is now presenting us with another chance for disassembling ourselves and putting the pieces back together again, hopefully nearer to our heart’s desire. There will be parts of our nature which we have not integrated as yet into our conscious awareness.  We might have been ignoring or not looking at them and they now demand to be acknowledged and integrated.
By facing the conflicts and crises of this time of life, we increase the likelihood of a fulfilling latter part of our lives. If we try to avoid the kind of self-examination which it demands from us, it invariably spells trouble for later on. The problems do not simply go away. Facing them and dealing with them now in a constructive way can make all the difference between a happy and integrated old age or an unhappy one that is filled with regrets over missed opportunities. It is generally considered to be easier to go through the midlife crisis at forty-two than it is at around fifty-nine. But those who missed that opportunity might as well get on with it, now.
A wide range of psychological issues occur during this phase in our lives. The stark realisation that we are not getting any younger sets us thinking about what we have and have not achieved so far. People passing away around us remind us of our own mortality. Where did we come from, where are we going to? Questions like these are bound to arise. In our late teens and early twenties we probably had visions of what we would like to be as a mature adult. Now we have a chance to compare this vision with what we have actually achieved. Maybe our dreams were too high flown anyway and we do need to scale them down. Or maybe we have been flying very high and the inner satisfaction and fulfilment we hoped to achieve is still escaping us.

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