Reflections On Growing Older

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Facts From The Great Book Of Life

Submitted: January 11, 2017

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Submitted: January 11, 2017



Facts From The Great Book Of Life

Book of Life - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers from the Wisdom of the Tree of Life

•The experiences of all our lifetimes, past, present and future are written in the book of each individual life and this in turn is part of the Great Book of all life. There is no need to search for the lessons of our present lifetime, because they are written in both these books and are destined to come our way when we are in the right place, with the right people and ready to receive them. Each new earthly lifetime is part of the constantly ongoing process of growth and never just an end in itself. The quality of all our experiences has always been decided by our own will, the thinking and behaviour patterns we developed in previous lifetimes and the choices we made then and up to the present moment of this one.

•A long time before entering into another earthly sojourn, we ourselves in the world of light, our true home, together with the wise ones in charge of us, decided that another lifetime on the Earth would be necessary. It alone could provide us with the opportunities for learning and growing some more in wisdom and understanding through challenges, tests and tribulations we would have to meet.

•That’s how it comes about for all of us that, whilst resting in our other world and recovering from the strains and stresses of our most recent earthly lifetime, we ourselves choose the pathway for our coming lifetime and the lessons that will benefit our spiritual development most. And on the inner level of their being each one of us knows full well that without the difficulties and traumas of earthly life it would be impossible for us to grow in wisdom and understanding, the way each one of God’s children of the Earth is meant to do.

•Nothing enters our lives by accident, happens perchance or is a coincidence. Everything comes our way for a perfect, wise and higher reason, which is to teach us something. All experiences appear in a purposeful and orderly manner, so that each one can provide us with a lesson that, when handled in the right way, will move us forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

•All who are presently taking part in earthly life have been granted the gift of another lifetime so that the higher purpose and meaning of their existence can eventually be disclosed to them. Yet, God’s sacred wisdom and truth can only reveal itself to us when our inner vision and understanding have developed sufficiently and our energies are right to receive it.

•The love and wisdom of the Great Father/Mother of all life, together with the Angels and Masters on the highest levels of life, and our friends and helpers on various other levels are providing us with exactly the right lesson at any given moment. And there is every reason for singing the praises of the highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, the Christ Spirit, the Sun above and beyond all Suns, because every part of our being was created from Its light. All of us contain the Christ spark, if at first only in seed form.

My inner guidance tells me that the above things are true. That’s why I rejoice and just as foam rides the crest of a wave, supported by the might of the ocean, I surf the currents of my life. I rest safely in the knowledge that the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, my true parent, loves and cherishes me. Even though I still sometimes feel trapped beneath the weight of my life lessons, I remain calm and peaceful. This is because I am aware that anything that is in my life is only there to act as a teaching aid and an instrument for spiritual growth and soul transformation.

And so, with a deep abiding trust in the goodness of the life that has been given to us, I let go of my judgemental tendencies and attachments to the drives and urges of my lower earthly nature. Instead, I pursue the hopes and aspirations, dreams and desires of my Highest Self who constantly communicates with me through my inner guidance. I gratefully accept and follow Its advice without hesitation. Because I know that it has its origin in the wisdom of the Universal Intelligence, I trust whatever I receive through my inner teacher, the wise one and living God within, who has always provided me with everything I truly need and forever will continue to do so.

The Christ Spirit and I we are one and I share the clarity of Its vision of Universal order and laws. This helps me understand the underlying reasons of the situations and relationships that used to upset and disturb me in the past. Rather than becoming depressed or burdened by them and the prospect of life’s lessons yet to come, I welcome them with wide open arms because I know that each one will bring me more opportunities for practising the principles I have freely and willingly chosen for the rest of my present lifetime and beyond. Whenever doubts and the fear of the unknown threaten to overwhelm me, I remind myself of who and what I truly am and who has always been in charge of me and will never leave me. This ensures that I will continue to walk in balance and harmony with Thee, my Highest or God Self.

I let go of all perceptions of not being good enough, because the Great White Spirit beckons me and encourages me to ever more develop soul and spirit affirming and healing thinking and behaviour patterns. Whenever I am afraid, I no longer shy away from my fear but relax into it and accept it for what it truly is: nothing but a feeling. Then I ask my Highest Self to help me understand what it is trying to tell me and why it ever existed in my life. Realising that it but another shadow from the past, I release it and let it go. Having freed myself from it, I am ready for my inner guidance to show me more of the things that serve my highest good and greatest joy on the road to fulfilling my highest potential.

I now realise that far too often in the past I have been worrying for no reason at all. More and more I am learning to trust the Universal wisdom and love to guide me and show me the way that leads towards the redemption and healing not only of my own soul but that of our whole world. And that’s how with the passing of time I stopped being a nondescript bit of foam on top of a wave and evolved into one whole wave in my own right that rises from the depths of the great ocean of life to its surface, as one manifestation of Creation that rejoices because it is once more aware of the love that is its true nature.

Knowing that I truly am a beloved child of God and the Universe, I joyously celebrate my siblinghood and kinship with all life. Throughout my endeavours of digging for the gold of rediscovering and unearthing the true me, I have holding firmly onto the hands of God and the Angels. Each day anew I am asking them to give me their strength and courage. I thank them for it and sing their praises, for it is good to know that with their assistance I will forever continue to move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of my own pathway and that of all life.

These are my words of hope and faith, love and peace. I herewith release them into the positive stream of consciousness of our world. I feel reassured and safe in the knowledge that God’s ways have always been and forever will be just, beautiful and perfect. I rejoice in the beauty and wonder of God’s Creation and for allowing all of us to take part in it.

Created by Angela Peregoff
Edited by Aquarius

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