Reflections On Growing Older

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Trying All The Wrong Things First

Submitted: September 29, 2016

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Submitted: September 29, 2016



It's Never Too Late - Part One

Trying All The Wrong Things First

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - Trying All The Wrong Things

Spiritually we are all small children who are here to experience what life is like for a spirit and soul, a spark of the Divine and a child of God, in a physical environment. The only way this can be done is through experimentations that do not shy away from the trials and errors that represent an inevitable part of earthly life. Therefore, refuse to be disheartened when something trips you up occasionally and you slip. Making mistakes is good for us. The more of them we make, the harder we try and the more we grow in wisdom and understanding. No effort, even the smallest, is ever wasted.

Even trying all the wrong things first is better than doing nothing. If we learn something from every experience that comes our way, we are not wasting our time. Knowing that with the help and the will of God and the Angels all things are possible, as long as we do not give up the hope that something can be done there is every chance that we shall succeed in the end. There is nothing wrong and everything right with trying many different things that turn out to be wrong. That’s the only way anyone can find out what’s right for them at any given time. The things and relationships that were appropriate earlier in our life, may have outlived their usefulness and later on are no longer of value and required.

Only by sticking our toes into the water and trying things for ourselves can we assess whether it is good for us or not. If something works it’s best to stick with it, even though it may not be the same for anyone else. There is never any need to be unduly upset about any kind of failures and mishaps. When you look back on your life, you will be able to recognise that they have been your most valuable teachers. Aren’t the most painful lessons always the most instructive ones and are they not they the ones we remember best of all? The falling down is not important, but the getting up and trying something different surely is.

Every one of us eventually reaches the moment when our energies are right for the higher aspects of our nature begin to stir from their dormant state of hibernation in the coldness of earthly life. This development can happen any time and for many it does later in life. It may come about that through particularly traumatic events our spiritual nature awakens. When we are suffering so intensely that nothing and no-one will be able to do anything to alleviate it, it is normal human behaviour to reach out for the helping hands of God and the Angels and pray: ‘Can someone somewhere please help me?’

Our own suffering familiarises us with the nature of suffering. Enduring our own and witnessing that of others stirs into being our Christ nature’s characteristics of empathy, compassion and love for anyone who is suffering anywhere. The birth of the Christ child in the Jesus legend represents this awakening, which in due course takes place in every human heart. There comes a time in everyone’s life when our spirit and soul are crying out to be fed. On the outer level of life, in our physical body, we could increasingly be feeling hungry and/or thirsty all the time.

It may take a long time until we grasp that the food we are yearning for is not of the kind available in earthly life. In truth it is a calling and a signal from our spirit and soul who has no other means of attracting its earthly self’s attention than through general feelings of being hungry and thirsty. Demands of this nature cannot be satisfied by outer stimuli, for example eating and drinking more and more. Look around you and watch how many are trying to do this, quite unsuccessfully because their need is of an inner nature that cannot be comforted by external means.

In the end the earthly self realises that its craving is for spiritual wisdom and truth, the food and drink of spirit and soul. This recognition is the greatest single turning point in every human soul’s evolutionary pathway through life, because it enables those who are suffering to make a conscious decision to go – of their own free will – in search of soul nourishment. This is the point when we may turn to reading spiritual books, listening to uplifting music, making our living space more beautiful with flowers and plants, lighting candles whenever possible, going for nature walks, leaning with our back against trees, preferably old and wise ones, and so forth.

We begin to enjoy regular sessions of communicating with our Highest Self through prayers, meditations and/or times of quiet reflection that re-establish our connection with our inner home. When we discover that the earthly lifetime of every human being has a certain purpose to fulfil, that we were all created for some specific task, that it has taken many lifetimes to develop the necessary skills as well as the strength and courage, and that there is one waiting for everyone, we set about finding ours. Read more about this by following the link ‘You Are Special’ at the end of this chapter.

Many like to find a good counsellor who can assist them with working their way through their issues, until they are ready to walk on their own. But if funds are short, as they often are when we are struggling our way through difficult life situations, help is also at hand. We are never alone. If we but ask, God and the Angels are always ready and willing to show us the way. To my mind, going within is the best way of eating from the spiritual bread and drinking from the eternal fountain of wisdom that in this way can be tapped into at any time and no cost. And when we regularly satisfy our inner hunger and thirst, the physical symptoms of craving gradually subside.

Every human being eventually becomes aware of their true nature and realises that we are responsible for ourselves, our life and everything that is in it. No matter how old we are when we reach this point, it’s never too late for turning our lives round completely and making a fresh start. The knowledge that we are not merely dealing with this lifetime but that we are also preparing ourselves for coming ones, empowers us to only sow the seeds of that which we wish to harvest in future lifetimes. When we help and protect the Earth as best we can, for example through recycling as much as possible and not indulging in over-consumption of anything, we are preparing for the conditions we are dreaming of and are hoping to find then. It needs to be born in mind that not buying in the first place is by far the best way of recycling.

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