Reflections On Growing Older

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Looking At The Less Favoured Parts Of Ourselves

Submitted: September 19, 2016

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Submitted: September 19, 2016



The Second Saturn Return – Part 5

Looking At The Less Favoured Parts Of Ourselves

The aspects of our nature that have thus far remained unfavoured, some of them we may not even have discovered as yet, may force their way to the fore. They are no longer ready to be overlooked because for our evolutionary pathway the are very important issues indeed, waiting to move into the main focus of our new hopes and aspirations. The process of expanding our personality to become more whole and to include our previously undeveloped talents and qualities can now begin in earnest. This task is not over when the Saturn return is complete which it will be eventually, slow though it is. Becoming more whole a person, true to us and our own potential, is the work ahead for the entire duration of the second half of our life.

There will be personality changes which generally involve what is known psychologically as cross-gender issues. This means that men start exploring qualities traditionally associated with feminine urges. Women usually turn to issues conventionally classed as masculine drives. Men who devoted the first half of their life to achieving in the outer world may begin to question the amount of time and energy they are investing in that direction. Focusing on external deeds and worldly accomplishments usually means that the inner world of feeling and the need for real intimacy, closeness and fulfilment in relationships, have been relegated to second place.

Taking a greater interest in his marriage and spending more time with his children, is one way a man can develop his capacity for relationships and intimacy. However, the obvious way of turning towards wife and family is not always his first choice when it comes to developing his feeling side. Sometimes it takes the stimulus of a mistress who awakens the feeling side within him. His wife might decide to run off in the opposite direction, for the same reason no doubt, and have an affair herself. In this way too he will be forced into re-examining and questioning his own ability to form and maintain good and meaningful relationships. A man’s attention could also turn to the creative and imaginative part of his psyche. He may realise that the work which takes up so much of his precious time, is not fully satisfying his need for creativity and self- expression. One solution to this problem is to look for a different type of work altogether which can be extremely difficult in the present working environment. Another way is to try and adjust his schedule to allow for more creative activities as well.

A woman may experience this time of life in a diametrically opposed way. If her attention, up to then, was primarily focused on relationships and the needs of her partner and children, she will be stirred by new urges. She may feel the need to fulfil herself in her own right, not merely look after the well-being of those close to her. She may wish to assert her power in the world and to achieve recognition in some concrete way. What about her own development and growth? Her child bearing days are over. Her children have grown up and do not need her so much any more. Almost certainly the day has already come when they have flown the coop! Where does it leave her? At this point she will be sufficiently motivated to take some important steps to alter the rest of her life in a more fulfilling way. What about going to college and developing her mind?

Such steps will neither be easy nor done without strain. But, rather than running away from herself, if she now faces herself and others and makes the necessary changes, she has a much greater chance of finding happiness and fulfilment in later life. In doing so, she could also become a pathfinder for others. Once the crisis stage is over, she will be able to help others through this what can be rather a harrowing time for some people, especially those who do not know how to work with it constructively. If she had much success in her earlier life, she may want to focus her attention away from career and achievement and make more time in her life for intimacy and relationships as well as spiritual development.

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