Reflections On Growing Older

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - No Regrets

Submitted: April 19, 2017

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Submitted: April 19, 2017



No Regrets

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Hope And Encouragement - No Regrets

Life is too short to spend it regretting things.
Love the people who treat you right
And leave behind the ones who don’t.
Never forget that everything in earthly life
Is of a temporary nature and but a passing phase.

Everything that happens is only there
Because contains it some kind of a lesson.
Whenever life offers us a second chance,
Let’s grab it with both hands and
Do our best to create something of value from it.

Nobody promised Earth life would be easy.
So, when in future something changes
Our life profoundly,
Let’s go with the flow and allow it to happen,
Resting safely in the knowledge that,
As long as we grow and learn something
From every experience,
Our earthly stay will not have been
A wasted one.

Six pointed Star

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