Reflections On Growing Older

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Is There Something Missing In Our Life?

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



The Second Saturn Return – Part 4
Is There Something Missing In Our Life?

Feelings that something is missing in life may rise into our conscious awareness and begin to realised that for us the  time has come for re-assessing our lives and making some changes. If we were successful so far, then our success frees us to take up other interests or endeavours which we have had to put aside in order to arrive where we are now. We can throw ourselves into new projects and outlets which will fulfil parts of us that our present achievements, no matter how great, do not satisfy. There is some part of ourselves, which is dissatisfied and this part now urgently wants some attention from us.
Some throw themselves into a new love relationship or into any sort of frantic activity with which they hope to fill the emptiness within. Maybe if we keep as busy as possible, we will not feel the pain and the emptiness within? And so it goes on. Really it is meant to be a time for spiritual discovery, a side of ourselves which most people, in our material age, either neglect by accident or choose to ignore. It is true that having affairs or cramming our lives full with all sorts of social activities might delay the mid-life blues, but almost certainly it will hit us much harder when it eventually catches up with us. As with any crisis, it would be a better and more constructive use of this time of life, to embrace it and to go down into it. Face the pain and the darkness with courage and with faith. Let go and see where the crisis will lead you. At the end of this particular tunnel there is indeed all the light, beauty and love which was not to be found anywhere but inside ourselves, if only we open our eyes and our mind to perceive it.
As with any crisis, first we need to grieve for the old self who is dying, for the identities and roles we have played so far. They must be shed now to allow the new and better self to be born. The next step is to look at the parts of ourselves which we have not been in touch with as yet, those aspects of our nature which were hidden or we denied ourselves so far. We may have to look at emotions and qualities we do not like very much, like jealousy, greed and envy. We need to face up to the side which is fearful and dependent or the one which is ambitious and competitive. Owning these parts means expanding our existing self-definition to include more of what is actually there, reaching into our own wholeness. Instead of believing in an edited version of ourselves, cut to fit into conventional and acceptable norms, we need to face the full version of who we really are; that includes the good as well as the bad. This does not mean unleashing the darker part of our psyche onto the world at large. It means reconnecting to more of what is within us to become a more whole and integrated person in the process.
Looking into ourselves in this way also puts us in touch with many positive aspects of our nature which have yet to be developed and integrated into our conscious personality. If previously we lived in a very one-sided way, the ignored and neglected parts of ourselves now have a chance to be discovered and nurtured. This will stand us in good stead for the rest of our lives. For instance, if during the first part of our life, we lived in a very down to earth manner and on the material plane only, the crisis could open the way to a more spiritually or esoterically oriented life. On the other hand, if we spent our life so far in search of Nirvana or spiritual enlightenment, we may well find that our interest in earning money and making something of ourselves in the material world comes to life.

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