Reflections On Growing Older

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Good Relationships Don’t Grow On Trees

Submitted: October 15, 2016

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Submitted: October 15, 2016



Good Relationships Don’t Grow On Trees

Rays of Wisdom - War And Peace In Relationships - Good Relationships Don't Grow On Trees

Saturn, the planet of Karma, is exalted in Libra, the sign of relationships and partnerships of all kinds. Relationships are essential for the development of every one of us because without them no human progress would be possible. Yet, acquiring the skill of nurturing our relationships to help them grow into good and kind, loving and stable ones, takes a great deal of patience and determination. And that kind of relationship never did grow on trees. They neither appear in anyone’s life out of thin air nor do they happen perchance, but have to be created, by us. It’s a skill that has to be acquired just like any other and becoming really good at anything may take many lifetimes. Naturally, this also applies to relationships.

All of them were created by us and we have brought them with us into this lifetime, so that through them the parties involved can learn and grow. This applies even our most difficult relationships – maybe especially those. It was our own selfishness and of the other one that made them the way they are. Making them into harmoniously functioning ones is going to require a great deal of determination and downright hard work. Resolving the issues that were once created between any two souls is of particular importance during our present lifetime. That is why the Universe is offering us this chance for making peace at last and developing this connection into a mutually satisfying one. Rest assured it is worth every small effort we make, because the more harmonious relationships we create during our present lifetime, the more of them shall we be able to bring with us and enjoy in all subsequent ones.

It’s never too late to get started! To my mind, most helpful of all is the recognition that all difficulties and obstacles we encounter on our pathway through life – not merely the ones in relationships – are in truth challenges, to be worked with and learnt from. This process speeds up considerably once we have grown wise enough to accept Saturn as our teacher. If we willingly accept and submit ourselves to old Father Time’s stern and undeviating demands, we can build stability into our character make-up as well as our relationships.

Before this lifetime is over for us, we are then likely to find that life itself has equipped us with a fine sense of responsibility and self-discipline, as well as the ability of telling right behaviour from wrong, in ourselves and those around us. That is the only way Saturn’s role in our lives can change from that of a teacher into the one of a rewarder.

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