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Chapter 22 (v.1) - The Trek Of A Thousand Miles

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Submitted: October 09, 2016



It's Never Too Late - Part Five

The Trek Of A Thousand Miles

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - The Trek Of A Thousand Miles

There are many relationships and issues in everyone’s life that are urgently in need of being resolved and healed. Yet, some of them may turn out to be too difficult for us to handle on our own. Asking God and the Angels for their help is the best way of proceeding in all situations and especially in problematic ones. And it cannot be pointed out too many times that its help will never come unbidden but has to be requested. So please do yourself the favour and ask! Even if going down on your knees is just nor your style, if you simply stretch out both hands, palms upwards, towards the Universe and quietly say: ‘Please, help me!’ Miracles have been known to happen in this manner, too.

Because the Universe loves us, it is kind and merciful and does not want anyone to suffer unnecessarily. One way or another life at all times provides us with exactly what we need. And whenever we ask for something we need to be careful, because in order to teach us a lesson our wish could be fulfilled in rather uncomfortable ways. Everything in the whole of Creation moves in great circles and because of this our thoughts eventually return to us in some form or another. Thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and everybody creates their own reality by the power of their thinking because as sparks of the Divine, we are creative beings and co-creators with God. Every thought we think creates something.

By focusing on negative options we are likely to create unwanted scenarios for ourselves which, with a degree of awareness of how the processes of life work can quite easily be avoided. To avoid attracting anything they do not wish to have in their lives, wise ones watch the thoughts they send into our world and concentrate on the desired outcome. For example, they imagine that the Angel of Death, at the moment of their passing into our other world, reaches out to them and gently and lovingly lead them back into their true home.

The White Eagle group of spirit guides had the following to say about the power of thought in ‘The Star Of The North’ January 2015: ‘The power of thought cannot be over-emphasised. Humankind thinks that thought is something private. You could not be more wrong. Your thoughts are expressed in your face and the wellbeing of your body. They are even expressed in your clothing, your homes, your businesses, as well as in your walking, writing and your aura. In fact, that which you believe to be hidden your thoughts are shouting from rooftops in our world.

‘Thought can heal and create good health, but it can also inflict pain and disease, disrupt and destroy humankind’s mental and soul life. Thought can do anything in your world and others. Thoughts of anger, fear and hate form the root of all suffering and wars. Thought can also bring forth beauty and harmony, feelings of kinship and everything else humankind longs for. The scientists of your world are only on the outermost fringe of comprehending the power of thought.

‘We, your guides in the world of light, work as far as possible with the positive and creative power of thought. When giving advice, we make it a rule that it should always be constructive and seeing nothing but good, although some of you may call us foolishly optimistic.’

Taking charge of our tongues presents us with just as vital an issue. In ‘Spiritual Unfoldment 2’ White Eagle draws our attention to it as follows: ‘Keep control of your tongue, so that it says no unkind and hurtful thing. Bear in mind the feelings of those to whom you speak and do so gently and thoughtfully, without anger and haste. When you do this, my dear children of the Earth, difficulties fall away, sorrow recedes into the background and you cannot help but become aware of the gentle presence of the Master within you.

‘We ask you to render a service to yourself and that is holding your tongue. It is one of the hardest tasks that can be asked of you. You ought to see the mists that surround you and your world that is caused by idle chatter. When there is so much of it on the Earth, even the Angels can to nothing but bow their heads, because they are then unable to minister to you. Whenever you are tempted to say: ‘I think or believe so and so. I like this person, but I don’t like that one,’ instead of speaking, be silent and wait and see. If you can also restrain yourself from expressing any foolish opinions about the affairs and the state of your world you will greatly assist the Angels in their work.’

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